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App Name Back Button APK
Latest Version v4.1.1
Publisher Ogapps
App Size 2.43 MB
Platform Android
Require Android Version 4.4 and Up
App Category Tools
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Price Free
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Overview of Back Button APK

Back button apk is tool based interesting application for android devices. It is helpful if your Android phone’s back button is not working or is broken. Nowadays lots of people use these apps on Android devices. The latest version of this back key apk is available on our websites. You can easily download it free of charge from the below download button. Your Android device must be running version 4.4 or higher to work with it. This amazing app was developed by Ogapps. You can also try this app on tablet devices.

back key apk

Back Button APK: What Is It?

Back button app is a tool for Android and tablets device. You can use this back button if your mobile device’s back button doesn’t work well. Most of all ios devices have a special back button. And now the button looks fancy on the screen. So, many Android and tablet users copy ios phones and set up additional back buttons on the screen. It works smoothly on any device without any hassles. Back buttons are available in various colors. Dark colors with an amazing theme make the back button more attractive on Android. 

back button app

Back button app you can easily set up everywhere on the mobile screen. Sometimes this app gives you advertisements during use. As an excellent app, they contain lots of exclusive features same like turbo bomber. Single press and long press both work with this button. Most peoples use this button for one-step back use.

Features of Back Button APP

Back button apk contains a variety of features for smartphones. You can check these exclusive features in the brief below.

back button

Solve Your Issues

If the back button of your mobile phone is broken or your mobile back button does not work well then it provides you with a great solution. The back button apk gives you a better option if you do not want to get the mobile repaired.

Changing of Back Button Position

Back button apk gives you the choice to you set up the back button on your mobile screen anywhere. So, you can easily set up this button top or bottom of the screen.

Change The Works of Button

You can set any button as the command you want to give through Back Button Apk.

Customize The Home And Other Buttons

You can customize the home button as well as other buttons through this app. You can easily operate your device through this app by using this button as the button available on the mobile screen.

Various Button Colors

Back button app gives you various colors option. so, you can set the back button on your choice. generally, app automatically setup back button in black&white color but if you do not like then simply change it from the setting menu.

Buttons Available In Various Shapes

This app gives you various shape choices of buttons. where you can select your favorite shape to set this button on your phone. various shapes of these buttons are available such as triangle, quadrilateral, square, etc.

Simple Use Process

simple use process makes the app more flexible for users. because some technical things are not understood by all people.

Key Features of Back Button APK

  • Various icon colors.
  • Changing the position of the button.
  • During back button vibrations.
  • Various positions like start, back(recent).
  • Highly customizable on mobile.
  • Single as well as long press available.
  • Multiple designs and colors.
  • Supports multiple languages.

How to Back Button App Download On Android?

The download process of the back button apk is quicker, simpler, and easy.  Follow the below step-by-step to download apk on your smartphone.

  1. You will need to open your mobile browser.
  2. visit website on your mobile browser.
  3. Write the back button apk words in the white search bar of this website.
  4. Scroll the article until the end top gets the download button.
  5. The download button will appear at the end of the article.
  6. Hit the download button.
  7. You will see the download links appear after a few seconds.
  8. furthermore, click on the ultimate latest version game download link.
  9. The following steps will guide you through installing the game after it has been downloaded.

How to Install The Back Button APK

The installation process of the back button app is described below. You can check here and follow to install the app.

  1. Open the downloaded APP from the file manager.
  2. Press the “allows” option to give all permission.
  3. Then Open the security setting from the setting.
  4. You get an unknown resource option from there.
  5. Enable the unknown resource to install a third-party application.
  6. Click the install button and wait a few seconds to install this app.
  7. Now, open the app and use it.

FAQs of Back Button APP

Q.1-  Is the back button apk free available?

Yes, Back button app is free available. You can easily download latest version of this app from our website.

Q.2- Are different shapes of back buttons available on this app?

Yes, there are 6 types of shapes are available in the app. You can easily choose your favorite shape from there.

Q.3- What is back button apk?

Back Button App is an app that you can use on your mobile device. By using them, you can go back one step. It is beneficial when the back button of your mobile is damaged.

Q.4- Is back button works on android device?

If your Android mobile version is 4.4 or above 4.4 then it perfectly works on mobiles. On the mobile phone back button smoothly works.

Q.5- Does this app’s back button works on the Samsung phone?

Yes, you should download the application and check. It works smoothly on all types of Samsung phones.

Q.6- Can we change the color of the button by setting it in the back button app?

Yes, you can set your favorite color button from the available colors by going to the settings of the app. And various themes are also available from where you can also choose the theme.


Back Button Apk is a great tool for Android devices. You can use them to go one step back to the phone. Which provides a good user experience. The size of this app will take less space on your Android device and perform well. Back button app works best on different devices such as Android, ios, tablets, and others. We would like to advise you that if the back button of your mobile is not working, then definitely try it. You can also customize them and set them wherever you want on the mobile screen. And you can set them in attractive designs. Overall this is a fantastic tool app that you should use.

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