Factory Test APK v1.5 Download for Free Android (2024)


App Name Factory Test APK
Developer Vivoglobal
App Category Tools
Download Size 16.8 MB
Platform Android
Latest Version v5.1
Require Android Version 5.1 and Up
Price Free
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Factory Test APK is an important tool made for Android. There are many such apps available for resetting android smartphone which you might not know about but factory test download apk is very useful for resetting your phone. Everyone pays money to a developer or repair shop to reset their phone but this app lets you test and reset your phone. Now Factory Test makes resetting easy for all Android users. While testing the phone through the app you can know which part of your phone is having a problem or which part is not working.

Using factory test apk download you can perform several tests on your phone like screen, speaker and pixel test. Thus this app provides you with tools to new and reset your phone. Users use this app to avoid spending money to reset the phone. So if you want to use this kind of app then you should download factory test apk. We provide you all the details and features of Factory Test in detail through this article.

Factory Test APP

Introduction of Factory Test APK

Factory Test APK Download is an amazing tool to reset Android smartphones. You can reset your smartphone through a factory test without paying money to the developer or repair shop. The main objective of this app is to check the quality of the phone and ensure whether the phone is safe or not, which tests your device and finds the problem with the part of your device that is not working properly.

Factory Test Download APK is more useful for people who buy old phones from the market. This app can check phone condition, any problem in any part or phone quality. Like Pixel, Screen, Speaker and many other tests. Factory test Android apk provides many tools and options to reset the phone using the latest version. This application is suitable for performing hardware, application analysis and software integration of your device.

Factory Test APK is a third-party application that you can download for free from this website. You can also run the factory test tool on low-end devices. Thus you can simulate various factors of the device.

About Factory Test Download APK

Factory Test Android APK is an Android application. The main objective of which is to test your mobile app and show its quality assurance. It is designed to simulate and evaluate all scenes. This app is very useful for people who are resetting phone after paying money. Also hardware, software integration and application are evaluated through factory test APP.

Factory Test APK provides everything like screen resolution, memory allocation, processor capacity and the phone’s operating system. which can determine the configuration of the mobile. This provides another way to simulate a setting and identify and fix problems, glitches and errors in your phone.

Factory Test APK: What is it?

Factory Test APK is the latest Android tool. Which is specially developed for Android users with the purpose of streamlining the device. This factory test APP is for those people who face the problems after updating the device and want to fix those errors. It is made to analyze, to copy the scenes of the world, to measure all performances. In which you can test display, sensor, battery, camera, network, button, speaker and microphone for all these problems in this app.

Many people do not know which feature or function is not working properly on our device and to check it you can know which thing is not working properly by installing Factory Test Download APK. Just install this updated app once and then you will learn all errors and solutions.

Factory Test Android APK

Why Do You Need to Download Factory Test Android APK?

Factory Test Android APK tests the hardware functionality of the device. In it you can check whether your hardware is working well or not. There are several tests you can perform to test the hardware. Factory Test APP works easily for users with a simple interface. Users can use this app without any technical knowledge.

Features of Factory Test APK Download for Android

You can check any kind of features of your smartphone device Some of the key features of Factory Test APK are given below:

Device Information

Factory Test Download provides information about both the hardware and software of your device. This app provides you all the information of your device and displays all the device information like device model name, manufacturer, operating system, data, storage, memory capacity and CPU. Guides technicians on all specialities.

Free to Download and Use

You can download the new version of factory test download APK tool for free. We provide the tool completely free on our website. So you can easily use it on your smartphone. Also, this app does not spoil the experience of annoying ads during phone testing.

The Pinnacle of Game Testing Innovation

Factory Test APK is a method to copy all factory settings of your device. In which you can lin in a simulated factory environment for your device. Device configuration can be replicated along with processor talent, display screen, reminiscence allocation and operating system.

Unveiling the Alluring Features

Factory Test Android APK has full features to test the phone. which are designed to empower users in pursuit of The factory test tool generates reports and performance metrics. All the tests from memory control, graphicals and mechanics are provided in the latest version of this tool.

Emulation of Devices

With the help of this application, you can set the screen size, phone resolution and hardware specifications of your smartphone and virtual devices. Enables to recreate real-world scenarios and testing the device on different platforms without owning the device.

Analytics for Performance

Factory Test Free Download tool provides developers with all kinds of information like CPU and GPU usage, frame rates, memory usage, loading time. Using all this information can be optimized for better performance and resource efficiency.

Interaction in Real Time

Factory Test APK allows users to automate tests and interact with the app manually during tests. Testing of user interfaces, mechanics and real-time responsiveness is also particularly useful.

Diagnostic Reports

This APK generates diagnostic reports to provide insight into issues detected by the test.


Factory Test APK provides calibration options for components like camera, hardware and touchscreen.

Privacy Protection

Be careful when granting permissions and accessing sensitive information during all tests.

Device Compatibility

Factory Test Download APK may not support all device tests. Users should ensure that this app is compatible with their particular device.

Unlimited Factor

Testing tools and premium functions to speed up your device.

Unlocked Advanced

Functions to cancel everything from any smartphone device.

It’s a free

Tested and restored its phone app for all users.

Ad Free

Factory Test Download APK tool allows you to enjoy all the exciting features for free.

Tests of Factory Test APK Download for Android

Display Test

This test helps you to test the performance and quality of your device. Provides a satisfying visual experience while using a smartphone or any device. Factory test APK analyzes color, brightness level, pixels, touchscreen, RGB test and angles. It helps to take appropriate action if any problem is found.

Network Test

Factory Test Download APK makes it easy to perform a network test of a device. Networks are neglected because they are complex. Lets check and test many other things like network module and wifi module. Also very useful for diagnosing Internet problems and cellular network problems.

Development Compatibility Test

Factory Test Android APK allows developers to test games running on multiple operating systems. You can use this tool to troubleshoot issues with the device’s hardware and operating system.

Software Testing

Factory Test Free Download tool allows automated testing. Allows developers to run tests to detect freezes, crashes, and UI bugs. This feature allows developers to quickly find and resolve issues. Which saves time and effort.

Camera Test

The technician evaluates the camera performance of the device and checks if the camera is usable or not. Camera is an important part of smartphone. This test may help fix camera issues. It tests all functions including autofocus, image quality, exposure, shutter, pixel color accuracy, image focus flash function and video recording for issues. The camera test in factory test APP assures you that you can use it to create high quality photos and movies. You can use it to create quality photos and movies.

Sensor Test

Sensor Test in Factory Test APK checks the functionality of sensors like gyroscope, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, fingerprint unlock and adaptive brightness. This test ensures that the sensors in your device are working properly or not. It also ensures other sensors like motion detectors and auto-rotate.

Button test

Factory Test Download APK also includes button testing. Which tests the functionality of volume button, power button and home button. which ensures that the physical controls are functional or not. This test verifies that you can interact with your device to run it.

Speaker and Microphone Test

Factory Test Android APK tests the speaker and microphone and evaluates their quality and functionality. After testing it checks the quality of things like poor volume, distorted sound, microphone sensitivity, audio playback, calling, voice recording and video recording. This test ensures that the device provides clear and reliable audio.

Touchscreen Test

This test lets you evaluate the accuracy and responsiveness of your device’s touchscreen. Helps to know if the touchscreen is working properly or not. It assesses touch-related problems such as unacceptable touching or erratic behavior. Touchscreen test promises screen accuracy and ease of interaction.

Factory Test Free Download

Test of Network Connectivity

The Network Connectivity Test in factory test free download checks the ability to connect to WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular data, and other wireless networks. This connectivity test evaluates signal strength, connection readiness and network stability. The test ensures that the device has the ability to connect to a network, an active network for communication, and an available network for data transfer.

Equipment Test

Device test in factory test APP is to check all performance and battery life of your device. With the help of this test, users can check whether the battery is working properly or not and show its battery life.

Battery Test

Battery test in factory test APK evaluates the working condition, performance and capacity of the battery. Checks usage like battery health, energy and charging rate. Through this test, the manufacturers ensure that the battery of the device needs to be replaced or not.

Performance Test

Performance Test in factory test download APK evaluates performance. It analyzes display quality, display detection, processor speed, pixels, graphics performance, color, brightness level, memory management and viewing angles etc. Assuring users to get the best performance experience.

Headphone Jack Test

The headphone jack test in factory test Android APK is used to check headphone connectivity. Which is tested by playing audio and music. In addition, headphone controls such as volume, microphone, play/pause and noise cancellation are evaluated.

Charging Test

Factory Test Free Download displays real-time charging current and voltage while charging your device. A charging test can measure the time it takes to fully charge any of your devices. You can also test fast charging.

SIM Card Test

SIM card test checks connectivity for voice calls, network type, SMS, data and signal strength. If the device has dual SIM capability, it can test the SIM. It ensures that the SIM card is registered to the cellular network.

SD Card Test

Factory Test APK is a check for SD card read/write and mounting functionality. Also check its speed by timing the transfer and copying sample files.

OTG Test

In Factory Test APP you can check whether OTG is connecting with keyboard, mouse, flash drive or not through OTG test. Also perform reading/writing tests of files on flash drive via OTG cable.

WiFi Test

Factory Test Download APK verifies WPA, WEP, Open, WPA2 encrypted network with WiFi test. Searches for high-traffic and low-congestion WiFi channels. Common Wi-Fi standards such as 802.11b/g/n/ac and others are functional.

Keypad Test

Factory Test Android APK has an option to perform keypad test to test QWERTY keyboard, number pads and custom layouts. Test for devices with directional inputs to navigate and joysticks.

GPS Test

In Factory Test APK you can run GPS test to check GPS satellites from any location. It shows altitude, latitude, meter accuracy, number of satellites found and number of longitude. .Users can check walking/driving distance through GPS test.

Audio Test

You can check the volume level of the device by doing an audio test in factory test download APK. It plays sine waves, frequency sweeps and high-low frequency sounds. which records through a microphone and plays it back for clarity. Easily adjust speakers and volume level through audio test.

Bluetooth Test

Bluetooth Test in Factory Test APP scans nearby Bluetooth devices and displays their name and ID. Bluetooth can be tested by connecting a device to test the connection. Connect and check if things like files, audio and video can be transferred or not.

Connectivity Test

By testing connectivity with the help of factory test free download you can assess whether things like mobile network, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can be connected or not.

Storage Test

In Factory Test APK you can perform storage tests such as NAND flash memory and data read/write.

Vibration and Haptic Feedback Test

With this test you can perform vibration and haptic feedback tests for notifications and tactile feedback.

Hardware Testing

In Factory Test Download APK you can evaluate all the hardware parameters like touch sensitivity, sensors, display and more.

System Checks

Factory Test Android APK allows testing memory, battery, CPU performance and system stability etc. as a system test.

Pros and Cons of Factory Test APK Download for Android


  • Allows for fast and efficient testing of apps in smartphones.
  • Factory Test Download APK automates the process of testing to save time and resources.
  • This app is used to test multiple versions simultaneously.
  • Provides developers with a simple interface to perform rapid testing with minimal effort.
  • Capable of customization as per criteria and specific requirements.
  • After downloading the app, it is an APK file on the memory card/system memory. So you can uninstall and reinstall it many times without having to download it.
  • Factory Test APK allows to perform of detailed checks.


  • This app will not update itself because it does not have access to the Google Play Store.
  • If Factory Test Android APK has virus then it can steal all the data of your phone.
  • Downloading apps from third-party is not checked by Google so it can be harmful to the device.
  • After downloading the app, it may take time to set it up.
  • These apps are easy to install but not necessarily secure.
  • APK files can be downloaded from many internet sources but they may contain malicious software and can compromise your phone.
  • Testing all devices has proven that the cost to run factory test APK can be high.

How to Download Factory Test Android APK on Mobile?

You want to test your smartphone to see if your device is working or not. You can download Factory Test Download APK and test it as mentioned above.

  • Open the browser on your device and open the https://modapkpures.com/ website on it.
  • Go to the website and search for factory test APK in the search box.
  • Then the article of application will open before your eyes.
  • Scroll the article to get the download button.
  • You will see a green colour download button, tap on it and download.
  • Wait until the process is complete.

How to Install Factory Test APK Download for Android Devices?

After downloading Factory Test Android APK you will need to install it. To install you have to follow the steps below:

  • Open the downloaded file by going to the file manager in your device.
  • Then go to the Settings menu and find the Unknown Resources option.
  • Enable the Unknown Resources option which is disabled on the device.
  • After that click on the game file and tap on install button.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete.

Factory Test Android APK

FAQ – Factory Test APK

Q. Is it legal or illegal to use this app?

Yes, it is legal to use this app as it is an engineering mode app to test all the components inside the smartphone.

Q. Is  Factory Test Download APK made only for Vivo smartphones?

No. Although factory test download apk is developed by VIVO Global but it can be used on all smartphones.

Q. Can this app cause data loss?

As this app is safe it will not harm the device data while performing the tests.

Q. How long does the process of testing an item with factory test Android apk take?

The time varies depending on the complexity of the device and what you are testing.

Q. Can we use factory test apk on devices other than smartphones?

Yes, you can use Factory Test APK on devices other than smartphones such as tablets and smartwatches.

Q. Is it safe to download factory test APP from modapkpures.com?

Yes, Factory Test APP Download is safe to download from modapkpures.com.

Q. How to Download factory test download apk?

To download Factory Test APK you need to visit modapkpures.com and follow the process given therein and download it.

Q. What are the system requirements to run this application?

This app calls for at least 2GB of RAM coupled with Android model 5.0 and above to run.   

Q. Can factory test apk be downloaded for free?

Yes, factory test apk you can download for free from our website.

Q. Does factory test Android APK latest version have to pay?

No, you can get the latest version of factory test android apk for free.

Q. Is this app safe for the device?

modapkpures.com has tested the version of this app and its source is safe for use.

Q. How do you download factory test apk from modapkpures?

We have provided the download section provided in this article. Using which you can download factory test apk.

Q. Is an internet connection required to use Factory Test?

No, you don’t need a fixed internet connection.

Q. Is Factory Test Download Apk compatible with routed devices?

No, not supported at this time on native devices. But we can get anti-cheat solutions.

Q. Is this APK safe to run?

This APK is generally safe. However, some tests may be dangerous and may damage the device. So the app should be downloaded from a trusted site.

Q. How do I run Factory Test APK?

To run Factory Test APK you need to download and install the file. Once installed, open the app and test as you wish.

Q. What does factory test android apk test?

You can test your phone with the help of factory test android apk. You can test many functions like camera, touch screen, battery, wifi, Bluetooth and so on.

Conclusion – Factory Test Download APK

Today everyone uses a smartphone but when there is a problem with the phone you can download factory test apk to fix it. This APK can test your entire device and fix the problem on the device. This APK is free to use for software or hardware with no cost. It analyzes all the problem related to your smartphone. If you face any problem in using factory test download apk then you can ask questions using comment section.

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