Realme Dialer APK v12.6.0 Download for Android Free 2024


App Name Realme Dialer APK
Latest Version v12.6.0
Publisher Realme Technologies Ltd.
App Size 49.47 MB
Platform Android
Require Android Version 5.0 and Up
App Category Communication
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Price Free
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Introduction of Realme Dialer APK

Realme dialer apk is develop by Realme Technology Ltd. It is made for Android with many latest and premium features. Millions of people have downloaded the application on their Android devices and have availed various benefits from it.

All types of calls and caller information can be known on realme dialer apk download. Anyone call can be record in your Android phone and can also be shar with other people. All types can be set for automatic call recording.

realme dialer apk download

Realme Dialer APK : What is it?

Realme dialer apk download is an android application. The application allows users to send messages, make phone calls, and view contact information. Realme call dialer apk is very different from other call management applications. It provides a widget, which allows adding to the phone’s home screen for quick phone calls. If you want to send prank messages to friends then download the turbo bomber apk.

realme phone dialer apk

How to Use Realme Dialer APK on Android?

Realme phone dialer apk is fully develop for android. It is use to make calls on Realme Android phones. Using realme call dialer apk can provide various benefits. Realme Dialer allows you to make calls directly to the phone without downloading any additional apps or unlocking your phone. If you are looking for a prank with your friends during a call then Download Magic Call mod apk on your phone. 

By using realme phone dialer apk user can keep unlimited contacts on their android phone. Calls from family, friends, or strangers can be record. Any call recording can be shar via email or message. Caller confidential information can be known like name or number etc.

The impressive interface of realme phone dialer apk download allows the user to customize everything. You can adjust it according to your preference and make the experience comfortable using it. The screen can be divide into different parts by changing the opacity of the sidebar of the application. The user can use the seamless integration technology to save his confidential files in the Google Cloud.

A user can automatically access the contact list by linking it to their Facebook account. A user can also set call recording to be automatically activat for all calls, calls from select numbers, or calls to unknown numbers on his phone. Furthermore, Download the Mogul Cloud game mode apk to play computer games on the mobile phone.

realme dialer apk latest version

Feature of  Realme Dialer APK

Rich Feature

Realme dialer apk download provides many rich features. In addition to calls, many other things can happen within the application. You can make unlimited calls, caller information, call history, auto call recording, number block, send SMS, record, mute, and many more on your phone. In Telegram Mod APK also you can do the same as this game like sending calls, SMS.

Distribute Audio

Realme dialer apk download in people who don’t want to use hate stories, call recordings can be shar via online storage, email, or messages. Recordings can also be kept offline. Cloud Story doesn’t offer the same options for audio delivery, but it also allows prioritizing or customizing certain parameters of an audio clip while using it. High-quality files like WAV and MP3 can be use to save the recording. U Delete Box and Google Drive work without any problem.

Powerful Communication Utility

Realme phone dialer apk download is a powerful communication utility. You can manually access various features within the application. Realme dialer has the expect features of a proper call manager or dialer, but various features can be access manually. Call recording, edit call records, share audio via message or email, are usually not present in built-in dialers. The feature you customize is unlikely to find many other applications to deliver the feature enhancements.


Realme dialer apk latest version is a dialing app for android that comes with more features. It can be use easily. Can be customize according to user preference. The application allows setting a custom background image. Different font text sizes can also be select.

Built-in Dialer Option

Realme call dialer apk lets you dial new numbers with a single tap. Dialing a new number does not require any effort. Open the application and click on the three dots on the top right side. All digits will appear on the screen. Many options can be access by placing the number you want to dial on the dial board. Users can comfortably save that number in the contact list. Direct calls can also be made without saving the number.

Safe and Secure

Realme dialer apk download is design by professional developers. The expert manufacturer takes care of customers just like base apk. The application is protect from all risks and possibilities. The call recording you make will be securely encrypt, so that no one else or hackers can access your call record. A secure tunnel has been create to save call recordings.

Auto Call Recording

Realme phone dialer apk provides call recording facility, so call recording can be done without any other effort. Activate the Auto Call Record option by going to Settings. All your calls will be automatically record in the file manager. Call recording becomes easy with the help of the application. You can record calls both incoming and outgoing. Audio can be recorded in high-quality MP3 and WAV formats. Recordings can be easily save to Google Drive and Dropbox.

Recording Capabilities

Realme dialer apk download is known as a complete new dialer. Call recording facility, which is different from other dialers. While using realme dialer helps to access a range of recording options. User can record the talk of any side during the conversation.

No Setup Required

After downloading the application installation file in your phone, open it and grant necessary permissions. Realme phone dialer apk will install and set it up, so you can use it immediately. Not having to submit information to anyone who is concerned about their privacy is also an advantage.

Call Recording

The main feature of realme phone dialer apk is call recording. Sometimes the tune is heard when you start recording in other dialers but you can easily record a call without informing the other person in this application.


Many customization options are provided within the game. You can change the theme color of realme call dialer apk by going to settings. Any color combination can be selected from the given colors. You can customize your caller ID by displaying or adding the caller name, phone number, and other information. The recording feature can also be disabled. Contacts can be managed and favorite features can be add using the app. You can also connect your contact list with Facebook.

Beautiful Decorating

Realme dialer apk download has a beautiful and attractive design. Its interface is more interesting and intuitive. The opacity of the sidebar can be adjust as per your preference. You can open the app in split-screen and full-screen mode using the sidebar. The power button can also be configure to launch Google Assistant.

Simple User Interface

The interface of realme phone dialer apk download is simple and easy same as meitu mod apk download. It can replace Google’s cumbersome dialer with a simple interface. Phone calls can be record. This application also includes recording option and automatic call recorder.

Manage Contacts

Many features are use inside realme dialer apk. Unlimited contacts can be save with a user ID and information. T9 keypad and call management within the app is easy. Realme dialer can easily manage your contact list and delete duplicate contacts. Another feature can be to turn off your proximity sensor during a call.

Mod Testing

Realme dialer apk provides bank level security. The application is easy to use. The application does not require WIFI or an internet connection to run.

Add Calls

You can add as many calls as you want by just clicking on the call screen. A conference call can be easily connect to another call by keeping your ongoing call on hold.

Customize the Theme

Various options are available to make realme call dialer apk attractive. Application color can be easily change by going to settings. You can create your favorite color combination. Dialer tones and vibration effects can be activat without any difficulty.

Powerful Communication Utility

The application provides powerful communication utility. You can easily record calls, edit call recordings, and message via text or email. You can easily customize anything.

Call Length

Realme phone dialer apk shows exact call length with clean and white text. The application keeps track of your time.

Clear Dark UI

Many times white skin makes our eyes strain. realme dialer download in which you can use clean dark UI. Easily switch between white and dark modes.

Contact Photo

Photos of your contacts can be easily set. A photo can be add when you call the other person.

Edit the Call Recording

User can edit all call recordings made using simple tips. Any call recording can be select and edited easily. Voice cannot be change in call recording. You can easily crop and edit the call recording.

No Advertisement

Many times, after selecting the dialer application from the google play store and downloading it, you have to see the Google advertisement. Intermittent ads waste the user’s time, so most people get bored with interstitial ads. Users can enjoy realme phone dialer apk without the interference of ads.

How to Download Realme Dialer APK on Android?

  1. Open the browser and search
  2. Open the website and search “Realme Dialer APK”.
  3. Click the article and scroll down.
  4. Find and click the download button.
  5. The download process start and wait a few minutes.
  6. Download process is finish, you need to install app.

How to Install Realme Dialer APK on Android?

  1. Open mobile setting.
  2. Go to Setting > Security Setting.
  3. Click the enable unknown resources.
  4. Open the download file and click the install button.
  5. The installation process complete in a few seconds.
  6. Click and open the app and use it.

FAQs of Realme Dialer APK

Q. Is realme dialer apk latest version free?

Yes, realme dialer apk latest version is free.

Q. How to recover realme dialer?

Realme Dialer can be revert to default in settings.

Q. Can Google Dialer be replace by Realme Dialer?

Yes, Google Dialer can be replace with realme dialer.

Q. How to set speed dial in realme dialer?

There is no speed dial in realme dialer, but you can open contacts and mark them as favorites by pressing the star in the top right corner. The contact will appear at the top of the list.

Q. How to enable call record in realme call dialer apk?

  • Navigate to realme call dialer apk on the phone.
  • Tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner.
  • Select Settings > Select the Call Recording tab > From the bottom screen, select the Call Recording option.
  • When enable the call recording option, the Auto-record calls option will appear.
  • Allow it.

Q. Google dialer available in realme phone?

Yes, Google Dialer is available in realme phones.

Q. Is it safe to download realme call dialer apk?

Yes, it is safe to download realme call dialer apk.


Realme dialer apk is made for android phones. Everything related to calls can be set in it, such as unlimited calls, auto call recording, call history, and messages. It can be easily use in Android phones. Realme dialer can be set as default in user phone so that there is no need to select dialer frequently.

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