Pure Sniper Mod APK v500217 Free Download (Unlimited Money)


Game Name Pure Sniper Mod APK
Latest Version v500217
Developed Miniclip.com
Platforms Android
Game Style Action
Download Size 148 MB
Get it on Google Play Icon
Mod Features Unlimited Money, Gold and Energy
Requirement Android 5.0+ and Up
Price Free
Table of Contents

Overview of Pure Sniper Mod APK

Pure sniper mod apk is a fantastic action game. If you are looking for a gun-related fighting game then you arrived at the right place. Because pure sniper mod apk gives you a variety of guns and snipers. The graphics and designs are looking stunning in the game. Online and offline modes are available. You can easily play it game in different locations at single-player and multi-player. And visit different popular places to tackle enemies.

pure sniper unlimited money

The game is available in Play Store. The game has 10 million plus downloaders in the Play Store. It perfectly works on android, ios, and tablets. Miniclip.com is the publisher of the game. Pure sniper mod apk unlimited money and gold version is free available with the latest version. You can fight with awesome opponents or enemies to save innocent people. Various game mode is available. You should try it interesting game on your preferred devices.

Pure Sniper APK: What Is It?

Pure sniper apk is a gun shooting game. You can easily download it from the play store. It contains various levels. Where you can fight with enemies and save hostages from opponents. If you want to unlock new guns then need to win more game levels. You can easily zoom the opponents with the latest gun or snipers and shoot them. 

pure sniper apk mod download

Pure Sniper Mod APK: What Is It?

Pure sniper mod apk is the modified version of the play store version. In the mod version, you will get unlimited money, gems, and energy. So, buy guns unlimited and unlock new levels using money. While the play store version required step by step process to unlock new guns and missions. 

Gameplay of The Pure Sniper Mod APK Unlimited Money And Gold

A pure sniper mod apk latest version gives you unlimited money . You can use the money to upgrade your player’s skills and buy new guns from the store. Gameplay is unique from other fighting games. You can enhance your shooting target with this amazing game. Openworld game gives you opportunities to play games in various countries. There are multiple missions available in the game. Pure sniper apk mod gives you a variety of weapons like machine guns, pistols, grenades, sniper rifles, etc. You can choose any weapon to save people from enemies.

pure sniper city gun shooting mod apk

If you play the game more time you will once become a master gun shooter. Each mission has a specific time in which you need to encounter the opponents. In the game, you will responsible for two big tasks – to save the hostages and defeat the enemy. The game provides you with special goggles, maps, and vehicles. Some cities’ backgrounds and scenes are very attractive and sometimes you feel that you kill real opponents with snipers in the game. Sound effects really made the game more interesting.

pure sniper apk mod

Different Game Modes of Pure Sniper Mod APK

The pure sniper city gun shooting mod apk version provides you with various game modes. You can easily select the mode in which you want to play. Check the below list of Modes.

Main Campaign Mode

The campaign mode is story-based. Many different challenges come in those missions of campaign mode.

Hostage Rescue Mode

In Hostage Rescue Mode you have to save the hostages without any mistakes. When you are killing the enemy with a gun, then you should take care that the hostages do not get shot.

Range Competition Mode

You are given basic shooting skills in this mode. When the training is over, then first you have to shoot from a short distance, then you will have to shoot from a longer distance. Meaning you can become a shooting expert with this mode.

Help The Police Mode

In this mode, you have to help the police to catch the criminal. Whenever you shoot at the enemy, then you have to be kind because even innocent people can become victims of your bullet in a crowded place.

Stunning Features of Pure Sniper City Gun Shooting Mod APK

Pure sniper mod apk contains more exclusive features than other action games. We provide you in detail key-features information about this game below.

Surprising Gun Collections

The game has a unique gun collection. Each gun has exclusive features for shots. Pure sniper mod apk provides you with guns such as shotguns, pistols, submachine guns, sniper, assault rifles, and others. You can simply buy it from the game shop. 

Offline And Online Modes Are Both Available

If you have no internet or wifi connection then the offline mode is perfect. In online mode, you will be able to play the game from different locations player. When you will play the game online mode, then you can encounter strong players. 

Fantastic FPS Gameplay

FPS gameplay gives you more enjoyment and tasks in the game. Pure sniper mod apk checks your all moves, steps, accuracy, and skill. The wasted shot is also considerable. But FPS train you perfect shooter in every gun shooting game. 

Stunning Graphics

3D graphics, lighting effects, partial effects, animations, environmental effects, and character customizations all important elements are covered in the game.  Sometimes you feel that you keep a gun on your arm and shoot enemies. In some situations, you may feel as if you are shooting your enemies with a gun. 

Open World Interactive Gameplay

pure sniper city gun shooting mod apk is playable in the open world. You should find the enemy’s base and shoot them there. Because the enemy will plan for future attacks. 

Various Types of Antagonists

Antagonists have multiple options to chase you in the game. If you play pure sniper apk mod then you will see different disguises of enemies like soldiers, hostages, civilians, and police. That time you require more skill to control the opponents.

To Play, Free of Charge

This game is totally free of cost and available for all people. Exceptionally some paid features are available but it doesn’t necessary for gameplay. If you want to purchase anything from the game store then pay real money. The game unlocks new features or goods for pay.

Varied Missions

Multiple missions made the game more interesting for gamers. More than 400 missions are available with different tasks and goals. When you complete the mission you will get amazing prizes and money. You can use the money to buy new guns and improve characters.

Helicopter Raid

A helicopter attack is very beneficial to kill opponents from the sky. Because wherever he tries to hide, you know about it immediately. And you can easily kill.

Ensure Hostages Are Safe

It is your duty in the game to save the hostages. You must use a sniper to save him. If needed, you should purchase other things from the game store.

Amazing Different Campaigns

As we discuss you know various missions are available in the game. Where you can enjoy amazing campaigns with smart tasks. Also, this campaign is available in online and offline modes. So, you can enjoy anyone from both in this game. Pure sniper mod apk latest version download from below download button to enjoy.

Enjoy the Game In Multiple Battlegrounds

The pure sniper mod apk (unlimited gold) version gives you various battlegrounds for a fight. You can easily select from there to enjoy the game. Some gamers convert manually into terrorists and then kill terrorists in this game.

Key Features of Pure Sniper Mod APK

The mod version of the game contains premium features. Check below exclusive modified game features in detail.

Unlocked All Characters

Various characters are available in the game with different skills and abilities. The mod version assigns you a choice that you want to select for playing. Also, you can improve your character’s skills and purchase new clothes and goggles for them.

Unlimited Extensive Guns & Rifles

Pure sniper mod apk unlimited money and gold version gives you the opportunity to select exclusive guns. Every gun works differently and helps you to encounter enemies. Snipers and machine guns are weapons capable of killing foes.

Unlimited Money And Gems (Gold)

When you play the Play Store version of the game, you need to win the game to collect money or diamond. While the mod version gives you unlimited money, diamonds, etc for free.

Unlimited Diamonds

this game has one unique store where you can use this diamond to buy anything. When you completed the mission successfully you earn diamonds and gold. Earned diamonds are used to buy new weaponry or upgrade characters. Unlimited diamond feature helps you to improve your characters faster than opponents.

Unlimited Ammos & No Reloads

The complete sniper mod gives you Unlimited Ammo features and No Reload features which allow you to shoot the enemy continuously without stopping. These features are not available in every action game. There is no need to take tension that the ammunition in the weapon will run out. All these things will enable you to win on the battlefield.

No Ads Visible Amid Play

This modified version doesn’t contain pop-up ads or other advertising.  So, you can enjoy the game without any distractions.

How to Download Pure Sniper Mod APK Unlimited Money And Gold 

The Download process of Pure Sniper Mod APK Unlimited Money And Gold is simple. Follow the below download step to simply download the game.

  • Go to your device’s browser 
  • and search pure sniper mod apk name 
  • some results display on your device’s browser
  • From there you find the modapkpures.com website
  • in that post, you will see information about the game
  • you should scroll down the article to find the download button.
  • Click on the download button

How to Install Pure Sniper City Gun Shooting Mod APK on Mobile?

After downloading the completed game need to install it on your mobile. Follow the below simple install steps for playing the game.

  • Open settings on your phones
  • Go on that app and find the unknown resources option
  • Enable that option, which is generally disabled on all devices
  • Then go to the downloaded game file and tap on it.
  • Click on the install button
  • Installation process takes few seconds
  • After finishing the installation process play the game and enjoy it

FAQs of Pure Sniper Mod APK

Q-1 Is the latest version of this game available?

Yes, if you have not still downloaded the latest version then download it from below download button.

Q-2 Is downloading pure sniper mod apk secure and safe?

Yes, the mod version is safe and doesn’t contain any malware.

Q-3 Which different guns are available in the pure sniper mod apk?

Yes, the mod version gives you exclusive guns such as sniper guns, assault rifles, pistols, and shotguns. All are totally free available for people.

Q-4 What is the file size of the pure sniper mod apk?

The file size of the game pure sniper mod apk is 148MB.

Q-5 In which android version pure sniper mod apk game playable?

There are versions of android 10,11,12 that work smoothly with this game.

Q-6 Which things are covered in the premium version?

pure sniper city gun shooting mod apk contains unlimited money, unlimited ammo, unlimited guns, and unlimited diamonds. You should not miss these premium features.

Q-7 Is vip unlocked version available of this game?

Pure Sniper mod apk vip unlocked version is free available. If you want to play this game with the vip features then download it from our websites. 

Q-8 Unlimited Everything version is available of pure sniper mod apk?

Yes, the latest mod version contains exclusive modified features including unlimited everything. Using these features to improve gun skill and unlocked all levels is easy for you. If you do not still have unlimited everything features to use then try it now. Because that is freely available.

Q-9 When new version of this game comes?

If any new version comes in the upcoming months. we will provide you with new versions download link. So, connect with us and check regularly to get a new version of the pure sniper city gun shooting mod apk.

Q-10 Can I play pure sniper mod apk new version on the tablets?

Yes, it smoothly works on tablet devices. Furthermore, it is compatible with various smartphones. Let’s download it on your tablet and play these amazing gun shooting games to  get the best experience of this game.


The pure sniper mod offers a wide range of guns, great missions, and fun-filled gameplay. Additionally FPS gameplay is very fun. If you like to play action games for Android then this is great for you. When the unlimited features of the game provide you unlimited money, points, diamond,s, etc. Which can prove to be helpful in winning the game. The special thing about the mod version is that there are no advertisements in it. You can become the best shooter by increasing your game skills. So let’s download the pure sniper mod apk android 12 version and enjoy the real action game.

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