Hoichoi Mod APK v3.0.36 (Premium Unlocked/No Ads) Download Free For Android


App Name Hoichoi Mod APK
Latest Version v3.0.36
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Publisher Hoichoi Technology Private Limited 
App Size 51 MB
Platform Android
Require Android Version 5.0 and Up
App Category Entertainment
Get it on Google Play Icon
Price Free
Table of Contents

Introduction of Hoichoi Mod APK

Hoichoi Mod APK is specially designed for Bengali people. It has Bengali culture movies, web series and music. Bengali people can watch movies and listen to songs in their native language. Users can access a collection of Bengali movies and web series on hochoi mod. Stream Bengali movies and music directly on your Android devices.

The content available on hoichoi apk mod can be download for free and viewed online and offline. You will surely be satisfied watching amazing movies, web series and listening to music in Bengali. Hoichoi mod apk download on Android devices to learn about Bengali culture. The Bengali language can be convert into English language so that all people can enjoy Bengali movies, web series and music. If you are looking for tool based entertainment app then download turbo bomber.

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hochoi mod

Hoichoi APK: What is it?

Hoichoi apk is an app made for video streaming and music similar to the videobuddy apk download old version application. This application has a collection of thousands of amazing Bengali movies, TV shows, and best songs. If you want to be interested in Bengali culture, you can convert it to English and enjoy its movies, web series, and music. It has new shows added daily with great content categorized into unique sections. Users on Android devices can find their favorite shows and download them and watch them offline. 

hoichoi premium mod apk

Hoichoi Mod APK: What is it?

The app has an amazing collection of all kinds of movies like horror, action, adventure, and comedy, many TV shows, web series, and music, So hoichoi mod apk download and explore your favorite shows and enjoy watching them. hoichoi mod apk premium is unlocked fully free so you can download and enjoy your favorite shows for free anytime on android devices without any payment. hoichoi mod apk latest version can be used to see updates daily.

How to Use Hoichoi Mod APK on Android?

The app has a collection of Bengali best movies, TV shows, web series, and music. It would be a big mistake for you not to check out the amazing collection of Bengali movies and songs. Best hoichoi mod apk download for people interested in Bengali culture. 

Hochoi mod apk new version has a collection of thousands of Bengali movies like horror, adventure, action and comedy movies that you can watch with your family. Access to an amazing collection of movies, web series, and music within the app. Hoichoi Mod APK will allow you to watch your favorite movies and web series worldwide. The movie quality comes in full HD. You can stream Bengali movies and songs directly to your Android devices.  Bengali movies and TV shows have received thousands of multiple awards.

Hoichoi mod apk download contains unlimited catchy Bengali songs list, Which you can watch and listen on mobile. You can download your favorite song on android device for free and listen offline. which you can watch and listen to on mobile. Poweramp mod apk install if you want to listen to your favorite music in high-quality audio.

How Does Hoichoi Mod APK Work on Android?

Hochoi mod apk offers daily updated movies, web series, tv shows, music, and incredible content. It is a streaming platform where you can stream movies, web series, and music directly on your Android device.  On hochoi Mod on you can download movies and music for free. 

Hoichoi mod apk premium unlock, so any movie, web series, TV show, and music can be download for free. The content is categorized into its different sections so that users can quickly find their favorite movies and song. You can watch a movie or song offline anywhere and share it with your family or friends once you download it for free. Bengali movies and songs will make your trip more exciting.

Bengali movies and web series can be convert into English and watch so that others can enjoy them. One can enjoy watching movies as a whole without any ad interference. You should not think that Bengali language is boring. You should keep discovering movies, web series, and songs in new languages and enjoy them. Base apk download to restore and save mobile data in a secure way.

Hoichoi APK Mod

Feature of Hoichoi Mod APK

Unlimited Bengali Song

Hoichoi premium mod apk has a list of thousands of attractive bengali songs where you can explore your favorite song and download it for free. You can listen to Android device songs offline anywhere once downloaded.

Movies of Bengali 

Hochoi mod apk new version has a list of thousands of Bengali movies that you can stream directly on your Android device. The app has a list of many full HD-quality movies that you should explore. There is a collection of horror, emotional, comedy, action, drama movies and many more. Movies, web series and tv shows once download can be watch offline anywhere and can also be shar with your family or friends. Amazing movies make your journey exciting.

Enjoy Amazing English Language

Exploring Bengali culture is a wonderful experience for people who speak or understand English. You can watch and listen to Bengali movies, TV shows, web series, and music converted into the English language. Don’t think that bengali language is boring because it gives you the opportunity to watch the best movies and TV shows with English subtitles. Which converts the language for you according to your needs.

Multi Device Functionality

Any movie or web series watched in multi-gadget will not be resize. Telephone 4 inch, laptop 15 inch and TV 50 inch you can see equally in all gadgets.

Offline Download

Once you have downloaded a Bengali movie, web series, and song within hoichoi mod apk, you can watch anywhere the offline movie, web series, and listen to the song. It will make your trip exciting. No internet connection is required to watch offline movies and data usage is also reduce.

Video HD Quality

Hoichoi premium mod apk includes any kind of movies, web series and drama shows in high quality. Any of your favorite movies or web series can be download and watch in HD quality.

Supports any Android Devices

Hoichoi apk mod will fully support various android devices. Multimedia entertainment experience can be enjoy with the screen size of your devices. A simple and fast android app for those who are interest in Bengali culture. Hoichoi Mod APK is an application that allows you to easily download movies, web series, and songs on your Android device. Once the movie or song is download on an android device, you can watch it offline anywhere. Mobile data usage is reduce, so you can have a smooth and satisfying experience.

Update Movie, Web Series and Song

Every week there are new updates of movies, web series, and songs, which you can watch on the application. Each movie, web series, TV show, and song is categorized in a separate section, so that you can easily find and enjoy your favorite movie, web series, TV show, and song.

Hoichoi Mod APK Reduces Data Usage

Hoichoi premium mod apk is quick and easy to use for those who are interested in Bengali culture. Any movie or music can be watch offline after downloading, so no internet connection is required and mobile data usage is reduced. While exploring movies, keep your favorite movie in watch list and add it to watch list if you don’t have time to watch that movie.

High-Quality Sound

Hoichoi mod apk provides high-quality sound. You can listen to the sound of music and movies clearly. Music and movies can be enjoy more due to high-quality sound.


Chromecast enabled on any TV, such as Hoichoi app Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Mi TV, LG TV, Samsung, and Web. TV observes online with new revelations added every week.

Movie and Music Streaming

Hoichoi premium mod apk is a streaming platform where you can stream your favorite Bengali movies and music on Android devices for free.

Easy Control

The interface of hoichoi apk mod is very simple. The interface of the application is simple so the controls are also easily understood. The app provides very simple and easy controls. The controls are easy to use.

Create a Playlist

In hoichoi mod apk latest when you find many best movies or songs at once, you can add them to the watch later list. The app will save the movie or song as one of your favorites. Then, those movies and songs can be easily found in your favorite playlist whenever you feel like watching or listening according to your time or mood.


Hoichoi apk mod provides not only Bengali movies but also subtitle translation like English, Español, and Indonesia. Movies with subtitles will be less than the number of Bengali language movies, but those who want to know about Bengali culture can watch movies with subtitles.

Original and Exclusive Web Series

Hoichoi Mod APK Download provides access to every web series, so that the user can enjoy the web series anytime. Over 500 original web series can be watch with new shows add every week. Use hoichoi.tv to watch new and interesting web series in Bengali.

Cross-Platform Application

Hoichoi mod apk supports all Android devices. Users can easily access the store with different screen sizes for entertainment. Supports many different devices for streaming, a great experience for anyone.

Bengali Movies List

Hoichoi apk mod has list of thousands of movies. Emotional, Horror, Action, and Comedy all types of movies list is provided. The movies are classified into different categories so that the user can easily find their favorite movie and enjoy the movie. Hoichoi mod library is updated daily with new movies, so you can enjoy those movies.

Various Genres Movie

Hoichoi apk mod has a wide variety of uploaded Bengali movies like horror, comedy, action, and emotional. The app allows you to select movies of your favorite genres. The app lets you explore a variety of different movies for free. New movies of the same genre are also available on hoichoi mod.

Get Access to Premium Feature

Users are given free access to all the advance and premium features on hochoi mod for Bengali Movies, Web Series, and Songs.

Mod Feature of Hoichoi Mod APK

Ad-Free Experience

When you download hoichoi apk mod free and stream your favorite Bengali movies, TV shows, and web series, no ads will disturb your entertainment, thus making your streaming experience more comfortable. So you can enjoy watching your favorite thing without any disturbance. Furthermore, if you want to create professional images, Prequel Mod Apk and VSCO Mod Unlocked Apk let you create countless images using premium ready-made templates for free and without any ads.

Unlocked Premium 

Hoichoi premium mod apk allows to download movies, web series, and songs for free. You can download any movie, TV show, web series, and music for free and watch it offline anytime. The download quality will be full HD by default. And there is no cost to enjoy it. Once you download it Can also be share with your family and friends.

Unlimited Feature

Hoichoi mod apk download in all the locked features are unlocked just like a PLAYit Apk Mod. You can use all the features for free because all the features are unlocked. You can easily use all paid and non-paid features. The best advantage is that all the features are unlocked and can be use for free.

How to Download Hoichoi Mod APK on Android?

  1. Search on the internet for “Hoichoi Mod APK”.
  2. Select the modapkpures.com website and open it.
  3. Open hoichoi mod apk article and scroll down.
  4. Get the download button and click.
  5. Start the download process.
  6. The download process is complete in a few minutes.

How to Install Hoichoi Mod APK on Android?

  1. Open your mobile setting.
  2. Go to Setting > Security Setting > unknown resources. 
  3. Open the app download file.
  4. Press the install button and wait a few seconds.
  5. Click and open the app and use it.

FAQs of Hoichoi Mod APK

Q. Is hoichoi mod apk new version safe?

Yes, hoichoi mod apk latest version is definitely safe for you.

Q. Is hoichoi premium mod apk paid app?

Hoichoi mod apk premium unlocked in full so you can easily use it on android devices without any pay.

Q. Can I download hoichoi apk mod for free?

Yes, hoichoi mod app can be download for free from modapkpures.com.

Q. What is hoichoi Premium feature?

Hoichoi mod apk premium unlocked is a streaming platform for a large collection of Bengali movies, web series and songs by app.

Q. Can Hoichoi Mod APK be download on PC?

Yes, Hoichoi Mod APK can be download on PC

Q. How to enable subtitles on hoichoi apk mod?

  • Login to hoichoi premium mod apk free subscription.
  • Click on your favorite video.
  • Start video streaming, find the “Settings” icon at the bottom right corner, and click on it.
  • Click on English you will get the “Closed Captions” option.

Q. Does hoichoi premium mod apk offer 4K resolution videos?

Yes, hoichoi premium mod apk allows you to manually change the resolution to watch content up to 1080P, so you can watch auto mode. The resolution will be automatic based on internet speed. Resolution can be chang manually as per your preference.

Q. Can hoichoi mod apk be download on iOS?

No, Hoichoi Mod APK can only be run on Android devices, Android TV, and Android emulators on PC.


Hoichoi mod apk is for people interest in Bengali movies, web series, and songs. It has a collection of thousands of movies, web series, and songs. Hochoi mod is constantly update with something new. Download once for free and watch offline without any payment. Download your favorite song from the list of songs and enjoy listening to it. Explore your favorite movies horror, action, emotional, adventure, and comedy movies and enjoy them without any ads.

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