City Defense Mod Apk v2.0.0 (Unlimited Money, Gems) Download


Game Name City Defense Mod Apk
Latest Version v2.0.0
Publisher By Homa
Download Size 139 MB
Platform Android
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Gems, Energy
Game Style Casual
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Required Android Version Android 5.1 and Up
Price Free
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Introduction of City Defense Mod Apk:

If rioters and criminals attacked and threatened your city, what would you do? Of course, you will defend your city. Well, City Defense Mod Apk is a thrilling and innovative casual game where You act as a Police officer and protect your city from criminals by placing defence in a strategic way. Using smart strategies and skills, you can easily control the attackers.

To Defend enemies, In City Defence Mod Apk you will get unlimited money and gems to unlock special powers, weapons, Defence Towers, and Combat vehicles to stop criminals from passing through your barriers. So if you want to become a powerful police officer with all the special power to protect your city, click on the download button and City Defense mod apk download today!

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City Defense Apk: What is it?

City Defense apk is an action-based simulation game that was created by the well-known Homa company in 2022. In this game, You can act as a Police officer with the aim of defending your city from criminals and attackers. After launching In a short amount of time, the City Defense game gets millions of downloads from worldwide gaming lovers. If you have an Android device with a 5.0+ version, then you can smoothly play this game. The City Defense apk game starts with easy levels, and as you progress, the difficulty level and criminals’ powers also increase. So if You have money and gems then, You can upgrade your defence teams, and vehicles to defend them.

City Defense Mod Apk: What is it?

City Defense mod apk is a modded version of its official City Defence, Which offers unlimited money, gems and energies to quickly protect the city from criminals. In the original version, It is a time-consuming task to achieve rewards and gems to unlock superpowers and combat vehicles. However, with the City Defence Mod APK, You will get all premium features, unlimited money, combat vehicles, and defence towers from the start of the game. Another great benefit of using this mod APK is its ad-free user interface. So if you are excited to become a police officer and defend enemies with unlimited money and gems, Then City Defense mod apk download today!

city defence mod apk unlimited money

How To Play City Defense Game On Android Device? 

City Defence game’s gameplay is simple and straightforward, With easy-to-use controls anyone can enjoy playing this game. At the start of this game, You will notice some protestors are coming. In this simulation game, Your goal is to stop those protestors, riots and criminals from entering your city. You will play the role of Police officer to control this protestor. By using strategies, skills draw the defence line and deploy army force to control the situation. Suppose they cross your defence and line, Then you lost this game. also In these crowds, Some attackers have bombs, guns and many more weapons so use weapons against them. In this city defence mod apk you have special powers, Weapons, Defence Towers, and Combat vehicles, to stop criminals from passing through your barriers. So start to play this game today!

Play City Defense mod apk

General Features Of City Defence Apk

Control A Powerful Characters Army

To defend the city from criminals and protesters, In City Defence Apk As a Police officer, you can control the powerful army. In your powerful army, You have the Blue Police Force, Army Soldiers, Ninjas, Knights, Archers and Wizards. After winning every battle, You get rewards and money using it you can upgrade the characters and their fighting powers. Similarly, if you love to play with advanced weapons to fight against enemies then download the latest Mech Arena Mod Apk on your device. 

Defend Enemies with Different Barriers

In City Defense Apk, Your first priority is to add different barriers to control criminals and riots. According to the size of the crowd try to add different types of barriers. If they cross your barriers, then try to add more police to push them back. You can also use the police cars to block the road. In this City Defense mod apk, You will get powerful barriers like Urban, Metal, Makeshift and electric barriers.

Use weapons with Advanced Explosives

In the City Defense Mod APK game, the police use standard weapons such as small guns, sharp knives, swords and more to control the crowd. Apart from these standard weapons, In the City Defence mod apk, You can also use the Advanced explosives to defect powerful enemies. The dynamite has a high impact which allows you to easily eliminate the entire crowd.

Multiple Cities, levels available

City Defence Apk offers different cities and levels to play and enjoy the game. You will face difficulties as your level increases. In this game, There are four main cities already including Toronto, Los Angeles, Casablanca and Kyoto. In the Beginning, Your game started in Los Angeles. 

Change Defence Lines and Position of Officers 

According to Your strategy, Draw the defence lines and change the position of Police officers. After detecting suspicious activity, They alert the Top officer and give them time to take a position. Ensure to place the police forces and army are behind the barriers to push back criminals without causing any harm.

Protect Police Cars From Crowds

To successfully control riot crowds, In the City Defence apk Your task is to protect Police cars which are placed to stop the movement of riot crowds. Make a proper plan and strong defence line to take control over the criminals and rioters. City Defence mod apk is testing your quick response ability in between the attacks of crowds.

Protect Yourself from Dangerous People

City Defence game gives you the control to add and change the position of the security forces to defend your city from Criminals and rioters. In these crowds, Some attackers have bombs, guns and many more weapons. This dangerous people can kill your police easily with their bombs and guns. So a better way is to use Army forces and Heroes to tackle those Enemies.

Upgrade the Army Tanks and Heros

In this City Defense apk, There are different missions and cities. As per your increasing levels difficulty also increases. So to defend powerful enemies tanks, weapons and heroes have the highest power and defence skills. If you upgrade the Army tanks, Heros, Vikings, sticks and weapons, You will get the advantage of its power to destroy and push back enemies.

Get Exciting Rewards By Winning Levels

After completing each level, you will get exciting rewards such as gold, gems and points. Using these rewards can be used to unlock premium items, weapons, vehicles and more.

Play this game in offline

Many casual games are available on Playstore but few of them can be played in Offline mode. Now, You can easily play City Defence mod apk anywhere without internet connectivity because it works in offline mode.

Mod Features Of City Defense Mod Apk

Unlimited Money and Gems

In City Defense Mod Apk, Users can get free unlimited money and gems to buy weapons, combat tanks and upgrade their power-ups, police force. This game has all premium features unlocked from the start, so it’s not required to complete challenging missions.

Use Unlimited Energy

City Defence mod apk unlimited money is the premium version of City Defence Apk, Which allows you to use unlimited energy, So You can protect your city from enemies without worrying about out of energy.

Use Without Unwanted Ads

Appearing Unwanted Ads can break the gameplay experience of Users. So download City Defence Mod Apk, Here all display ads are removed so you can enjoy this game for a long time. 

How to Download City Defense Mod APK?

To City Defense Mod Apk Download on Mobile, Here are a few steps to follow.

  1. Open the browser on your Mobile, search and open the site.
  2. In this site, Find the search box and type “city defence mod apk”.
  3. Open the first main blog and Learn about this game from top to bottom.
  4. At the bottom, You see the green download button, Just Tap on it.
  5. In new dashboard, Click on the download again and downloading starts.

Install City Defense – Police Games! MOD APK

To install City Defence Mod Apk on Android devices, Follow these few steps.

  1. Open Mobile Settings, Goto Security setting option and enable the “unknown resources”.
  2. Next, Find the city defence mod apk download file from the device’s file manager.
  3. Click on it and download this game onto your device.
  4. Go to the Mobile’s Menu section, Find and open this game to start to play.

FAQs of City Defense Mod Apk Download:

Q. Can I Play City Defense Mod APK in offline mode?

Yes, You can play the City Defense Mod APK game in offline mode, which means without internet connectivity, You can enjoy playing this game.

Q. Is it Safe to Download City Defence Mod APK on Mobile?

Yes, City Defence Mod apk is a 100% secure apk that you can easily download by clicking on the download button below.

Q. How many features does City Defense Mod APK offer?

City Defence mod APk is a premium version that offers unlimited money, gems, energies, special power-ups, advanced weapons, combat vehicles, ads-free UI and many more for completely free.

Q. How many Cities are included in the City Defense game?

City Defence game offers 4 popular cities. Examples are Toronto, Los Angeles, Casablanca and Kyoto.


For those who love to play strategy games, We suggest you Play City Defence Mod Apk great tower defense game. It offers unlimited money, gems, high-quality graphics and smooth animations while protecting Your city from protesters. So are you excited to become a police officer and defend enemies with unlimited money and gems, Then click on the download button below to City Defense mod apk download today!

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