CamScanner Mod APK v6.62.1.2403290000 Download (Free Premium Subscription) 2024


App Name Camscanner Mod APK
Latest Version v6.62.1.2403290000
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Publisher CamSoft Information
Platform Android
Require Android Version 5.0 and Up
App Category Productivity
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Price Free
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About Camscanner Mod APK 

In the realm of document scanning technology, there are numerous solutions available, each offering advanced features and alternatives. Document scanning has become a daily necessity for students and employees alike, and having a convenient mobile scanning app can be a valuable asset. CamScanner Mod APK stands out as a top-notch tool for scanning documents through your phone, offering high-quality premium features, and it’s available for free.

CamScanner Premium Mod APK, with its unlocked features, provides the ability to scan various types of documents in different ways, increase storage, remove watermarks, collage creation, and more. The app is widely recognized and recommended for its versatility and functionality. With CamScanner Mod APK, all you need to do is capture a clear shot, and the app takes care of the rest according to your preferences. You can then save the scanned document in your preferred format in cloud storage, making the process simple and efficient.

While the Premium Version unlocks the app’s full potential, it comes with a significant price tag. However, the CamScanner Premium MOD APK offers a solution to enjoy premium features for free, including an ad-free experience during crucial scanning moments. By downloading, installing, and running the MOD APK, users can take advantage of the app’s intelligent algorithm, which identifies, crops, and optimizes scanned documents even from comparatively low-quality images.

Camscanner APK: What is it?

CamScanner stands out as a premier scanning application accessible on both Android and iOS platforms, offering a multitude of impressive features. This app provides users with the capability to effortlessly scan various documents and easily generate PDFs. Sharing the PDFs directly from the app is a seamless process, and users can also opt to store them online. Additionally, CamScanner serves as a valuable tool for note-taking, allowing users to scan and create PDFs of books, eliminating the need to purchase physical copies. This versatile app enables users to conveniently read and access information from the generated PDFs.

Camscanner Mod APK: What is it?

Basic version of CamScanner includes a watermark on scanned documents and can be accompanied by intrusive ads, causing inconvenience to users. To address these issues, we offer a modified version of the app Camscanner Mod APK where the watermark has been eliminated, and any disruptive ads that might hinder your experience have been removed. This modified version ensures a smoother and more user-friendly usage of the CamScanner app.

camscanner mod apk download

Why Should You Download Camscanner Premium Mod APK?

In CamScanner Mod APK, Android users can transform their device’s camera into a convenient portable file scanner. This feature proves highly advantageous whenever there is a need to convert physical documents into more manageable digital formats. Consequently, users can effortlessly work with digital files on various devices such as mobile phones, laptops, or PCs. Collaborate with others by joining groups, enabling online drive editing, and facilitating the seamless sharing of work across multiple platforms.

The app excels in swiftly digitizing documents without imposing restrictions or demanding extensive prerequisites. It accommodates all types of documents and photos presented to the camera, with intelligent scans ensuring accurate border captures. The incorporation of smart OCR technology allows for text extraction from images, enhancing accessibility for digitized documents.

CamScanner pro apk has further improved its functionality by integrating with AirPrint and Fax Documents, providing users with the convenience of printing scanned materials within seconds. Additionally, all documents benefit from enhanced security through editable passwords, ensuring a safeguarded sharing experience across various devices.

camscanner pro mod apk

Requirements of Camscanner Premium Mod APK 

For those interested, the free version of CamScanner is now available on the Google Play Store, requiring no payment for download. Users can freely access numerous features within the app without incurring any charges. It’s important to note that certain in-app purchases are available, unlocking additional features for those who choose to upgrade.

Similar to many Android applications, CamScanner requests specific access permissions from users. When launching the app for the first time, be sure to acknowledge and grant the prompted requests to enable its full range of features. Additionally, ensure that your Android devices are running the latest firmware versions to enhance the app’s compatibility with your system.

camscanner premium mod apk

Premium Features of Camscanner Mod APK Download

Scanner Quality Improved for Scan Documents

Enhancing the scanning quality, the CamScanner premium apk offers advanced auto enhancements that enable users to instantly refine the sharpness and clarity of documents from any scan. Additionally, the smart cropping feature ensures the accurate capture of documents, even from poorly taken images. With impressive colors and high resolutions, the premium version guarantees that your digital documents are not only fully accessible but also transparent and of exceptional quality.

Online Documents Sharing Made Easy

If you desire to share your scanned documents, CamScanner Mod APK promptly facilitates its instant sharing feature, making it easy to introduce your documents online. Now, effortlessly share your documents with friends through social media channels, messaging apps, or emails. Simply choose the scanned PDF or JPEG files to have them immediately sent to your friends. To enhance convenience, you have the option to share multiple files and activate the batch download feature via secure download links within CamScanner.

Digitalize any Normal Document Quickly

Initially, Android users familiar with applications like Scanner App To PDF can swiftly digitize their documents by utilizing CamScanner Mod APK. The process involves accessing the device’s camera through the app and activating the scan options. CamScanner efficiently captures images and employs intelligent scanning techniques to promptly digitize various documents or images such as receipts, notes, invoices, business cards, certificates, and more. The resulting scanned files can be exported in standard PDF format or alternative options like JPG, TXT, Word, Excel, and various other file formats.

camscanner free premium mod apk

Password Protect Shared Files

To ensure restricted access to your shared documents, even when download links are available, CamScanner pro apk allows you to implement protective passwords on specific documents. Users are free to set their preferred passwords and share them exclusively with the intended recipients for added security.

Image Text Extraction

For those interested, extracting text from images is now effortlessly achievable with CamScanner’s advanced OCR (optical character recognition) feature. Users can seamlessly permit the app to convert all handwritten documents into digitized text files, facilitating easy editing and sharing. This functionality extends to standard text articles as well as sheet documents, offering the convenience of converting them into TXT, Word, or Excel files with ease.

Easy to Print and Fax Document

For files and documents requiring printing, users can effortlessly connect them to nearby devices supported by AirPrint. CamScanner pro mod apk will seamlessly initiate the printing operations to ensure prompt document delivery. This functionality is also applicable to fax machines, providing valuable assistance when sharing physical documents.

Collaborator Support for Real-Time Editing Documents

To streamline the editing and collaborative processes for users working on scanned documents, CamScanner now incorporates an advanced group editing feature that supports up to 40 collaborators simultaneously. Additionally, the inclusion of an extra 10G cloud storage space ensures that users have ample room for storing all scanned materials.

Search Option

To enhance accessibility, Android users can efficiently search for various documents on their devices using the CamScanner app. Additionally, the ability to add specific tags provides an easy way to categorize files. With the OCR feature enabled, the app allows users to locate texts within images and notes, significantly improving convenience whether scanning materials or engaging in other tasks.

Make PDF

Camscanner mod apk provides an option to make PDFs of scan documents. Using PDF you can easily share documents with other people.

Save Your Documents

If you convert your normal document into PDF format then you can easily store PDF files on your device and you can access them anytime you want.

Useful Editing Feature

For users requiring edits on their scanned documents, CamScanner Mod APK offers a variety of advanced editing options that can be applied immediately after scanning. Utilize a comprehensive set of editing tools to make various annotations. Customize watermarks to add a personal touch to important documents. Incorporate electronic signatures on crucial signing documents. The app facilitates a range of advanced editing operations, providing users with flexibility and control over their documents.

Sync Files

For those interested, syncing files across multiple platforms is now made easy. This feature enables Android users to seamlessly work with CamScanner Premium APK on their smartphones, tablets, or computers. Enjoy the convenience of viewing, making edits, and sharing documents across various platforms for a more streamlined and accessible user experience.

Store Images in Different Format

Camscanner premium mod apk application offers numerous distinctive features, notably the inclusion of optical character recognition, enhancing the efficient extraction of text from paper documents through images. Users have the flexibility to store these texts in various formats based on their preferences. Furthermore, the app facilitates seamless document sharing with friends and colleagues through diverse channels, such as sending attachments via email or social networks. CamScanner prioritizes high-level security measures, ensuring users can use the app with confidence. To maintain the confidentiality of documents, users can implement a password requirement for viewing. Additionally, when sharing documents via links, password protection can be set to control access.

Mod Features of Cam Scanner Mod APK App

Without Irritating Ads

Advertisements can be quite bothersome in applications. However, in this modified version of the app, you won’t encounter any advertisements.

Download PDF Without Watermark

In this altered version of the app, there won’t be any watermark present on your scanned documents.

How to Download and Install Camscanner APK Mod Free?

  1. Begin by accessing Android Settings and navigating to Security Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Device Administration.
  3. Enable the “Unknown Sources” option.
  4. Click on the provided link to download the CamScanner Mod APK.
  5. Save the downloaded file in the device’s Downloads folder.
  6. Locate the file and click on it.
  7. Tap on Install and patiently wait for the installation process to complete.
  8. Once installation is finished, open the app and commence using it immediately.

FAQs – Camscanner Mod APK App

Q. CamScanner Mod APK: What is it?

Document scanner app Camscanner Pro mod apk allows you to scan and digitize physical documents into safe and secure digital files.

Q. Camscanner is safe or not?

In the Google Play Store, you can find Camscanner, an app that is safe to use and accessible.

Q. Are there any free ways to remove the Camscanner watermark?

The watermark is removed by double-clicking it and pressing the delete icon when using the camscanner pro mod apk.

Q. Where do I find the text to change on my Camscanner?

Open the page on which you wish to edit text, then click the OCR icon. After that, all the text on the page will be recognised and you can edit it easily.

Q. How much storage space is required to install the camscanner premium apk?

Storage space required for Camscanner pro mod apk is around 70 MB on your mobile.

Q. Can I scan ID cards with Camscanner app?

Make your ID card digital with this camscanner premium apk android app.

Q. How Can I share documents with camscanner mod app?

First, you have to make a PDF of your document file then you get the “share option” to share documents online directly with the camscanner mod apk app.


Various scanning apps on the internet require a fixed payment for accessing premium features, but often, it may not seem justified to invest money in a scanning app. CamScanner mod apk offers a solution where you can access different premium features at no cost. Give it a try for scanning documents and converting them into PDF format without incurring any charges.

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