App Cloner Premium Mod APK v2.17.18 Free Download [Latest]


App Name App Cloner Premium Mod APK
Latest Version v2.17.18
Publisher App Listo
Platform Android
Download Size 41 MB
Google Play Store Google Play Icon
Require Android Version 4.4 and Up
App Category Tool
Price Free
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Introduction About App Cloner Premium Mod APK

App cloner premium mod apk allows the user to run 2 same apps on the mobile phone. There are also such users who run any social media app with 2 IDs on their Android mobile. But to use both the IDs from one app, the user has to switch accounts and log in to them. Now we have brought a popular tool for you that will help you to run 2 Instagram, 2 Facebook, 2 WhatsApp, 2 Snapchat, etc. social media in one phone.

App Cloner Premium Mod

This app simply converts any app you want to use in two different formats. So that you can easily open and run different IDs in both the same apps. Talking about security, this app helps the user in creating a completely secure clone app. The app that you clone looks the same as us. If you want, you can also edit its name. Download this mod file in the latest version clone your favorite social media and run it.

App Cloner APK: What Is It?

App Cloner APK gives any user the option to copy apps. This means you get the option to use double WhatsApp and double Facebook on the same phone. The only difference between the cloned app and the original app is the certificate. The cloned app also provides the user with a great user interface. Which works just like the original apps. If we talk about the security of this app, then it is a completely safe app that can be run by both Android and tablet users. Try the X8 Sandbox apk to use rooted apps and games without rooting the actual device.

App Cloner Premium Mod APK

The cloning process is also very simple and anyone can easily clone and run 2 same apps. Whenever you use two Facebook on one phone, you will be able to know from which app the notification has come from both the apps. You can also customize cloned apps by giving them different permissions.

App Cloner Premium Mod APK: What Is It?

App cloner Premium mod apk is an advanced version tool. By downloading this app in the modified version, we do not face any advertisement in using the app. In comparison to the simple version, we get all the features unlocked in this app. In this app, users can clone any app and change the image on them. Navigation, toolbar color, rotation lock, status, etc. can be customized.

App Cloner Premium Mod APK

Generally, to run the Mod version we need to root the mobile phone. But there is no need to root to run this tool on Android and tablets. To use the same social media in real-time, you can download this app for free in its latest version. The developer has created the app in such a way that it can be easily run on mobile devices.

Features of App Cloner Premium Mod APK

Clone The App (Use 2 Same App)

Cloning is the main feature of this app. With the help of this, you will be able to use double Facebook, GBWhatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, and Snapchat without spending any money. By customizing the cloned apps, the user will be able to decorate the app as per his choice. The app icon and name can also be changed through the customize setting.

Password Security

Some people definitely need the option of password security. Whenever you clone an app, you get the option to set a password through this app. With the help of the lock feature, you can limit the access of other people. Any lock like pin, number lock, pattern lock, etc. can be set on the clone app.

Privacy App Icon

app cloner mod apk provides full privacy settings. Only you can recognize the change icon made in the cloned app. You can see this icon setting by downloading the app. You will also see different types of icons and you will be able to rotate them if you wish.

Display Options

You can change the menu of apps and games with this app. The app shows how you can change the display of the app you clone. You also get to see the screen rotating option and language setting option.

Notification Options

Whenever any notification comes in the clone app, you also get notification color, filter, sound, vibration, and time-out options. Apart from this, you will also get snooze notifications, heads-up notifications, and local-only notification options here.


The feature of clone app mod apk automation is also available. With which the user will be able to set the brightness of his mobile phone up to 50%. You can also run do not disturb mode on automation.

How to App Cloner Premium Mod APK Download on Mobile

The download process of this app cloner premium apk is easy and straightforward. You can follow the below steps to simply download sms sender app.

  1. Type modapkpures website on the browser
  2. Search “ app cloner mod apk “ on that website
  3. Open the article on this app 
  4. Scroll down the post to see the download button
  5. Click on the download button 
  6. In a few seconds download process is completed
  7. The app required an install process(the install process is described below)

How to Install The App Cloner Premium Mod APK

The installation process of the app is described below. You can check here and follow to install the app.

  1. Open the downloaded application from the file manager 
  2. Press the “allows” option to give all permission 
  3. Open the security setting from the setting
  4. You get an unknown resource option from there 
  5. Enable the unknown resource to install a third-party application
  6. Tap the install button and wait a few seconds to install this app
  7. Now, open the app and use it.

FAQs of App Cloner Premium Mod APK

Q.1- Is app cloner premium apk safe for android mobile?

Yes, this app is completely secure and users can download and run it for free.

Q.2- How can we download the premium version app?

To download this app in mod version, the user will have to download it from the online gaming website.

Q.3- Is app cloner mod apk online application?

No, users can run this app offline also. But if you clone any online app then you will have to turn on the internet connection.

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