Among Us Mod APK vv2024.3.5 Download for Android (Unlocked Everything/Always Imposters)


Game Name Among Us Mod APK
Latest Version v2024.3.5
Publisher Innersloth LLC
MOD Features Unlocked Everything
Game Size 166 MB
Platforms Android
Game Genre Action
Get it on Google Play Icon
Mode Multiplayer 
Required Android Version Android 4.4 and Up
Price Free
Table of Contents

About Among Us Mod APK

Among Us mod apk is an action category mobile video game. In our childhood, we show many detectives shows where detective thinks of all possibilities to find a criminal person. But in modern times we do not have much time where can apply our detective skills but among us mod game provide a chance to apply our critical thinking skills. 

It’s an award-winning game that gets the most user reviews and ratings because of its outstanding gameplay and top-notch game features. This Among Us mods is a cross-platform multiplayer video game that you can play with your friends through the internet or wifi connection. Mini Militia Mod APK games you can easily play in multiplayer mode with the help of the internet.

Among Us APK Mod

Among Us APK: What is it?

Among us apk is a normal version action-strategy game which available on Play Store with 500M+ downloads worldwide. It’s a multiplayer video game that you can play with your friends or other online users. Game was published by Innersloth LLC which gets mostly positive reviews from users. Also, you can enjoy playing GTA 4 APK game.

There are 2 main player characters in among us game imposter and crewmate. Maximum 10 players allowed in one game. A different mission you have to complete in the game to unlock new items. Assigned the following tasks to complete the game. Tekken 6 APK Download In the game also you have to complete different missions.

Among Us Mod APK: What is it?

Among us mod apk is a premium version of the play store among us game. In the mod version, you can select your player character role as imposter or crewmate. Access all premium features such as No ads, unlocked mission, and others for free.

Most users preferred the mod version of among us game because, in the mod version, they have the option to choose the player’s character role whenever starting the game. 

Among Us Mod

Gameplay of Among Us Mod APK on Android

Strategic gameplay of among us apk mod game you can play in two different player character roles crewmate and imposter. You can play up to 10 players in a single game on among us. In among us mod game you can choose a player character and mostly choose an imposter but in the normal version system defined your player character role. Tekken 7 APK Download In the game you can choose characters according to your choice.

In 10 players game, only 2 player is an imposter, and the remaining is crewmates. Four different maps are available Polus, Skeld, Airship, and Mira HQ in this among us mod apk game so you can select anyone before starting the game. 

It’s an online game so you need an internet connection to play this game also you can connect to local wifi to play the game with your friends where maybe your player character’s role same or different. In Tekken 3 APK Download game you can play with your friends with the help of internet.

Game controls are easy to use so you can easily move the top. Bottom, left, right on an alien ship. Most important feature of the game is an emergency meeting that you can use to knock out imposters from the game. 

If your player character role is crewmate then you have to perform certain tasks such as downloading data, dumping waste, fixing wires, maintenance on vital systems to win the game. And if your player character role is imposter then you have to kill the crewmate or stop to crewmate perform different tasks like stopping the oxygen supply and closing doors. If you are looking for any other game like this game then you must download Tekken Tag APK Download game once.

As a cremate or imposter in among us mod apk game you can watch all player’s activity in a security camera room. 

Among Us Mods

Features of Among Us Mod APK Mobile Game

Use Weapons

In among us apk mod game you can use weapons if your player character role is an imposter to kill crewmates. Be careful while doing that because if any other player detects your activities then they removed you from the game. You can do fake tasks so no one can detect you. 

Emergency Meeting

Whenever you notice suspicious activity by a player you can call an emergency meeting with other players. Talk about player activity in the meeting and agree to all players with your talk so you can easily remove the player with the highest voting. 

Immersive Gameplay

Among us mods game has immersive gameplay where two different player character roles. If your role is crewmate then you have to complete various tasks which assigned by the game and if your player character role is imposter then you have to kill all crewmate players to win the game. 

Transform Into  a Ghost

When the imposter kills the player then they transform into a ghost who can help other crewmates to complete tasks but are not able to give suggestions about the imposter in an emergency meeting. Ghost players can see every movement of imposters and other players. 

Online Multiplayer 

Play among us mod apk game in an online multiplayer game mode where you can connect online players or friends. Make fun in multiplayer mode if you play with your friends. 

High-Quality Graphics and Simple Interface

Graphics of this among us apk game are high-quality and attractive. And simple interface design makes game easy for players because they can simply play game by tapping on the play button without any difficulties. 

Simple Game Controls

Game control is easy to use in among us game where you can easily move right, left, top, and bottom using a joystick or button. All button works with just a simple tap which makes the game easy to play. 



Among Us Mod APK Download


Mod Features of Among Us APK Mod 

Always be Imposter

If you install a mod version of among us mod apk game then you have a chance to become an imposter every time while starting the new game. In an imposter character, you do not have to perform a task but you have to stop a crewmate to perform a task and kill a crewmate. 

Unlock Pets

Normal version of among us you have to money to purchase pets but in the mod version you do not need to pay money to unlock pets. Pets do different reactions when their owner is dying. You can select your favorite pets for your player character.  

No Limitation of Emergency Meeting

You can call the emergency meeting when you doubt other player’s activity using pressing the emergency meeting button. But in the normal version game, you can not call anytime emergency meeting and you are only able if you see player’s body. 

How to Download Among Us Mod APK Game on Android?

Download process is simple for among us mod apk game and you have to follow it step-by-step to easily download it on your android mobile. 

  1. Open the website on your mobile browser
  2. Search game name “among us mods” 
  3. Get your search result so now open the game article
  4. Find the download button from the article
  5. Then click on the download button
  6. Another page opens where you get a latest version download link
  7. Then click on the latest version game download link
  8. Get your file in a few seconds

How to Install Among Us APK Mod Game?

  1. Open the game downloaded file
  2. In the settings, you can find unknown resources
  3. Allow it to install third-party apps and games
  4. To install, click on the install button 
  5. A few seconds later, you’ll have your game installed
  6. After that, open the game from the home screen game icon and start playing

FAQs of Among Us Mod APK

Q. Can I play among us in offline mode?

To play among us mod game you need an internet connection and without the internet, you can not play this game in offline mode.  

Q. How can I get all paid items free in among us?

Download among us apk game in the mod version to unlock all paid items for free without paying money. 

Q. It is easy to download among us mod apk file?

Yes, downloading among us apk file is easy for users. For that, just a single click on the given download button to get the game.

Q. Is a voice chat option in among us to communicate?

No, the voice chat feature is not available in among us mod apk game so you can not communicate with other people during gameplay.

Q. It is safe to download among us game virus free?

Yes, with the download file, you do not get malware or other viruses so you can safely download to your mobile devices.

Q. How to Identify Imposters in Among Us APK Mod Game?

It’s very difficult to identify imposters in the among us mod apk game because imposters do fake tasks. You can identify imposters in two different ways from a security camera or performing fake tasks. 

And if you find the imposter doing a fake task then call an emergency meeting and tell them the particular player character is an imposter because they are doing repetitive tasks and if you agree to all other players then you can remove imposters from the game. 

Another way is watching out security camera room where you can check all activity of players. Here is the fake tasks list clean the O2 system, align engine output, assemble artefects, chart course buy beverages, etc. 

Q. How to Win a Game With Player Character Role Crewmates in Among Us Mods?

We all know imposter is an easy player character role to win the game but if you are cremate then you have to perform different tasks that are assigned in the game. Complete all the tasks as quickly as possible before the imposter kills you. 

Also, you have to watch for other players that they not doing fake tasks and if you found then call an emergency button to meet with other players. Notify the imposter and kick them out of the game to win the game. 

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