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Name NS Like Apk
Price Free
Developer NS Like
Category Tools
Last version v9.9.9
Size 7 MB
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Updated Nov 17, 2023
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Introduction of the NS Liker Apk For Android [Reel Video Likes 2024]

NS Like Apk is a Free mobile application. In this article, we will discuss what the NS Like app is, its features, and how to download and install it. First of all, imagine if your Instagram account in suddenly increased likes and comments on your post. it is best for your Instagram account. also, your Instagram account growth and engagement are increased because your post is trending. but this is only imagination. If this happens in real life, Yes, you can download the NS Like app it Allows increase your likes, and comments and save your Instagram reel and Photos.

To increase Real likes and comments on your post, it builds a strong and authority account and other users engage with your account It will become famous. After becoming famous you can earn money with the use of your strong Instagram profile. This will only be possible for NS Like apk. That’s the reason I downloaded and installed the latest version of the NS Like app. Additionally, the use of this app increases your experience and excitement. This app is definitely full of enjoyment. ensure download NS apk from trusted sites like Modapkpures because this site is safe and reliable for downloading any kind of APKs. 

Ns like app Downlaod apk is the most popular app in all over the world because it famous auto-like app. This app is developed by NS Social and it quickly increases unlimited likes on your social media platforms. Ns like Apk latest Version v7.0.6 Free download for android mobiles and tablets, and it gets free real likes on your videos and increases your followers. This app has the most special features that you will receive real likes for your reel, and allowing your account to grow quickly. NS Like APK download and enjoy the most popular Android app. It allows you to increase likes, comments and followers and also saves reels and photos.

What is NS Like APK?

If you are using an Instagram app, I think yes. Nowadays, all of us use the Instagram app for entertainment or engagement purposes. If you use it, so definitely share posts form of videos or photos. Ns Like apk is for you because this application allows you to increase the real likes and comments in the posts that you have posted. Today’s time is the craze of social media, in such situations, people see how many likes and comments come on your post and other people’s posts, and if more likes and comments come on the post it is considered more popular.

Why we use NS like apk?

Everyone’s dream will become popular. To overcome this problem, NS Like APK Download. It is designed to help users enhance their social media presence and allows users to get likes on their ​Instagram posts. Also, the app operates on a reciprocal basis, where users like other people’s posts, and in return, they receive likes on their own posts. This creates a cycle of gaining likes and increasing engagement on the platform. By using NS Like APK, users can increase the number of likes on their Instagram posts and enhance their visibility on the platform. The app also provides features such as getting shares, comments, and ranking on Instagram. The app is available for free and can be easily downloaded from ​ through a provided link. It is compatible with ​All Android devices.

NSLike allows users to receive an impressive amount of real reel video likes on their Instagram accounts. With the site, you can get video likes in a simple but legitimate way that will boost your online visibility.In order to draw more engagements and conversations, you can publish explainers, webinars, live streams, interviews, advertising, or product videos.

With the vast number of people using Instagram, getting likes and followers on one’s account is not an easy task. To overcome this challenge, some people resort to using third-party auto liker apps that can generate genuine likes and followers on their accounts for free. A new auto liker app, ns like Instagram, not only boosts instant likes and followers on Instagram but also allows new users to instantly increase likes on their reel videos, all with just a single app for free

Why Do You Need Them?

With the use of Ns Follower, you can Instantly grow your likes, followers and comments on your social media account.

Along with providing free services, this app also rewards users with free coins every day, which can be spent on followers, likes, and comments.

After installing the app, you must have an Instagram account to proceed further. NS Followers provides you with the option to test fake accounts before making a purchase. Additionally, you can earn coins by using the app, which can be utilized to share content on Instagram.

After the process has been completed, you will have a huge following to thank!

In the event that you aren’t satisfied with the number of followers you currently have, you can purchase more followers.

By showing your followers on social media, NS Followers helps you gain credibility.

NS Followers App, a third-party Instagram mod tool, is very popular.

Fans and viewers can use this app for free and subscriptions are not required. I think that’s a fantastic feature, and it won’t cost you anything extra.

This app is free to download and use! If you are considering purchasing it, be sure to read the reviews first.

How should I utilize the NS Like App?

To use the ​NS Like App, follow these step-by-step instructions:

If you will become famous then use the Ns Like app because this app allows you to increase your Instagram post likes and comments and also purchase followers. This is a way to increase likes, comments and followers.

  • First of all Download and install the NS Like App from a trusted third-party website like Modapkpures. Make sure to enable the “​Unknown Sources” option in your device’s Settings before installing the app.
  • Open the NS Like App on your ​Android device.
  • log in with your Instagram account within the NS Like App. Enter your Instagram username and password to proceed.

Let’s talk about how to use it. This app is totally free and no money is required in this app. It offers Free services. but in this app like, comments and followers increase thought coin. Also, you can purchase likes, comments and followers with the use of coins. That’s why you can earn coins to complete different tasks and collect daily free coins after adding flowers.

The NS Like App operates on a reciprocal basis, meaning you need to like other people’s posts to earn likes on your own posts. In the app, you will see a feed of posts from other users. Start liking the posts that you find interesting or relevant.

Features of NS Like Apk Download

NS Like offers several features to enhance your ​Instagram experience. Here are some features of the app:

Increase Your Social Presence

By using this app, you can become an influencer. Additionally, if your posts receive more likes and comments, your Instagram profile will be noticed, and your account will be exposed to a larger audience.

Earn coins

In this app, you earn coins to complete tasks and collect daily free coins. These coins are used to increase likes and comments.

Real likes, comments and followers

NS Like Apk operates on a like exchange system. You can like other users’ Instagram posts. Also, it ensures that the likes you receive are from real and active Instagram users. This helps maintain the authenticity and credibility of your Instagram profile.

Grow your Instagram Account

By getting more likes and comments, your account will grow and authority will build.

Anti Ban

This app is a kind of tool for increasing likes, comments and followers. Also, this app has anti-ban features so you can use it tension-free.

privacy features

This app provides a high privacy option to its users. Also, users can select their privacy for their own preference.

Increase unlimited Likes & Comments

With NS Like Apk, you can use the coins you have earned to boost the number of likes on your own Instagram posts. This feature helps increase engagement and visibility for your content. Unlimited likes and comments are now available for purchase with coins.


Download this app free of cost. Also, if you want to download this app, visit and download the new version of NS Like Apk for free.

Compatible with All Android Devices

This app is compatible with all Android devices and gives smooth performance.

No subscription is required

This app does not require a subscription for increasing likes or comments. It is free to use.

User-Friendly Interface

The app provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and use its features efficiently. also, You can easily understand how to earn coins, select the number of likes, and monitor your progress.

No Ads features

To Download NS Like Apk unlimited coins from, and also it gets No Ads features. This feature benefits you and it does not interrupt your Experience.

Safe and secure

NS Like prioritizes the safety and security of your Instagram account. They have implemented measures to protect your account from unauthorized access or misuse.

How to NS Like Apk Download new version for Android?

Steps for downloading NS Like Apk Unlimited Coins:

  1. Open your mobile browser app.
  2. Search and open the website.
  3. Find the search option and search “NS Like Apk”.
  4. Click on Ns like and scroll the article.
  5. Find the download button and click on the download button.
  6. The download starts in a few seconds.
  7. Read the installation process.

How to Install NS Like Instagram Apk?

  1. After completing the download, open your mobile settings app
  2. Find the unknown source option in setting app
  3. Enable the unknown source download option.
  4. Go to downloading and click on the download file.
  5. Wait a few seconds to complete the installation.
  6. After completing the installation Open the app and log in to your Instagram account.
  7. Now you can use it.

FAQs of NS Like Apk

Where can I download it?

First of all, you go to and search for the app name and scroll the article. find the download button and click. this way to download.

Can we get Unlimited likes and comments through Ns Like APK?

Yes, you get unlimited likes, comments and followers through this app.

Is this app available on the Play Store?

Yes, this NS Like App is Available in the Play Store.

Are Ns Like App safe for Android?

Yes, it is safe and secure for all Android devices.

What is Ns Like App?

It is a kind of tool that helps to increase likes and comments on your Instagram post.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, this app is simple and easy to use.

Are Ns like apk safe for my Instagram account?

Yes, NS Like Instagram Apk is a kind of tool also it is safe and secure for your Instagram account.

Which is the best part of this app?

Real like and comment, also unlimited like and comment is the best part of this app.

Conclusion of NS Like

NS like APK is a kind of tool that helps to increase likes, comments and followers in your Instagram post and account. This app is free to use and also does not have any subscription available. It enhances their social media presence. With the use of this app, you will become famous and also earn real money. Additionally, the NS Like app also allows users to save their Instagram reels and photos. Overall, it is a great tool to enhance the Instagram experience and increase engagement on the platform.

The app’s algorithms can assist you in obtaining more reliable and genuine followers. Additionally, if you want to increase the views on a video you’ve posted, this mod apk can also offer support. It features a “Follow and Get Coins” option, which means that when you follow someone, you receive followers in return. This app is authentic and provides genuine followers to all users.

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