Cricket 19 Download for Android PPSSPP + OBB File (400MB) 2024


Game Name Cricket 19 APK 
Publisher Big Ant Studios
Game Size 400 MB
Platforms Android
Category Sports
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Mode Single Player, Multiplayer
Mod Info Unlimited Money & Coins
Price Free
Table of Contents

Introduction of Cricket 19 Download for Android

The cricket 19 game is developed by the big ant studios. Cricket 19 download for android to enter in the realistic cricket world. A sports game is always a favorite for youngsters. In this game, you will get unlimited money & coin. The game provides you with real cricket players. So, you can select your favorite players for your team. The game contains all high-quality graphics. The game is easily playable on android devices and completely free available. Nowadays, the cricket craze is hugely expanding if you are a fan of the cricketer then definitely try this fantastic game. This game’s offline version is available. Do you want a real cricket game? Yes, then Real Cricket 20 mod apk and Real Cricket 22 Download apk check on your mobile phone.

cricket 19 android download

Cricket 19 Android Download: What Is It?

The game’s free cricket 19 android download version is available for you. Where you can play different types of games some most knowns are T20, international or national tournaments, and Cricket leagues. The game provides you special jersey for your team which we generally see in the real cricket. When you play the game large numbers of the audience are available in the stadium. The game is available on the Play Store as well as on our website for free. Pajamas, shocks, and a special logo are the most important parts of your team’s uniform. The game is available on the Play Store as well as on our website for free just like Aim carrom 2.6.6 mod apk. Pajamas, shocks, and a special logo are the most important parts of your team’s uniform. 

cricket 19 game download for android

Gameplay of Cricket 19 Download for Android Mobile 

The cricket 19 apk smoothly works on the android device. You are the captain of your team and you can select other players for your teams. In the tournament game, various teams come with skills. If you won the tournament game then the game gives you trophies, rewards, and cash. You can use it to enhance the skill of your team and to unlock other levels. The tournaments game play in different locations. So, you visit different countries in the game. Many matches winner team goes to the final match and the difficulty level also reciprocally increases. If you like to play shooting games then download pure sniper city gun shooting mod apk to enjoy real gun experiences.

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download cricket 19 for android

If you play this game then feeled that you are really playing with a real cricketer. tournament and t20 or cricket league rules are slightly different than each other modes. The different modes give you various prizes for the win. The game allows you to have different play views on the screen to easily play this game on your android. If you think that your team is not well performing in the tournament then you must change the team player and select good players.

Features of Cricket 19 Download for Android Mobile

Choose Your own Team

Cricket 19 download for android mobile to select the best team for tournaments. You are able to choose a highly skilled player in your team. You can create a roadmap to victory in the game by making a coherent team. Also, you can able to change player who is not well-played in the game.

Select Career Mode for More Fun

When you play the game in the other mode some restrictions are set on you while career mode gives you much access in the game to play cricket. The career mode options help you to play cricket in different tournaments, cricket leagues, and the world cup. So, you can enjoy various cricket matches in a wide range. Another cricket game where you can select career mode is sachin saga mod apk.

Real HD Graphics

Cricket 19 download for android and other devices which you have to ultimately play the game. You can see that game is flexibly playable on your devices. All the sound effects of the audience are charming during gameplay. Touchable elements of games easily work on android. Touchable elements of games easily work on android similar to Uncharted 4 game download for Android.

Earn Maximum Run & Scores

When your team plays the game in training mode, it develops a lot of skills. Cricket knowledge learned in training mode can be used in tournament games to score more runs. You should take six and four runs where the player of the opposition team is not standing. When you score more runs, your team’s score will go on increasing in the scoreboard.

Get Ranking And Stunning Prizes

When you win by playing tournament games and t20 games then you get a lot of prizes and cash. By winning tournament games, you get a chance to play in other tournaments and from that also earn prizes, medals, and money.

Adding New Players

The number of players for the matches can be chosen before starting the Cricket 19 download for android ppsspp game. In this way, you’ll be able to earn more money and rewards.  The money you earn can be used to unlock the next players, improve your character’s skills, and more. 

User-Friendly Controls

For different screen sizes and devices, the game provides responsive controls.  No matter what mobile phone you have, you can play the game without worrying about memory requirements. cricket 19 lite apk download for android now to check that amazing feature.

Adding New Players

The number of players for the matches can be chosen before starting the Cricket 19 download for android ppsspp game. In this way, you’ll be able to earn more money and rewards.  The money you earn can be used to unlock the next players, improve your character’s skills, and more. You can also add new players in the gta India download apk and play with hard enemies.

Realistic Gameplay

Cricket 19 Lite Apk Download For Android provides the best realistic gameplay experience to every gamer. In which ball physics, animation of players, animation of public in stadiums, etc remind us of real cricket.

Career Mode

Career mode provides good guidance to the player in this Cricket 19 download for Android games. If you want to become a pro cricketer in this game then you must try this mode. From here players can improve their skills. After playing career mode, you should try this skill in international tournaments.

Wide Player Database

It includes the name of the legendary cricketer and the best performer of current time. You can see the data of best batsman, top runner, who took more wickets from here. By taking their help, you should make an excellent team of your own.

Changing Weather Conditions

Even when we watch real cricket, we see rain in the form of changing weather, wind blowing with speed. Keeping all these things in mind, the player should try to adapt to the atmosphere.

Multiplayer Mode

You can play online games with your friends in multiplayer mode. Where you can also compete. The multiplayer mode in Cricket 19 APK + Obb can help in enhancing the skills of the player.

Real Commentary

Commentaries are done by professional commentators in this game. The analysis of everything related to cricket reaches the people. The commentator sometimes also makes fun of the players which gives entertainment to the people.

Top Player Interviews & Press Conferences

Whenever a cricketer gives excellent performance in the game, then the media persons ask him different types of questions. We see this in the real world as well. Successful players often convey the important essence of their game in a few words through interviews and press conferences.

Coaching & Training

Coaching and training, whether it is in sports or other fields, is useful everywhere. Batsmen and bowlers can practice and enhance their skills by taking training.

Team Management

In Cricket 19 android download game, it is the duty of the team captain to manage the team well so that their chances of winning the game increase. But it is a big responsibility as all the audience and fans put a lot of hope in the captain.

Records and Achievements of Players

Records are always kept of great achievements in the game. This is a great feature as it inspires new players who have just entered this world. Whenever a record of your players is made, your player’s name is also entered here.

Pukka License

It is the responsibility of the official of the cricket board to meet the needs of the team. Those people always provide jerseys and various equipment to the cricketers. Audience can recognize the player even from a distance by the name written on the jersey.

Variety of Interesting Game Modes

Cricket 19 mobile download because the game allows you to switch between different modes.  You can set up different game modes with different gradients and variations according to your preferences.

3D Animation

The 3D features always make the game look real and you will get to see all the 3D animation in this game. Audio is seamlessly integrated with 3D animation. You can enjoy the real cricket of this game on your Android phone.

Opt Popular Stadiums

Cricket 19 download for android PPSSPP now to enjoy all popular stadiums. If you completed the game level then Game assists you to provide some eminent stadiums like Kolkata, Mumbai, Australia, England, Jaipur, etc.

Animated Scenes With Real Physics

The animated scene in the Cricket 19 game looks so realistic that we are really playing the cricket game in the stadium. Everyone knows that some or the other formula of physics and maths are applied in the sports game, like when a player hits a six-run, it is also seen on TV that the player hit the ball from so many angles. This specialty of sports games attracts us and everyone feels like playing it. Then what are you waiting for Cricket 19 Download For Android now to ultimately enjoy modern sports. 

Learn Master Skills

This game teaches you cricket basics which you can use in other cricket games as well. Whenever you play the game in training mode then you should play carefully because when you become an expert in it then you can earn a lot of money by participating in the championship matches and buying many things from the game store. Once you master the game, you can easily make any score you want in the game.

Upgrade Characters

The upgrading option gives you opportunities where you can easily improve your player skill in the game. We recommend if you have sufficient money then must purchase new things for the player. Cricket 19 free apk available. Download now!

How to Cricket 19 Download for Android Game on Mobile?

The download process of this game is straightforward and easy if you follow the below steps on your device.

  1. Open the browser on your android device.
  2. Search website in the browser.
  3. Type the “cricket 19 android download” name in the search box on the right side of the website that opens.
  4. Then scroll down its article to get the download button.
  5. Click on the download button
  6. Wait 10 to 15 seconds.
  7. There the download process will complete.

How to Install Cricket 19 APK Game?

  1. Open the file manager and Find the game downloaded file 
  2. Assign permission to tap the “allow” option for game installation
  3. Make sure the “unknown resources” option is enabled in your settings
  4. Click on the install button
  5. Stay for a few seconds to finish the installation process
  6. From the home screen game icon, open the game and start playing

FAQs of Cricket 19 Download for Android 

Q.1- Can I enjoy Cricket 19 without an internet connection?

Yes, the game cricket 19 is available in offline mode. The game isn’t must require an internet connection.

Q.2- How many file sizes of the cricket 19 game?

The Cricket 19 Download for Android game takes MB size on your devices.

Q.3- Is ipl available in this game?

Yes, you can easily select your team for ipl. Also, national & international tournament available in the game.

Q.4- Is have this types any similar cricket games available?

Yes , In the playstor many cricket games are available. You can free download it from there.

Q.5- How much ram is required on android to play the cricket 19 games?

cricket 19 download for android now if you have 2 GB Ram. Because on 2GB ram game smoothly works on android.

Q.6- Is Cricket 19 free apk available on the play store?

yes, Cricket 19 apk is completely free available on the play store. You can easily download it from the play store.  Otherwise below download link available to download now the game.

Q.7- How to free download Cricket 19?

Modapkpures provide the best game. You can easily download the Cricket 19 game from there. Also, they provide a download and install process with simple steps.

Q-8. Is Cricket 19 mod apk download for android available?

Yes, This game’s mod version is free available on the other website. In this post, we have only a simple apk version of this cricket game. You want to download cricket 19 apk latest version free then download it from below download button.

Q-9. Is Cricket 19 two player game?

If you play the game in the online mod then two-player gaming is possible in this Cricket 19 game.


In fact, Cricket 19 download for android is an immersive cricket simulation game. This game is one of the highest playable games in the sports categories. Championship matches, IPL matches, Etc match give you unique experiences. Cricket lover is always looking for the best sports game. They should try the cricket 19 apk +obb download for android to enter in the realistic cricket game. Graphics and partial effects are charming and attractive in this game. Play now this game and accept the championship challenges to introduce your skill to your opponents.

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