Viking Rise Mod Apk 1.4.162 (Unlimited Money) Android

Viking Rise Mod Apk
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Game Name Viking Rise Mod Apk
Latest Version v1.4.162
Publisher By IGG.COM
Download Size 800 MB
Platform Android
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Characters
Game Style Strategy
Get it on Google Play Icon
Required Android Version 5.0 and Up
Price Free
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Overview of Viking Rise Mod Apk

If you are a person who loves to play strategy games and have leadership skills, Viking Rise mod apk is the game that you can’t miss. In this game, You are a leader of Viking land and lead your Tribe to fight and conquer Midgard. Use your unique strategies and skills to train your team and participate in different wars. On the Land of Valhalla, You can get the experience of Discovering, hunting, looting, cultivating, and improving fighting skills. The Heroes of Norse mythology supports you to fight in big battles.

So start to play Viking Rise mod apk on your Android device and build a strong team to defend the enemies and conquer the World of Midgard. In this game, Users can play with different weapons, bombs and shields to fight against strong enemies. Viking Rise’s latest version is now available for Android and IOS users. So Today we will discuss all of the topics regarding this popular strategy game, Also you can Viking Rise mod apk download by just clicking on the download button below.

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Viking Rise Apk: What is it?

The Viking Rise game was developed by IGG.Com, Which creates many strategy games worldwide. Viking Rise apk is an online war strategy game that offers to get the experience of battles between two territories. As a player, You are a Vikings leader who trains and guides their team to explore and conquer the Midgard Land. It is a Multiplayer game, So start to make a team of strong players, and destroy all enemies to capture the land of Midgard. Apart from this game, you can explore the stories of legendary heroes and support from them to fight in deep oceans and big mountains. The detailed gameplay, features and download process are mentioned below. By using the Viking Rise apk, You get some basic features, weapons and some money to play this game.

Viking Rise Mod Apk: What is it?

Viking Rise mod apk is the premium version of its official apk will unlock unlimited money, premium features, weapons and offers an ads-free user interface to increase your gameplay experience. While playing this Viking Rise Premium apk, you can face lots of challenges due to basic weapons and limited features. But now in Pro apk, you can get everything for free without paying any charges. Viking Rise Mod Apk offers you the 3D Realistic graphic for lots of enjoyment and fun. It provides game players to experience the thrill and enjoyment of real-time fighting wars. Without doing root, you can easily download it on your Android device.  So download this strategy-based game on your device, click on the download button and Viking Rise mod apk download it on your device.

Viking rise apk mod

Gameplay of Viking Rise Mod Apk

Viking Rise game is a war strategy base game, In which teams of players go to the world of Midgard, where so many Vikiling already live. As a leader, your main goal is to build a strong team and increase your resources to win battles against big enemies.  

Build a powerful Viking City by developing military infrastructures, and tall buildings to lay down the attacks of enemies. In between the battles, You can also increase the number of buildings to make your city more powerful. As you Progress in the Viking Rise apk mod, You will face more challenges and attacks from enemies. At that time, Your leadership and fighting skills were the only way to fight and destroy enemies. There are many missions available in this game as per progress the difficulty will also increase. So make your powerful team and capture the world of Midgard.

Viking Rise mod apk download

Features Of Viking Rise Apk

Audiovisual Masterpiece

In Viking Rise Apk, you get to see the amazing beauty of the magnificent oceans, high mountains and the changing seasons. Here you will explore hidden stories of legendary heroes in the beauty of the vast Nordic landscape that will keep you hooked to the game. Beautiful soundtracks make you feel the beauty of Midgard.

Global Online Multi-Player Battles

Viking Rise apk game offers Online Multiplayer Battle features that give you the chance to fight against global players or team up with them to make your own team. Using your powerful strategy ar diplomacy, You can easily conquer the area of Midgard and make your Valhalla bigger.

Build Your Strong Viking Territory

As A Viking Empire leader, Your main task is to guide and support your tribes in Valhalla. Try to expand your Viking territory and add more people. Build towns and cities with proper plans and with your authority.  As per your wish, You can use the land for commercial trading centres, military forces or regions with wide resources. 

Naval Combat

Lead the Vikings to conquer new lands in Valhalla and sail across the sea. You can take advantage of the sea to fight against the enemies. With the help of Ships, you can move forward to enemies available on the ground. To Win Viking Rise mod apk, Unique strategies play a big role in making your territory powerful and helping against battle with enemies.

Combat Fight in Real-Time

In the Viking Rise apk, You see most of the battles are in real-time mode. If the enemy is strong, only a big and strong team can help you to win the battle. So keep building the team with talented people. Always survey the area before wars and quickly give the right orders to your team.

Joins Viking Heroes In Fight

Call Viking Heros to join and support your sides in Fight battles. From Norse mythology, Some great heroes are Lval the Boneless, Snake-Eyed Sigurd, Harald Bluetooth, Ragnar, Bjorn and many more.

Defeat the Ancient and Giant Dragon

Since ancient times, mythical beasts have wreaked havoc on the land.  Give Order and Send your skilled Viking heroes to defeat these mighty beasts, explore mysterious caves, and hunt for treasure. Gain your edge on the battlefield by killing the giant dragon.

Features Of Viking Rise Mod Apk

Unlimited Money and Gems

Viking Rise mod apk unlimited money and gems is the premium and modified version of the official game. If you want to upgrade and unlock Hero, You need money to unlock them. Now there is no need to pay money to unlock premium features, the Viking Rise mod provides you with unlimited money and gems.

Unlock All Characters

Viking Rise Mod Apk unlock All characters from the beginning of the game, So you no longer need to win each battle. Each of the characters has their special abilities and powers to fight with enemies. So without upgrading any characters, Now you can build a powerful team and lead them into thrilling battles.

Use Unlimited Everything

Viking Rise mod apk unlocked everything and allows you to access all features for unlimited times like characters, maps, weapons, money etc. So with this Mod Apk, Now lots of opportunities are open that help to enjoy this game for a long time with friends.

Quickly Build Your Building

Those days are gone in which you can wait for long hours to build your Building. With Viking Rise mod apk unlimited gems, You can quickly build and upgrade your buildings. Construct a large number of buildings to make your Viking territory more strong and powerful.

Some Extra features of Viking Rise APK mod:

  • All Unwanted ads are removed
  • Not required to Root device
  • Unlocked All characters

How to Download Viking Rise Mod APK on Mobile?

To download Viking Rise mod apk on Mobile, Here are some steps to follow.

  1. On Your Mobile, Open any browser and search website. 
  2. After opening the website, Type “Viking rise mod apk” in the search box and hit enter.
  3. Open the first blog, Explore it and read more about this game. 
  4. Scroll down in the article and at the bottom you see the Green button.
  5. Click on the Download button and wait for a few seconds.
  6. You see a new screen open, Again click on the button and Downloading starts.

How to Install Viking Rise Mod APK?

To install the Viking Rise mod apk on your device, Follow the steps.

  1. On Your Mobile, Open settings and Security options.
  2. Find ANd Enable the “Unknown Resources” option.
  3. Now Go to the File Manager and open the Viking Rise mod apk download file.
  4. Allow all permission and click on Install to start the installation.
  5. Completed, Now Again open this app and start to play this game.

FAQs of Viking Rise mod apk Download

Q. Is it safe to download Viking Rise Mod APK on mobile?

Yes, It is completely safe and secure to download on your device.

Q. Can I customize my character in Viking Rise Premium apk?

Yes, You can customize and access all premium characters, skins, costumes etc., in this Viking Rise premium apk. 

Q. How can I unlock advanced weapons and armour in this Mod Apk?

Viking Rise mod apk unlocks all the advanced weapons and armour from the start of this game, So equip all the weapons from the start of this game and defeat all Enemies.

Q. Should I play the Viking Rise game in offline mode?

Yes, You can play this game in offline or online mode. Make sure the Internet is required to play with online or global players.

Q. Who Is the Best Hero to choose In the Viking Rise Game?

Artur is the best and most powerful hero that You can choose in the Viking Rise Mod apk. There are two main reasons: He has strong PvP skills and 2nd he excels at leading archer units that include the highest DPS.

Q. Can I use all available legendary heroes in the Viking Rise Mod Apk?

Yes, All legendary heroes are unlocked from the start of the Game, If you use the Viking Rise premium apk. So recruit your favourite Hero anytime and win the challenging battles.

Q. Is the Viking Rise Mod APK download for Android and iOS devices? 

Yes, this game is completely free and compatible with both Android and IOS devices, So download this game.


As per our Article, We hope that you get the whole information regarding Viking Rise Mod Apk. Where you can fight against powerful enemies to conquer Midgard. So if you want to improve your leadership skills or enjoy playing strategy games, Viking Rise is the best option for you. You can easily download Viking Rise mod apk on your device, Just click on the download button below.

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