Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK v11.034.005 (Unlimited Money)


Game Name Magic Tiles 3
Latest Version v11.034.005
Download Size 151 MB
Platform Android
MOD Features Unlimited Money/ Lives
Game Style Music
Get it on Google Play Icon
Required Android Version Android 5.1 and Up
Price Free
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Magic Tiles 3 offers users music based colourful themes where they can play the piano and generate unique sounds. This official app was developed by AMANOTES PTE LTD to entertain users with various music tracks and levels. If you are an Android user and looking for music-based games, try Magic Tiles 3 mod apk and enjoy your free time.

Introduction of Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk

Do you want to play different musical instruments on your smartphone?, Then Magic Tiles 3 mod apk the latest musical game where you can tap on moving tiles and generate beautiful songs. Many people enjoy playing this game as it tests your response time and music choice. All you need to tap on each moving tile from start to end while enjoying populer music rhythms, if you accidentally miss any tile you will be out of the game. In this Magic Tiles game, you can even participate in online tournaments where you can challenge other global players. Here in this, We provide you Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk in which you can get unlimited money, lives, VIP features and many more.

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Magic Tiles 3 Apk: What is it?

Magic Tiles 3 Apk is a popular music game where you can generate various sounds by tapping on fast-moving tiles. Keep clicking from the start to the end of the tiles. As your level increases, You may face difficulty and faster-moving tiles. It is freely available on the Google Play Store and popular choice for music lovers who want a music genre game. These types of games provide you with lots of fun in your free time. There are many things you can purchase from Online stores like trending songs, lives, premium items and more.

Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk: What is it?

Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK is a modified version that provides unlimited money, lives, and VIP features to enjoy this music game without any restrictions. In Music Tiles 3, you will face difficulties with fast moving tiles, so there is a high chance that you will miss tapping on the tile. So with this music tiles mod apk, you can use unlimited lives which help you in difficult levels. Additionally, You will see all premium songs are unlocked to play in backgrounds. There is no need to spend money, You can freely access your premium features. In this game, You can’t see any unwanted ads. So click on the Download button below and get Magic Tiles 3 mod apk for free on Android devices.

Why You Need to Download Magic Tiles 3 Vip Mod Apk?

In Magic Tiles 3, Your difficulty increases with fast-moving tiles, there are chances that you miss a tile and lose the game. But with Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk, you can get unlimited lives that you can use anytime to continue your gameplay journey. 

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Features Of Magic Tiles 3 Apk

Play and Enjoy high-quality Songs

If you love making music then Magic Tiles 3 mod apk offers the populer high-quality songs. Enjoy yourself by playing various piano songs. In this realistic musical game, you can tap on tiles that generate different sounds. As your levels are increased, the rhythms of the songs and moving tiles also move faster. In order to go next level, you need to play and complete the mission with the current song. Moreover, you will also listen to the sounds of instruments such as piano, drums, guitar and many more. Daily, This game provides you latest albums, upgrades, and exciting bonus levels to enjoy the game.

Enjoy the different game modes

For those who’re interested in exploring more about this game, then Magic Tiles 3 apk offers 4 different game modes. 

Challenge mode: Here, you can challenge gaming players from all over the world in online mode. To beat another player, you must have the highest tapping speed and gain the top position on the leaderboard. 

Band mode: If you love listening to music or musical instruments then Band Mode is for you. In this mode, you can listen to sounds and play piano, drums, guitar and many other instruments.

Battle mode: If you are a gaming lover then you know that playing without tough battles is useless. In this mode, you can participate in a world competition where you can challenge global players with powerful tapping speed. Here you can challenge players in real time.

Custom match: Custom match allows you to play a game with a player that you choose. Choose your selected player or friends and enjoy playing custom matches.

High-Quality Graphics

Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk offers a simple UI with high-quality Graphics that make it attractive and interesting to play.

Connect with Social Media accounts

If you connect Magic Tiles 3 APK with social media platforms like Facebook then you will unlock amazing rewards and access the latest features. You can sync game progress with social media accounts, so your progress won’t be lost. By connecting to social media you can easily share your achievements and impress your followers.

Daily rewards

In the Music Tiles mod apk, You can play daily new tasks and collect exciting rewards. In daily rewards, You will get some useful items, features or coins that make your gameplay far easier.

Boards customization options

This game allows you to customize the board as you wish. It is interesting to play and enjoy this Magic Tiles 3 Apk. The customization option makes this game more attractive and fun for players.

Features Of Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk

Unlock Premium songs

Magic Tiles 3 Mod APk is the modded version that unlocks all premium and populer songs. Now there is no need to watch video ads to unlock songs. All beautiful Piano songs are opening from starting of the game.

Use unlimited lives

This Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK provides unlimited lives, so you can play this music game for a long time without worrying about lives and levels.

No ads

No unwanted ads are appearing in this  Music tiles mod apk, So use and enjoy it.

How To Download Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK on Mobile?

Here are some steps that you need to follow:

  1. Open the site on your Smartphone.
  2. Next, On this Site find the search box and type “Magic tiles 3 Mod Apk”.
  3. You see many results are coming, Choose and open the first main blog.
  4. Explore the article, You will find a download button at the End, Click on it.
  5. Again on a new page, Click on download to start the downloading process.

How to Install Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk on Mobile?

Here are some steps that you need to follow:

  1. On your Mobile, Open Settings and GO TO the Security setting option. 
  2. In that find the “Unknown Resources” option and enable it.
  3. Now, Open the download manager and open the Magic Tiles mod apk download file.
  4. Allow all permissions and click on Install to start the installation.
  5. Process Completed, Open this game and start to play with Magic tiles.

FAQs of Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk

Q. Does Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk Work Offline?

Yes! Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk game works offline or without an internet connection. It is a single as well as a multiplayer game.

Q. Does Magic Tiles 3 Provide BTS Songs?

Yes, Magic Tiles 3 provides some populer BTS songs to their worldwide audience.

Q. How Much Size is Required to Download Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk?

It requires a minimum of 151MB of storage space on your Android device. 

Q. How Do You Unlock New Songs in the Music Tiles Mod Apk?

To Unlock high-quality and populer songs, You need to spend money and purchase from the store. If you Download Magic tiles 3 vip Mod Apk then you can unlock all songs for free. 


Magic tiles 3 is an amazing music game that is the perfect choice for those who love music and fast-paced challenging games. The whole UI and animation are attractive which makes this game more interesting. So if you want unlimited money/ lives then click on the button below and get Magic Tiles 3 mod apk.

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