Minecraft Download Apk v1.19.70.24 Free Java & Pocket Edition for Android


Game Name Minecraft Apk
Publisher Mojang
Latest Version v1.19.70.24
Size 183 MB
Required Android 4.0 and Up
Mod Pocket Edition Official, Java Edition Official
Category Arcade
Price  Free
Get it on Google Play Icon
Table of Contents

Overview of Minecraft Apk Free Download

Minecraft Apk is one of the most popular classic arcade games developed by Mojang and created by a Swedish video game developer based in Stockholm and it is quite easy to play. The main purpose of this game is to explore mines, hunt or tamp animals, establish settlements, and fight monsters, among others. It is java based 3D game, In which game players can own settlements by blocks. Now, I am going to tell you about Minecraft Apk Free download, So, let’s get started.

Minecraft apk java download game is available for pc, laptops, android, or IOS devices. But this is paid game If you want to download Minecraft free for Android then click on the link above mentioned. You can play single-player and multiplayer as well. Also, you can play in offline mode also. Another top-notch game known as Trainz Simulator 3 APK is a simulation game that is similar to this one, You can improve your loco pilot skills very well in this game.

There are different modes in the latest version of Minecraft apk free java download, which are survival mode, adventure mode, hardcore mode, creative mode, and observation mode. The most popular mode is survival mode you can play starting in this mode. In survival mode, you can survive with your friends together to beat monsters. Also, if you love snacks game then we suggested Slither.io Mod APK, Play this game and get unlimited life, invisible skin, and god mode of your snacks.

download Minecraft new version

What is Minecraft Java Edition Apk?

Minecraft apk java classic game is a wonderful game, Millions of users have downloaded it and playing it right now. It is an open world made up of blocks where the player can do anything. You can play kind of create a shelter, build your own settlement, fight monsters, explore mines, tame an animal, and much more. Open this game and play for fun. Moreover, There is a variety of scenes like cozy rain, cozy fire, cozy beach, and cozy snow. You can select any mode which you like and play. If you want to help to play this game then you can join the Minecraft Java Edition Apk community. It will provide various tips to play your game better and advance.

In the Minecraft java edition app download game, you will be able to play this game in offline mode also. If you want to play the game advanced level but have zero knowledge of this game then you play with your friends.

In the Minecraft classic apk free download game, the player has to collect blocks, meat, wool, food, stones, coal, iron, diamonds, seeds, and more resources. With these resources, players can craft things like axes, swords, beds, furnaces, lamps, etc. These items can help them hunt, craft, and defend themselves. In addition, players can also plant seeds to produce grain. After that grain is ready, they have bought vehicles, animals, land, etc. with his money, so they can build a whole village of their own.

The Gameplay of Android Minecraft Free Apk Download

Minecraft latest apk free download

If you are a beginner and you haven’t any knowledge about Minecraft’s latest version of the java apk game then you can play it without any issues. These game-playing steps are straightforward, so you don’t have any problems playing them.

When you are playing Minecraft apk free download game, there are different steps to level up in your game. Various steps like making crafting table and tools. You have to survive alone or with your friends without fearing monsters at night. After that, you have to understand the hunger meter that you can use to make your own food. Also, after making this food, you can sell it and get rewards. The reward may be in the form of diamonds, coins, or money. With which you can buy new weapons and defeat monsters.

This game is totally safe and secure. After downloading the Minecraft latest version game you haven’t any issues playing. Just you can sign in or sign up with your Google or Facebook or Email accounts. Hence it is a good idea to play well to follow the steps outlined in this article.

Feature of Minecraft Classic Apk Free Download

Play Minecraft Free Download Apk

There is no money required to play the Minecraft java edition game for Android. Just one thing you have to do is scroll up and click the download button.

Players Can Build Anything

There is nothing doubt to build anything in Minecraft is free to download on Android. In this game, there is no rule to build anything. If you are a king then you can build an empire, If you are a farmer in this game, you build your own farm. You can build anything there is no stopping you. The construction you do will be your own and you can earn money from it.

If you are a builder then you will build a multi-storied building, sell this building to other players and earn more coins and money. The same process you can apply in other earning work sources. If you want to earn more rewards and bonuses then you can download the android Minecraft java edition free app in this article.

Lots of Adventures Mode Available

There are a variety of types of adventures, You can play in any mode whatever you like it. Download the Minecraft game and start to play.

Featuring Amazing 3D Graphics

The graphics of this Minecraft apk free download game is fabulous and eye-catching. When you play the game you have to realize that you will in real life. High-quality 3D graphics, HD animation, and VFX motion are terrific.

Minecraft free download apk

Minecraft Android Apk is Paid

There are free and purchase modes in the Minecraft java free app game. If you choose the free method then there are limited criteria to play in this game. But if you have purchased this game plan you will be able to get more features in this game. If you want to play this game for free then download the game by clicking on the download button.

Rewards and Bonuses

When you level up in the Minecraft apk free download game, You will get more rewards. As you win levels in the game you get bonuses and rewards.

Get Daily Rewards

If you play Minecraft java download the app daily. Then you will be able to get daily rewards. Using these rewards you can buy new machinery, tools, vehicle, latest accessories.

Minecraft Free Apk is Easy to Download

Minecraft’s latest version of the java app is available on Google Play, But it is paid version. For that, You can click on below download button for free download. After downloading the latest version of this app, you can play and enjoy this game without any money.

How to Download Minecraft New Version Free on Android?

If you are facing some trouble downloading Minecraft Apk for Android then please check out the download processes of this game below.

  1. Search Minecraft Android Free Apk on the internet browser on your mobile.
  2. Do CTRL+F and type Modapkpures just click on this site
  3. Now search Minecraft Java Edition Free Download Apk in the search box
  4. Click on this article and find the download button by scrolling down
  5. Again click on the download button and your file will be downloaded
  6. Now follow the below steps to the installation process.

How to Install Minecraft Latest Version Apk on Android Mobile?

If you are trying to install this game but you failed then please follow the below steps this will take a few minutes of yours.

  1. Open your mobile settings and find unknown resources download
  2. Click on this setting and tap to allow for unknown resources to download
  3. Next, open your download manager and install Minecraft Free New Version App
  4. Finally, play for your enjoyment and have fun.

FAQs for Minecraft Free Apk for Android

Q. What is the Game Size of Minecraft Latest Version Free App?

The game size of Minecraft Java Edition Free App is about 183 MB.

Q. Can I Play Minecraft’s New Version Apk on Android and PC?

Absolutely yes, you can play Minecraft Java Edition Apk for free on Android, PC, Laptop, and Tablet.

Q. Is Minecraft Apk Java Edition Free to Download for Android?

Absolutely yes, you can download the latest as well as old versions of the Minecraft app game from this website.


After reading the above article I hope you have downloaded the latest version of Minecraft Free App for Android. And I am sure you will really like this game. When you play this game, you can feel the real-world experience. Don’t get bored with your simulation and arcade skills while you are playing and your gaming skills will improve. Also, you will become addicted to the Minecraft app game.

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