College Brawl APK Latest Version v1.4.1 for Android


App Name College Brawl APK
Latest Version v1.4.1
Developer LAGS
Platform Android
Download Size 49.1 MB
Require Android Version 4.4 and Up
App Category Casual
Price Free
Table of Contents

Overview of College Brawl APK

The College Brawl APK is the best action-packed game for those who love action games. Players can get experience in wrestling. You can control your character, outfits, and accessories and also you can customize your home. In this game, you won’t enjoy your regular and college life because of the Red Kat girls gang. The game has immersive gameplay with an exciting story. It is a fighting game in which players have to fight against gang girls which are known as the Red Kat Gang who have the university campus in fear and under their control. In this game, a girl gang attacks you until your health points are not over. The storyline of this game is more interesting. Each level or task is a part of the event and you get rewards at the end of the level if you win the game and if you progress through the games then you become a famous student at the school.


What is it: College Brawl APK?

College Brawl APK is an action game for Android devices. In this game, the Red Kat Gang is a dangerous girl gang in college you have to fight against the girl gang and win the game. In this game, there are several control options like moving left and right, jumping, and different attacks. Girls gang will try to kill you by hitting action until your health points are over but we can restore our health points by defeating enemies by hitting and other attacks. Also, it provides amazing game features like anime-like graphics and mobile screen control. Players can customize their own character. You can play in solo or team-based showdowns and also tournament-style competitions.


Gameplay of College Brawl APK

In a college brawl game, the first conversion screen is shown. Ken’s friend talked about how they were caught by girls and how they attacked them. On the next screen, you have to control Ken who fights against the girls. there will be some onscreen action control buttons to move left and right, a punch button, a jump button, a KI button, and points buttons. As a ken, you can see the heal button that heals the character’s health. Players can navigate different places at the university like classrooms, libraries, gardens, and sports fields. You must solve puzzles and challenges that test players’ logic, creativity, and thinking skills There are a total of five levels and five bosses in this game, and in every stage, Ken has to fight with the boss. After each battle, you get various items or rewards like sushi, chicken, and tofu which help to enhance your HP and energy so you can survive in long battles. You need planning, strategy, and skills to win the game. At the end of the level, you will have to defeat a boss which is more difficult. Overall this game is the best action game.

Features of College Brawl APK

Anime-2D Graphics

College Brawl provides amazing game features like 2D and anime-like graphics and eye-catching visual animation.


You can customize your own characters, skills, abilities, environments, and college according to your choice in college brawl.

Collecting Items And Resource Management

After each battle in a College Brawl, you get various items or rewards like sushi, chicken, and tofu which help to manage your HP(health point) and energy so you can survive in long battles.

Boss Battle

At the end of the level, you will have to defeat a boss which is more difficult but if you defeat the boss then you get rewards and win the game.

Upgraded Features

In this College Brawl game, you can experience exciting features. You can become strong and smarter to overcome tough levels.

Multiplayer Mode

College Brawl provides multiplayer mode so you can team up with your friends and make new strategies for winning the game.

Multiple languages available

College Brawl apk game provides multiple languages for a global audience. These multiple languages support players who are from different regions and linguistic backgrounds so they can easily play this game.


How to download College Brawl APK?

  1. Search on the internet for “College Brawl APK”
  2. Click on website and open the College Brawl APK
  3. Read the article, scroll down, and click on the download button.
  4. After completion of download follow the installation process.

How to install College Brawl APK?

  1. Download the APK from the provided link.
  2. Open the setting on mobile and find the unknown resources option.
  3. Click on the install button and enable the unknown resources to install the application
  4. After that, click again and the software will be installed.
  5. After the installation process enjoy this app.

FAQs –College Brawl APK Game-Related

Q.1 Is College Brawl free to play?

Yes, the College Brawl download apk is free to play.

Q.2 Is the College Brawl download APK safe for play?

College Brawl game is intended for mature players. So it is safe for mature and adult people.

Q.3 What is the size of the College Brawl?

The file size of the College Brawl apk is 49.1MB.

Q.4 Does College Brawl support multiple language options?

Yes, College Brawl APK download supports multiple language options so players can easily navigate this game.

Q.5 Can I enjoy College Brawl Download APK on my PC?

No, It is designed for mobile devices.


College Brawl app gives us the best experience in the gaming world that brings the excitement and intensity of college life. You can also team up with your friends or cousins so it can give you realistic gameplay. Overall this game gives us realistic gameplay in the gaming experience. The game has the most beautiful graphics, animations, action controls, and many more features. If you are a fan of action games then you can definitely download and install this game with the help of the given process. It is safe to play and an enjoyable game.

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