Adobe Lightroom Mod APK v9.2.3 (Premium Unlocked) Download Free for Android 2024


App Name Adobe Lightroom Mod APK
Latest Version v9.2.3
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Publisher Adobe
App Size 80.2 MB
Platform Android
Require Android Version 5.0 and Up
App Category Photography
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Price Free
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Introduction of Adobe Lightroom Mod APK

Adobe lightroom mod apk is develop by Adobe. A fully professional image editor for the user. If you are a photographer or a photo designer, you should use a professional image editor application. It is important to know about it before using the application. Photos or videos can be edit using all kinds of tools and features inside lightroom mod.

Users can use his skills to edit photos with speed. Pictures, photos, art, short videos, music videos, and much more can be create using lightroom apk mod premium download. You can add your friends to the album and share the best moments with them through photos. By selecting any photo, you can edit the photo using light, effects, color, auto, crop, geometry, presets, filters, previous and reset, etc. Get the Remini mod apk as an alternative to the Lightroom app.

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lightroom apk mod premium download

Adobe Lightroom APK: What is it?

Lightroom apk download new version is use by most people. Many different features are provided within the application, using which you can do photo or video editing. All premium features can be use for free by paying and purchasing a subscription. You can edit unlimited photos on your devices. You can edit the photo according to your desire.

lightroom premium

Adobe Lightroom Mod APK: What is it?

Lightroom mod is a photo editing application, which allows you to use all the features for free. You can edit the photo as per your desire using all the features and tools. A lot can be add and remove from the photo. Users can use his skills to edit photos with speed. Adobe lightroom mod apk gives the opportunity to improve the skills of beginner and photo editing. Lightroom Premium is fully unlock with features. Another photo editing app prequel mod apk which you can with free premium features.

How Does Work Adobe Lightroom Mod APK on Android?

Lightroom mod apk is a photo editing app that lets you use all the premium features for free. The application is a photo editing and color enhancement tool. is a picture editing application with professional features. Lightroom mod offers many features, which are not available in other apps. The application can be use for photo editing on different devices. Pictures, photos, art, short videos, music videos, and much more can be create or edit using the app.

Select any photo and start using lightroom mod. Photos can be edit with various features like Profiles, Light, Effects, Color, Auto, Detail, Healing, Optics, Crop, Geometry, Presets, Previous and Reset etc. Lightroom apk mod premium download adds various filters and effects to create stunning photos. can be The background can also be changed. PhotoRoom Mod Apk similar app helps you to remove the background With AI technology.The picture can be made brighter or duller and heavier or lighter as per your preference. You can color your pictures by copying any color of your choice. It has the same effect as a green screen photo. A favorite photo album can be create using all kinds of resolutions and filters. You can change the position on any picture by one click. Can edit any pictures or photos finely.

How to Use Adobe Lightroom Mod APK on Android?

Lightroom mod apk download also features different color gradients. Shadow Twitching, in which shadows can be play with. lightroom mod offers smooth motion scenes, high-quality colors, texture editing, high-quality images with little blur, and many other features. Unlimited photos can be edit. Photo click or direct video can also be shot and recorded inside lightroom apk mod. The user can edit photos using his skills. If you don’t feel right while editing a photo, you can easily go back to the previous image position or quickly return to the original position.

Allows you to capture beautiful moments with a professional camera and edit images with the highest quality. You can add your friends to albums and share the best moments with them through photos. Images can be create in your desired style and shar on social networks. You can share the photo on social media like Instagram and Facebook by editing the photo. Lightroom mod apk download offers new beginners and opportunities to improve photo editing skills. Not only picture editing can be done using the tools, but also gives an opportunity to capture the best moments of your life and pictures in HD quality.

There are some limitations if you use the regular version of the app, but all the premium features can be use for free if you pay or buy a subscription. The app is fully unlock with premium features. Use LMC 8.4 APK on mobile to click high-quality images or videos with various effects.

lightroom mod apk download
Feature of Adobe Lightroom Mod APK

Professional Picture Editing

If you are a photographer or photo designer, you should use lightroom mod for professional picture editing. You can select any photo and edit it. Photos can be edit with various features, such as profiles, light, effects, color, auto, detail, healing, optics, crop, geometry, presets, previous and reset, etc. You will see changes in your photo as soon as all the parameters are change.

Great Experience

Photo or picture editing can be done easily in lightroom apk mod premium download. You can select any photo and edit the photo using various features and create your favorite photo. Allows the user to edit and enjoy the photos and pictures they come across. You can adjust colors and filters by just swiping and clicking. Swipe brings extremely high efficiency to image editing. Full control over photo properties with photo editing sliders and swipes.

Simple Presets

Lightroom mod apk download provides preset features for the user. The preset feature allows the user to apply photo editing within a second. After selecting a photo from the gallery you will see the preset section on the photo downside screen. The Presets section is design for both beginner and professional editors. Each tool functions as an editor so the user selects a preset feature. The preset feature allows users to adjust the color and make edits. There are many presets within the application, which you can use for free.

Boost Camera

If you don’t want to take or edit photos at the moment, you can create photos directly in the application with the lightroom premium version. A completely new professional camera has been add inside the application. Detail can also be edit directly before taking your photo as a mechanical camera. You can adjust instant presets, exposure, coarseness, self-timer, and many other details.

Color Enhancements

There are often color problems in the photos taken by mobile phones. Sunlight, high brightness, color fading, and others cause problems. Photographers mainly face all the problems. Lightroom apk mod has features like color enhancements. You can adjust the color of a photo or picture using the line bar. You will see a circular icon in the line bar through which the icon can be move to make changes to the image.

Many new adjustment tools have been add inside lightroom premium, such as Temp, Tint, Vibrance, and Saturation. These adjustment tools can be use for photo editing. In the Enhancement section, you will find the B&W option at the top of the toolbar and the Color Mix tool at the bottom. You can click on the B&W option to convert the photo to black and white. Hue, Saturation, and Luminance help to improve the color of the picture. Various objects can be use to improve color or add additional color to a picture.


Lightroom apk mod download new version comes with object removal feature. Selecting the object and clicking on the button breaks the image. The user does not have to face any problem because the developer who developed the lightroom apk mod has optimized the tool well to remove the problem. The mark area can be remove without the help of any symbols. Advance tools like AI detection have been add, with the help of which objects can be completely remove from the picture.


Lightroom premium version offers tools like perspective. Many times when doing mobile photography the object angle is seen to be wide or long. The perspective tool is use to adjust the angle and crop the photo without cropping the photo. The Adjust tool can be use to adjust the object by selecting an angle. Many other options are provided to improve the angle. It is necessary to select the appropriate adjustment bar to adjust the picture in shape.

Add Color of Choice to Picture

Lightroom premium feature has an amazing feature to add color. The most used function by the user is color. Color can give a new look to pictures and videos. While shooting outdoors or taking photos with flowers you need bright colors and dark colors for vintage style photos, lightroom premium version will help you. The user can also easily change the subtle colors of the picture. Adjustments like color correction, saturation, and brightness can be made to the picture. You can also do color correction by mixing colors.

Edit the Finer Details

Lightroom mod can edit fine details in pictures and videos professionally. Automatic cropping, brightness correction and beautification can be done on the video. In masking mode, the object can be black and white or your favorite color to make the object in focus more visible. It is important because stunning photos with the subject as the focal point or a video can be made. You can also delete specific objects from the picture or edit the deleted part to best match the picture. Lightroom Premium has a section where you can change the angle of a picture to view it from a different perspective.

Unique and Impressive Template

Parameters are edit thematically in lightroom premium version. For a vintage look, you can choose from vintage instant, cool colors, cool matte, other amazingly beautiful and sophisticated designs that have been made before. You can also edit your videos and pictures easily and quickly. An existing template can be altered to achieve a finish product. The perspective correction mode can be use to fine-tune the texture, clarity, and other metrics of aspects of your picture or video.

Many Platforms with Different Packages

Lightroom apk mod download new version is compatible with many devices, including smartphones, computers, and laptops. Lightroom mod apk download provides an upgrade package to increase the productivity of high-quality photos and videos. Upgrade packages provide more storage and various features. The application can be use on various electronic devices.

Instructions for Editing Photos

An existing photo can be made into an advance photo using the editing features. All kinds of editing can be done in photos, with main sections such as Beginner, Composition, Advance, Portraits, Food, Travel, Light, Color, Landscape, Intermediate, Portraits, Essentials, Fix, Stylize, and B&W. The concepts of the picture can be understood in more detail.

Photo Gallery

Photos shared by users are display on the lightroom apk mod download new version. Apart from photos you can see some information about the device, shutter speed, ISO, location, and aperture. Enhance your photo editing skills. Images are divide into different categories, so it is easy to search by subject. Feature, New, Abstract, Animals, Architecture, Aerial, Editorial, Fashion, Food, Landscape, Macro, Nature, Night, Portraits, Street, and Travel All kinds of interesting images can be found.

How to Download Adobe Lightroom Mod APK on Android?

  1. Open the website.
  2. search “Adobe Lightroom Mod APK” using the search box.
  3. Click the article, read it, and scroll down.
  4. Get the download button and click.
  5. Download process complete in a few minutes.

How to Install Adobe Lightroom Mod APK on Android?

  1. Open mobile setting.
  2. Go to Setting > Security Setting.
  3. Click the enable unknown resources.
  4. Open the download file.
  5. Press the install button.
  6. The installation process complete in a few seconds.
  7. Click and open the app and use it.

FAQs of Adobe Lightroom Mod APK

Q. Is lightroom mod apk completely free?

No, lightroom mod apk is not completely free, one has to buy a pay or subscription to use all premium features for free.

Q. How does lightroom apk mod work?

You can edit photo or video as per your choice using various tools and features.

Q. The premium version of lightroom apk mod can be download for free.

Yes, lightroom apk mod premium version download for free and enjoy it.

Q. On which devices lightroom mod apk can be use?

Lightroom mod apk can be use on Android, smartphones, computers, laptops, and many other devices.


Lightroom mod apk is a complete package for those who are looking for a professional editor. Photo and video can be edit according to your choice using all the premium features. People will be satisfied using the application because lightroom mod will give a great experience every time. The application can be use on all types of devices. You can edit photos and share them directly from the application to your friends or family.

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