Prank Payment APK Download [Fake Payment Screenshot Maker] for Android 2024


App Name Prank Payment APK Download
Publisher The Native Citizens
Offered By Divakar Mourya
App Category Entertainment 
Download Size 10 MB
Platform Android
Latest Version v3.3.3
Require Android Version 5.0 and Up
Price Free
Table of Contents

If you are thinking of an awesome prank for your friends and family then we have some different excellent Prank Payment APK Download app that you should try. Fake Payment APP is published by The Native Citizen. Which is a fake payment screenshot app. Prank Payment APK is like all payment apps but this app generates fake payment receipts for you. Like Paytm, Amazon Pay, Google Pay and PhonePe. From this app you can prank your friends and family by showing them fake payment transactions. Thus you can play a nice fake prank with your friends.

Prank Payment

More About Prank Payment APK Download

Prank Payment APK Download is a fake payment screenshot maker generator application. Diwakar Maurya developed this app so that you can prank your friends and families by generating fake receipts from apps like GooglePay, AmazonPay, Paytm and PhonePe. You can actually edit the generated receipts. You can download Prank Payment app for free. Friends, don’t use this application for illegal activity as we will not be responsible for any kind of trouble after your prank.

Prank Payment APK: What is it?

Prank Payment apk is a pranking application that allows you to generate fake bank receipts to prank your friends. In this app you can get receipts with realistic designs. So make sure you are only using this app for prank purposes as you generate fake receipts. Prank Payment APK Download has been downloaded by many people. Diwakar Maurya has designed the application in a very simple way.

You can prove that you have sent the money by making a fake payment into your account. Use this app for entertainment only. You can trick friends by sending screenshot of payment from Prank Payment app. Cheats can also be done by customizing screenshots taken on Prank Pay apk. You can easily fool people because of the amazing features in the app.

Prank Payment APK

Fake Payment APP: What is it?

Fake Payment APP is made for entertainment purpose. Using that app you can create and send fake money transactions to your friends and families. You can prank your friends to show that they are millionaires. You can use fake payment screenshot maker application to do this kind of prank. In which the money transaction receipts look real so you can easily convince someone. The good thing about the app is that you can run it on any of your devices.

How to generate transaction receipts in Prank Payment APK?

To do Transaction Receipts you will need the following:

  • Open the Prank Payment APK Download app.
  • Then select any of PhonePe, Amazon Pay, Google Pay and Paytm.
  • Enter the name, mobile number and amount of the person you want to prank.
  • In which you can also select time and date.
  • After submitting the details your transaction will be received.

Why do people like prank payment applications?

The reason why people like Prank Payment APK is that users can prank their friends to get fun. In which they can show that they have paid money. This app allows you to edit transaction details.

Prank Payment APK Download

With the help of Prank Payment APK application you can play pranks with your friends and family. This app fools people into thinking that you have used real money. The first function of Prank Payment is that you can entertain yourself by playing a payment prank with your known people.

You can take a screenshot of the transaction done from any payment platform. It can also change the screenshot and add whatever information you want to add. It allows you to change all the information to show your payment as real. Prank Payment APK Download app is very nice app with unique prank. Allows generation of fake snapshots of transactions from all payment apps.

Prank Payment app

Features Of Prank Payment APK

Prank Payment APK comes with many exiting features, such as:

Easy to Use

Prank Payment APK Download app is like child’s play. In which you have to start with few steps and finish the task of creating fake receipts.

Add Multiple Accounts

You can add many different accounts to prank your friends. Thus you can spend the best time with friends by doing different pranks.

Different Payment Methods

In Prank Payment App you can choose any option from a wide range of payment methods. This app provides option to customize all your pranks. Your payment screen is designed to resemble the real platform.

Change Payment Amounts

In Prank Payment APK Download app you can customize the payment amount. If you want to trick your friends with high amount then this app allows you to set desired amount. Thus you can enhance the pranking experience.

Realistic Transaction Details

In Prank Payment APK you can make the prank believable by generating real details. Everything from the transaction ID is included. So you can experience authentic payment. Thanks to this prank, friends and family will be amazed by the details that can be seen on the devices.

Prank History and Stats

In Fake Payment APP you can see history and statistics of pranks. It also keeps a record of all the past pranks you have done. So you can visit your fun pranks anytime. This includes the number of pranks you have played, payout amount and more.

Prank Ideas and Inspiration

If you have run out of ideas to prank your friends then prank payment apk download app has you covered. This app provides you a section with ideas and inspiration. As far as payment-related pranks and innovative tricks go, you’ll never run out of ideas to amuse your friends. Also this app provides you with ideas as well as suggestions.

Fake Payment Screenshot Maker

Fake Screenshots

Prank Payment lets you take screenshots of your fake payments and allows you to edit them. You can display that screenshot as per your wish. Share those screenshots with your friends.

Create A Fake Account

You can create fake account in this app. This account makes your prank look real and reduces the chances of it being known as a prank.

Prank With Your Friends

In Prank Payment APK Download app you can create an account and fool anyone. In it you add a profile picture and confirm that you have done financial transactions with them. Upload a picture to give your profile an authentic look.

Create Unlimited Receipts

Problems after receiving output in Fake Payment Screenshot Maker app are not uncommon. This app allows you to generate unlimited receipts by working in an unusually slow manner. So you can generate as many receipts as you want. Also you can create receipts by editing items like amount, details and type.

Free Of Cost

Prank Payment APK is a free app that generates fake receipts. In which you can generate receipts for free.

Unlock Full Access

Unlock access to all features of Prank Payment app. Which includes payment application and its methods. You can fake transactions with friends using your popular payment app.

Fake Wallets

In this app you can create your own fake wallet and include fake money. You can also change the amount of that wallet. Also there is no limit in this app to collect amount. Create a wallet to enjoy this gameplay and send a screenshot to your family to force them to ask. Allows users to become millionaires with fake money in minutes. So you can get full enjoyment of this app.

Create a Fake Bank Account

Prank Payment APK Download app allows you to create a fake bank account. Also you can use multiple accounts. Also you can use anyone’s account information. So you need to download this app to enjoy the app. You can use all its features for free.

Fake Payment Screenshot generater


Prank Payment APK does not access users by prioritizing their privacy. Your fake transaction receipts are generated within the app only so are not shared with anyone without your permission.


This app supports the user against the problem faced by the user while using the application. Also updates provide improvements based on the user.

Harmless pranks

Fake Payment APP is for entertainment purposes. Not for playing harmful pranks on friends or family. So that the user does not do malicious activity.

Export and Share

You can save edited receipts to your device’s gallery. Which you share to your friends and families on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram. Also you can embed those images in JPG and PNG as per your choice.

Works Offline

In Prank Payment APK Download you create receipts once. After that you can use it without internet connection. Thus this app works offline without internet connection.

No-Sign Up

In the Prank Payment app you can download and use receipts without signing up.

Edit receipts

This app allows you to customize your receipts. In which you can change the payment amount, mode, date and details. All you need is a few clicks to customize receipts. Receipts can be modified to make them as realistic as possible.

Make a Prank by Sharing Screenshots

Generate fake transaction receipts share screenshots with your friends and family and pull pranks with them.

User-friendly interface

The interface of Fake Payment APP is user friendly. This app is very easy to use for any user. All parts of this app can be easily used due to user friendly design. The app is also made easy for pranksters. You can easily navigate through its features and create pranks. Thus you can have an enjoyable experience.

Fake Screenshot Maker

Cash Prank Maker APK

How to Download Prank Payment APK for Android Devices?

To download Fake Payment Screenshot Maker you need to follow the below steps. Read the steps carefully to avoid any difficulties while downloading the app:

  • Search the browser on mobile to find “Prank Payment APK Download”.
  • Visit the website from the result on the browser.
  • You can understand how to use it by reading the application article.
  • Scroll through the article and click on the green colour download button to download the app.
  • Then the download process will start, wait until the process is complete.

How to Install Prank Payment APK?

After the application is downloaded you need to install it. So read the below guide carefully and follow it:

  • Go to your device’s settings menu to install the app.
  • Scroll down the Settings menu and find the Unknown Resources option.
  • Enable it by clicking on the option of unknown resources which are mostly disabled in the device.
  • Then click on the downloaded file and press the install button.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Then you can open this app and use it.

FAQ of Prank Payment APK Download

Q. Is prank payment apk safe to use?

Yes, Prank Payment APK is safe and secure to use. It does not do any financial transactions. Designed for entertainment purposes only.

Q. What system is required for Fake Payment APP?

Fake Payment APP requires an Android 5.0 or higher device. Also, the size of the image you edit and save to the gallery requires space.

Q. How many Android versions can I play the game using?

Can play the game using 4 Android versions.

Q. Can Prank Payment APK Download be used without the help of the internet?

No, Prank Payment APK Download cannot be used without the help of the internet.

Q. Can Prank Payment be used for free?

Yes, you can download it for free from our modapkpures website. Prank payment app you will not find on google play store. So you can download from our website.

Q. Is Prank Payment APK available for free?

Yes, Prank Payment APK is completely free to use which you don’t have to pay charges to download on any of your devices.

Q. Is this app safe to use?

Yes, if you use this app only for entertainment then it is completely reliable.

Q. Can create multiple accounts on Fake Payment APP?

Yes, you can create multiple accounts on Fake Payment APP. You can use it to screenshot fake transactions.

Q. Where can I upgrade the Fake Payment Screenshot Maker app?

We provide you the latest upgraded version of Fake Payment Screenshot Maker app on our website so you can download the upgraded app. You have to stay connected with our website for new version.

Q. Can Prank Payment APK Download app with strangers?

In Prank Payment APK Download app you can prank your friends and family only with their consent. It is not appropriate to prank without his permission.

Q. Can Prank Payment APP be used to prank businesses or organizations?

Prank Payment APP can only be used by you to prank your friends and family.

Conclusion – Prank Payment APK

Prank Payment APK Download app is a tool to share laughs with friends and family. Using this app you can share screenshots of fake payments. The interface of Prank Payment APK is user-friendly. You can customize payment amounts, transaction details and more. Screenshot of fake payment you can share through social media. With all its features guaranteed to entertain you for hours in a wide range. We have tried to provide you with all the information about Prank Payment APP and if you want to get more information then you can ask questions in the comment section. Download Prank Payment APK now to prank your friends and family.

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