Moises Mod APK v2.38.0 (Premium Unlocked) Download For Android


App Name Moises Mod Apk
Latest Version v2.38.0
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Publisher Moises Systems
Platform Android
Require Android Version 5.0 and Up
App Category Music - Audio
Download Size 197 MB
Price Free
Table of Contents

Are you a music lover interested in creating your own music? Then Moises Mod Apk music app is just what you’ve been looking for. It is equipped with AI-based smart technology that allows you to separate audio, change pitch, chord detection, mix audio, and much more. Moises is designed for musicians of all ages who want to practise with different instruments and live tracks.

The Moises Mod Apk is now available for your Android device. So don’t miss this opportunity if you are looking to create, edit, and compose your beautiful song. Moises App is developed by Moises Systems. Additionally, you get a similar music-audio app poweramp mod apk for free.

Moises Mod Apk

Moises Apk: What is it?

Moises Apk is a popular app designed to help musicians improve their artistry and composition skills. With its Advanced AI Separation feature, users can easily separate and remove background sounds of guitars, drums, piano, or any other sound from your music. Additionally, You can also increase and decrease the speed of music soundtracks. Another music customization application that you can check out is Walk Band Mod Apk, which offers various instruments to play and add to your music.

While creating songs, it’s important to ensure that the music pitch matches with the sound. There are many music apps available online but not all of them provide the features required to edit live music sounds and live concert songs. In that situation, Moises Apk helps you separate and remove the background sounds of any music and video. Moises apk is the perfect music app for music students, teachers, composers, karaoke enthusiasts, and DJ editors. It is now available on smartphones.

Moises Mod Apk: What is it?

Moises Mod Apk is the Premium and updated version of Moises Apk that offers extra features and characteristics. Using this tool, You don’t need to pay extra money to use the AI Separation feature to separate background music. Now all of the unwanted ads are disabled, So users can more focus on their work. You can edit and work on Upto 20 min duration music and video files. Smart beats and chord detection features are used for an unlimited time. So why are you waiting? Just download Moises mod apk premium unlocked and start to create and edit your music.

Moises Premium Mod Apk

How to Use Moises Mod Apk Premium Unlocked on Mobile?

Moises Mod Apk is created for both Pc and mobile devices. If you are using an Android 5.0 and up version device then its works very smoothly in your device. With its simple UI and dashboard, It is very easy to understand. To easier for you, Just read some points, Which are given below.

  • The first step is to download and install it properly on your Android devices.
  • Then, choose your favourite music from the device storage and upload it in the Moises app.
  • Next Moises Apk automatically detects it and separates vocals and instrument sounds into 2,3, or 5 separate tracks.
  • After the separate tracks, you can get some basic options to edit audio tracks, control volumes, or mute vocals and instrument sounds. You can make all changes in this step.
  • After making changes, you get your separate edited music track, so here you can download separate tracks or entire mixes of music with a high-quality format.

Moises Mod Apk Premium Unlocked

Features Of Moises Apk

Enjoy Using The Ai Separation Technology

As per our discussion, We know that the Moises app has inbuilt Ai separation technology. It helps you to quickly and easily separate the background guitars, drums, piano, vocals, and other instruments sounds. This ai technology allows you to track multiple sounds and easily edit them in one single click. Moises Apk helps you to create music tracks that are perfectly attached to your songs. Also, you get some extra features like muting the sounds and customizing sound beats.

Great Music App for Music Lovers

With Moises mod apk, Start your music journey and use all provided premium features to impress your teacher and fans. Even producers and DJs can take advantage of Moises to make mashup and karaoke songs. Moises apk is the best and perfect music editing tool for singers, music students, content creators, drummers, Music producers, DJs and many more.

Trim And Loop Music 

With the Trim and Loop music, Moises premium apk allows users to choose when to start and end their music. This feature helps users to make music mashups and practice with specific parts of any song.

Adjust the Audio’s Tempo And Pitch

Here in this Moises app, you can adjust the tempo and pitch of the music. For extra features, in just 1 click, You can slow down and increase the speed of any audio track. While changing audio speed, Moises mod apk accurately detects the tempo and voice to adjust it with an original song.

Add Special Effects to Music

To add Special Effects to Music, You can use Built-in EQ. Apart From this, Moises Apk allows you to use a third-party effect processor. With Ai detection, You can easily sync the chords with the song’s melody.

Integration with Public URL

Moises platform has the ability to extract audio from Public URLs. That means User can easily pull audio from various sources to start their music-making journey.

Support multiple languages

Moises mobile app supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian etc. This feature is great for users who live in different regions and get every detail in their local languages.

Support Many Audio And Video Formats

Moises Apk supports both music and video files for editing music. With Moises, Users can import music file formats like MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF etc. For Video File formats like MP4, M4A, MV4, M4R, MPEG, WEBM, etc.

Export And Download the Music In High Quality

So Without affecting your music quality, You can export it or download music on your device. After clicking on export choose Mp3, Mp4 or WAV format and save on your device. Using the Share option, Anyone can share their work on different platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and many more.

Simple and User-friendly Interface

The interface of Moises Mod Apk is designed simple which helps users easily navigate from music editing options to others. Every tool has all the essential features in one place.

Organize Your Music Playlist

To help users understand this app, Moises app allows users to organize their playlists of songs. So users can easily save and edit, its practice and live performance song.

Features Of Moises Mod Apk

Modify up to 20 min length of Audio

Using Moises Mod Apk, You get access to edit music and video files that have 20-minute lengths. So you get more flexibility to express creativity in songs.

Use Without Ads

All of the unwanted ads disappear in This Moises Premium Mod Apk, So you can focus on your work and create beautiful songs.

Unlock And Use All Premium Features

Now Moises Mod Apk is available for free, So you don’t need to pay any money to use this app. All of the premium features are now available here, So click on the link and get Moises Mod Apk premium unlocked today!

Some Other Features:

  • Unlimited times upload Audio files.
  • Fast queuing process.
  • Unlimited time uses Ai Audio separation Tool and pitch changer.
  • Unlimited time use Smart metronome and speed change feature.
  • Unlimited time uses Chord detection.
  • Upto 16 counts!

How to Download Moises Mod APK on Mobile?

To Moises Mod apk download on Mobile, You need to follow some steps.

  1. On your mobile, open any browser and search site.
  2. Open this website and in the search box, type “moises mod apk”.
  3. Open the main article and scroll down to the bottom.
  4. At the bottom of the article, you see the download button.
  5. Click on the download button and wait for 5-6 sec.
  6. Now again click on download and your downloading starts.

How to Install Moises Mod APK?

Follow some steps to install Moises mod apk on your mobile device.

  1. In your Mobile, find Moises Mod Apk download file.
  2. Click on the download file and install it on mobile.
  3. Now you see the pop-up menu appear on the screen. So solve it.
  4. On your Mobile, open the Setting option.
  5. In the setting option find and enable the “unknown resources” option.
  6. Gave “allow” permission, and click on the install button and installation will be started.
  7. Open the App and enjoy this music editing tool.

FAQs of Moises Mod Apk

Q. How Many Songs Can I Upload On Moises Mod Apk?

If you are using our Moises Mod Apk then you can upload unlimited songs, But in the free Moises app, you can upload only 5 songs per month. 

Q. How does Moises Mod APK separate Audio tracks?

Moises mod apk uses AI separation technology to separate and remove the background sound of guitars, drums, and pianos from any song. It analyzes the Audio waveform and checks the sound’s frequency to separate different sounds from music.

Q. Can I Separate Two Guitars’ Music From the Music Background?

Yes, you can easily separate and remove the music of guitars, drums, vocals, and other instruments by using one click.

Q. Can I Use Moises Mod Apk Without Any Music Editing Experience?

Yes, Absolutely! Moises app is designed for both beginners and professionals. Using its user-friendly interface beginners can easily learn and explore the app. It also provides tutorials and user guides.

Q. Can I Use Moises Mod APK in Offline Mode?

No, Moises Premium Mod Apk uses the Internet to complete tasks, So you can’t use it in Offline Mode.

Q. In Which Folder Does Moises Premium Mod Apk Save The File?

To save your music file, Moises Premium Mod Apk automatically creates a new folder in the internal storage of your mobile device and save your all file into that.

Q. How Do I Get Moises Premium For Free?

To download Moises Premium for free, click on the download button below, it will download Moises Mod Apk on your Android device, and start to create and edit your beautiful songs.


Moises Mod Apk is a popular music editing tool that allows users to separate and remove the sounds of vocals, drums, guitars, and other instruments. It helps music lovers to enhance the overall quality of Songs, by adjusting pitch and Advanced Ai Detection Technology. Click on the button below and Moises MOD APK premium unlocked your device for free.

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