Garena Free Fire Mod APK v1.104.1 (Unlimited Diamonds, Money) 2024


Game Name Free Fire Mod APK
Latest Version v1.104.1
Release Date 23 August 2017
APK Size 391 MB
OBB File Size 326 MB
Developers 111dots Studio
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Coins, Diamonds
Platforms Android, iOS
Game Style Action
Get it on Google Play Icon
Mode Multiplayer
Required Android Version Android 4.0.3 and Up
Table of Contents

Overview of Free Fire Mod APK

Garena Free Fire Mod APK: In the current gaming landscape, multiplayer games have gained immense popularity, offering the chance to compete with players worldwide. The gaming industry’s rapid growth is evident not only on PC and console platforms but also on mobile devices, where multiplayer games are flourishing. Players gravitate towards various genres, with FPS and TPP modes (First Person Perspective and Third Person Perspective) being among the favorites.

Multiplayer games provide the thrill of challenging friends and global players, with shooting and survival games dominating the scene. Among the plethora of options, one standout is Garena Free Fire Mod APK, a top-rated survival game for mobile devices that promises excitement and entertainment.

For those seeking action and a break from routine, Free Fire Mod APK emerges as the go-to choice. Survival skills are crucial in this game, contributing to its top-ranking status in the gaming world. Free Fire’s popularity is further elevated by its high-quality graphics, immersive sound design, and a plethora of features.

Devotees of Free Fire will discover an enhanced gaming experience with the Garena Free Fire MOD APK. In the realm of leisure gaming, this particular game has earned its place as an exceptional and heroic option. With challenging difficulty levels and intense tournaments, Free Fire demands skill and strategy.

To aid players in their quest to become the best in the Free Fire Arena, we present the Free Fire Mod. This modification provides players with a significant advantage, offering access to premium items, unlimited diamonds, an arsenal of weapons, unlocked levels, and more. The advantages are diverse, providing an edge in conquering the various worlds within the Garena Free Fire universe.

Imagine the possibilities of having an infinite supply of weapons, a valuable asset in navigating and dominating the survival shooter landscapes of Garena Free Fire. The Free Fire Mod becomes an indispensable tool in your journey to supremacy, enhancing the overall gaming experience with its myriad benefits.

Free fire mod apk unlimited diamonds

Free Fire APK: What Is It?

The standard variant of the Free Fire game can be found across the internet. This basic version provides a plethora of features that can be freely accessed upon downloading. Playing the game necessitates strict adherence to established rules. It’s important to note that within the Free Fire standard version, some features and items are designated as premium, requiring a purchase to unlock and utilize them.

Free Fire Mod APK: What Is It?

Our website presents a mod version of the Free Fire game, also known as the modified version, featuring unique and intriguing elements not found in the standard edition. Unlike the standard version, there’s no need to spend real money on this mod version. Enjoy unrestricted access to all Free Fire features, and the mod provides unlimited diamonds, eliminating any in-game purchase limitations.

The Garena Free Fire Mod APK opens the door to premium features without any financial constraints, allowing you to fully explore the game’s potential. Enter the gaming arena without concerns about expenses, as the mod ensures access to all premium elements without a cost.

Thanks to the Free Fire Mod Menu’s infinite money option, acquiring new weapons, skins, or accessories like BVBII becomes a hassle-free experience. With no restrictions in the mod version, there’s no need to follow any gameplay restrictions or worry about spending real money.

Experience the added benefit of VIP vehicles, easy scoreboard equipment, and seamless participation in free events. The mod APK maintains high graphics quality, ensuring visuals that match or even exceed those of the official Free Fire 2. The user interface is exceptionally smooth, allowing you to effortlessly navigate and take command of the complete gaming experience with just a few hours of gameplay. Embrace the convenience and enhanced features offered by the Free Fire Mod, making your gaming journey more enjoyable and engaging.

Gameplay of Garena Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Mod APK

The Free Fire Mod APK stands out as a highly popular multiplayer shooter survival game, drawing inspiration from PUBG and establishing itself as a successful and widely-played clone on both Android and iOS platforms. Boasting millions of players, this game unfolds with 50 participants landing on an island, reminiscent of the PUBG concept.

In the FF Mod APK, players must strategically land in a safe zone, secure weapons, and engage in a battle for survival against others until the end. The expansive map offers various locations to explore, with weapons scattered throughout gameplay. The objective is to eliminate opponents after descending from a parachute, ensuring your survival to claim victory. This entirely multiplayer experience requires a robust internet connection.

Free fire apk mod

With a gameplay duration of 10 minutes, players can drive vehicles, explore the entire map, and utilize diverse strategies for survival. Seeking refuge in buildings, bushes, and behind trees allows for stealthy maneuvers and silent eliminations. The game supports team play, enabling you to join forces with up to three friends in a squad. Additionally, you can connect with unknown players online, forming a squad to navigate the challenges together.

An outstanding feature is the in-game voice chat, enhancing the immersive experience by allowing real-time communication with teammates. This proves beneficial for sharing strategies and coordinating actions against enemies. The game’s controls are user-friendly, and customization options allow players to tailor the controls to their preferences. Overall, the Free Fire Mod APK delivers an engaging multiplayer survival experience with dynamic gameplay, strategic depth, and the thrill of intense battles.


Features of FF Mod APK Free Download for Android

Shooter Survival

FF Mod APK game offers an incredible and enjoyable experience. Upon landing on the island via parachute, the objective is to locate weapons for the protection of yourself and your squad. Remaining within the play zone is crucial for safety. The ultimate goal is to emerge as the last person standing to secure victory. Additionally, there are opportunities to acquire legendary drops, featuring special guns and bulletproof vests for added strategic advantages.

Epic Gameplay

Garena Free Fire offers a 10-minute match duration where you engage with 49 other players on the battleground. The gameplay involves searching for weapons, navigating the map by driving vehicles, and exploring the entire game environment. Garena Free Fire delivers an exceptional and epic gaming experience for its players.

4-Man Squad

Engaging in the game with a squad is a notable feature, allowing for a collaborative experience. The inclusion of a 4-man squad is particularly beneficial for playing alongside friends. You have the option to add your friends to your squad and also include random players for a collective gaming session.

free fire mod apk download

Voice Chat

One of the standout and highly sought-after features in Garena Free Fire Mod APK is the in-game voice chat functionality. This allows players to engage in voice conversations with both friends and other players while in the midst of gameplay. The ability to share strategies through voice chat enhances the gaming experience, providing a sense of real warfare dynamics.

3D Graphics

Garena Free Fire Mod boasts breathtaking and lifelike graphics, with remarkable attention to detail and stunning visual effects. The sound effects in the game contribute to a highly realistic experience, especially in capturing the nuances of weapons and the intricacies of the game map. Both the visual and auditory aspects enhance the overall realism of the gameplay. Furthermore, the game’s controls are intuitively designed, offering simplicity, and players have the flexibility to customize them according to their preferences.

Free Download

Garena Free Fire stands out as an excellent game, and the most noteworthy aspect is its completely free-to-play nature. There are no expenses involved, and players are not required to make any payments within the game. Simply download and install the game on your device, and you can enjoy playing it with your friends without any financial obligations.

Fixed Technical Issues

The developer consistently provides regular updates to the game, ensuring a smooth and bug-free experience for players. Any issues or glitches within the game are promptly addressed and completely resolved through these updates.

Multiple Game Modes

The Free Fire game offers various gaming modes to cater to different preferences. One such mode is the Clash Squad, where you have the option to invite up to 4 friends to join your lobby. This mode, also known as Squad vs. Squad, involves facing off against another team.

Additionally, players can explore the War Zone and Survival modes. In Survival mode, 50 players are placed in a single location, requiring you to gather weapons and supplies for your protection and survival. These modes are versatile, allowing players to participate either as solo players or in collaboration with others.

Add New People

Within the Free Fire game, you have the capability to expand your friend list by utilizing the search bar, allowing you to enter ID’s and connect with friends or other players effortlessly. There are no restrictions on the number of people you can add to your list. Once you’ve established connections, inviting friends to your lobby becomes a seamless process for gaming together. Additionally, online players are easily identifiable in your list, indicated by a green sign next to their names.


Personalization is a crucial aspect as it sets you apart from others, and Free Fire games recognize this importance by incorporating a unique customization feature. Easily tailor your character with a multitude of options, allowing you to alter shirts, trousers, and choose from an array of stunning suits. The customization extends beyond clothing; there are numerous epic skins for your weapons, motivating you to strive for these coveted items to enhance your arsenal.

Building your collection becomes a significant part of this feature, encompassing outfits, weapon skins, and even car skins. This level of customization even extends to changing your character’s appearance, providing you with the flexibility to present yourself in the game according to your preferences. Impress other players by creating a unique and personalized in-game identity through this comprehensive customization feature.

Mod Features of Free Fire Mod APK 

Unlocked Items

In the standard Free Fire version, unlocking new items such as weapons, outfits, and skins requires leveling up. You must elevate your level to gain access to these items. However, in the mod version of Free Fire, there’s no need for strenuous efforts to unlock these items. Everything is readily unlocked in the mod version, allowing you to effortlessly utilize all your preferred items, including skins, weapons, and outfits.

100% Player Health

Free fire mod apk download to get 100% unlimited player health so you do not get any damage from enemies and win the game easy way.

Get Unlimited Diamonds

Acquiring unlimited cash, diamonds, and coins in a game brings immense joy, as it enables you to purchase all your preferred items. This is precisely why the mod version of the Free Fire game presents you with an unlimited supply of diamonds, allowing you the freedom to spend them without constraints.

The beauty of having unlimited diamonds lies in the fact that they will never deplete, eliminating the need to collect diamonds through mission completion. This abundance of diamonds grants you the flexibility to indulge in acquiring your favorite outfits or selecting various skins for your weapons. Opting for the mod version is the key to enjoying an uninterrupted flow of unlimited diamonds in Free Fire.

Play Game with Zero Ads

Avoids interfering with video or popup ads using the install mod version of the free fire game. Play games with zero ads and enhance the game experience.

How to Download and Install Free Fire Mod APK for Android?

  • Begin by downloading the latest version of the APK or ZIP (OBB) for Android.
  • Before initiating the installation, navigate to “SETTINGS > SECURITY > UNKNOWN SOURCES” and activate this option.
  • Extract the ZIP File to obtain your OBB files.
  • Proceed to install the game.
  • The system will prompt for permission; simply click on the installation button.
  • Upon completing the installation, the game’s APK icon will appear on your smartphone’s home screen.
  • Avoid opening the game at this point.
  • Move the “com.dts.freefireth” file from the OBB folder to your Android > obb directory.
  • Now, launch the game.
  • Enable the “Display Over Other Apps” feature.
  • Look for the pop-up icon on your screen.
  • Tap on the icon.
  • Finally, switch “ON” the desired settings.
  • Enjoy the game.

FAQs – Free Fire Mod APK Game Related

Q. Is it safe to download free fire mod apk?

The game undergoes thorough scanning to ensure it is free from security concerns and threats, including viruses, spyware, malware, and worms. It is certified clear of any such issues, allowing users to download and install it without encountering any problems related to harmful elements.

Q. Is Garena Free Fire game Free?

Yes, Garena Free Fire is entirely free of charge, and players can download the game without incurring any expenses. While there are in-game purchases available, these items can be acquired by spending real money if desired.

Q. Would it be said that the free fire apk is a lightweight game?

Garena Free Fire is a substantial game, requiring approximately 1 GB of storage on your device. It is advisable to free up some space on your device before downloading and installing the game to prevent any potential issues.

Q. How do I get unlimited diamonds in the free fire apk game?

To access an unlimited supply of diamonds in Free Fire, it is necessary to download and install the mod version of the game. Once the installation is complete, you can enjoy the benefits of obtaining free and unlimited diamonds within the game.

Q. How many weapons do we carry in free fire apk mod game?

You can carry two weapons at a single time in the ff mod game and if you want to pick another one then drop the weapon that you carry.

Q. What are the best guns in free fire game?

You can choose weapons that do more damage to an opponent player so you can easily game.

  1. AWM
  2. MP40
  3. Kar98
  4. M1014


Free fire mod apk is a battle-royale game that is most popular and has millions of active users that increase day-to-day. Play free fire game with your friends or other online players with a stable internet connection. This game is 100% safe for play on mobile devices and has tremendous game features that attract users. The mod version of Garena free fire game apk provides unlimited features and you can play games without getting ads.

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