Silent Castle Mod APK v1.04.026 (Unlimited Money/All Unlocked) Download Free for Android


Game Name Silent Castle Mod APK
Latest Version v1.04.026
Publisher By BEP1C STUDIO
Download Size 110 MB
Platform Android
Game Style casual
Mode Unlimited Money
Required Android Version Android 5.0 and Above
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Price Free
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Introduction of Silent Castle Mod APK

Silent castle mod apk is a horror and interesting game. The game is develop by BEP1C STUDIO. The game is design on a horror theme. There is a castle in the game which is in a horror area. The fort is shrouded in many mysteries. Game in you play the role of an outsider and go to explore the fort. Ghosts have to be face in the fort at night time.

Download silent castle mod apk in which you can explore the terrifying castle. There are many explorations to be done and puzzles to be solve while exploring the fort. Zombies, ghosts, and evil spirits have to be avoid. You can use various weapons and tools to fight ghosts. Various rewards can also be obtain by advancing in the fort.

silent castle mod apk download

Silent Castle APK: What is it?

Silent castle apk is a game with a scary world full of many challenges and obstacles. You will go inside the mysterious castle. Something like a ghost enters the fort at night. Inside the fort you have to face ghosts. While exploring the fort one has to avoid ghosts and evil spirits. Ghosts can be fought using different weapons and equipment. While exploring the fort you will hear a terrifying sound.

download silent castle mod apk

Silent Castle Mod APK: What is it?

Silent castle mod apk offers a castle full of horror and mystery. The game unlocks all the tools and powerful weapons that you can use to defeat ghosts and soul reapers. All powerful weapons and equipment can be purchase using silent castle mod apk unlimited money. Provides high-quality sound with excellent graphics. The controls of the game are also simple. The game can be enjoy without the interference of advertisements.

How to Play Silent Castle Mod APK on Android?

The player assumes the role of an explorer and goes to explore the fort. Silent castle mod apk download in you will enter a dark and silent castle. Various obstacles and problems are faced while exploring each hall, apartment, and hidden tunnel of the fort. Danger lurks at every turn of the fort. Candles and torches will be lit as you procee along the path to the fort. You will hear horrible voices outside the room and see shadows moving around. That thing increases your fear. The castle has an eerie atmosphere and creaking doors, distant footsteps, and eerie sounds to create fear.

At night time the Soul Reaper constantly knocks on the door of the room to enter your room. Barriers can be erecte to keep the Soul Reaper out of the room. The door to the room helps prevent the Soul Reaper from entering the room. You can hide under the bed by locking the door of the room. Equipment can be upgrade to keep Soul Reaper away for a short period of time So much damage can be delivered to him. The repairing button can be use to repair the door. Soul Reaper abilities are different each time. Silent castle apk mod provides different characters. You can choose any character to explore the castle. Every character looks attractive and scary. The virtual joystick buttons that appear on the screen can be use to navigate your chosen character.

A Thrilling Silent Castle Mod APK play

You have to solve puzzles by exploring the castle. Every corner of the fort needs to be explore. You will meet various people while exploring the fort. Some of the various people will help you in the adventure in a friendly way and others will create obstacles for you. You can also team up with other people to create a strategy to fight the Soul Reaper. Treasures are hidden in many parts of the castle. One has to face many difficulties and obstacles to get the treasure.

Silent castle apk mod offers various powerful weapons and equipment. Powerful weapons can be obtain using silent castle mod apk unlimited money. A variety of attack weapons and defense props can be crafted inside the room to ward off ghosts. Strategies can also be learn by using different props. Silent castle mod apk provides many support tools to get unlimited money like beds, doors for defense, and attack props. You can use powerful tools to defend yourself. All equipment can be purchase for free to fight Soul Reaper.

The game has many different levels. download silent castle mod apk which provides various rewards. You can get many valuable rewards at each level. You can compete with others to get to the top of the leaderboards. By competing hard you can gain access to new levels. Many different modes and options are also available in the game. You can choose any mode. By choosing the mode you can become Soul Reaper or Survivor. Provides easy controls along with excellent graphics. The game provides sound in high quality. Can also make beds and doors stronger by upgrading them. The game can be enjoy without any ad intervention.

silent castle apk mod

Feature of Silent Castle Mod APK

Real Castle

Silent castle mod apk download in which you can have a real experience of a very silent and dark castle. The huge fort is hidden from many secrets. Danger lurks at every turn within the fort. Various challenges and problems are face while exploring different parts of the fort. A real experience of everything inside the fort can be had.

Atmospheric Design

Silent castle apk mod provides an impressive atmosphere. The fort is shrouded in darkness, mystery, and fear. Burning torches and ominous sounds inside the fort create a sense of unease and dread. The fort is intricately design. Secret rooms and hidden passages in the castle add to the sense of discovery.

Challenging Puzzles

Challenging puzzles are the game specialty. The game offers simple inventory puzzles, complex puzzles, and challenges. You can solve puzzles with your creativity and ingenuity and get rewards.

Multiple Endings

Download silent castle mod apk which has multiple endings. The outcome of multiple endings depends on the choices the player makes throughout the game. Multiple endings encourage replaying the game and finding possible outcomes.

Unique Art Style

The hand drawn art style in the silent castle mod apk download is impressive and visually stunning. Light, shadows, and sound create a sense of real fear. The detailed and intricate design of the fort adds to the awe.


Download silent castle mod apk which offers many different rewards. You can get various rewards by winning treasure chests. Compete with others and win rewards by climbing to the top of the leaderboards. As reward you can get unlimited money, diamonds, and gold.


Sound is an important element in creating tension and mystery in a game. The game provides excellent sound. Slamming doors, distant footsteps, and ominous noises add to the sense of dread and unease. Subtle sound effects make the game more interesting.

Easy fight

Download silent castle mod apk in which you can easily fight with ghosts. The player fights time-based battles. The player jumps to dodge the ghost strikes. Exploring and solving puzzles in the game seems more interesting.

Treasure Hunt

The castle in silent castle apk mod is covere with many hidden places and secrets. There are treasures in many places in the castle which can be obtained for unlimited money. Hidden places can be discovere by exploring every part of the fort. Various missions, challenges, and obstacles are face to reach the hidden places.

Different Levels

All levels of the silent castle mod apk can be play with your friends. One can help each other to face the challenges in the game. Different levels can be explore in the game and unlimited money can be earned.

Build a Defense

Silent castle apk mod provides doors, beds and attack props for defense. You can use different tools and weapons for your defense. Can prepare attack weapons and defense props to ward off ghosts.

Dangerous and Killed Player

To become a dangerous and skilled player one has to fight with different ghosts in every situation. Every fight becomes more interesting and entertaining. A lot of valuable rewards and keys can be obtain after completing missions in the game. Each reward and key helps to move to a new level.

Different Mode

Download silent castle mod apk in which you can play as a survivor or a soul reaper. A unique experience can be gain by choosing to roll on each game mode. The role you choose represents your mission. Each mission has to be complete on time. In one mode you have to hide before the Soul Reaper attacks and in the other mode you can enter the castle as a Soul Reaper.

Survivor Mode

As you get trappe inside the castle, you discover that the Soul Reaper attacks the room door. Soul Reaper enters to kill people. In case the Soul Reaper enters, he should close the door to the room and hide under the bed. Can form a defensive strategy by joining with others. In order to survive to the end, everyone must work together to take down the Soul Reaper.

Soul Reaper Mode

Silent castle apk mod in you can become soul reaper. Others can enter the fort to bring down the survivors and complete the mission.

Powerful Props and Equipment

silent castle mod apk download provides powerful props and impressive tools. You can use tools and props in the mod to defeat the ghosts. Your defense strategy should be develop in collaboration with others. Equipment can also be upgrade to increase its strength. You can attack and defend using tools. When props are use with different characters, those characters work better. Prizes and treasures can be won by using more tools. Powerful props can be access to complete various missions.

Defeat the Ghosts

Silent castle mod apk download in which you have to face many kinds of ghosts and spirits. One can defend oneself and face ghosts by using different types of weapons and tools.

Various Characters

Download silent castle mod apk which provides different characters. Each character has a different personality, hairstyle, and clothes. You can choose the character according to your favorite. Each character faces a different problem. A character can also be chosen by looking at how they fight. Each character can have different moves and can be controll. By getting silent castle mod apk unlimited money, the appearance and actions of the characters can be change. A character can be select and train to advance with strategy and increase fighting skills.

Different Situation

There will be danger lurking at every turn while exploring the fort. Have to face various terrifying situations. You will see shadows moving around the room and hear eerie noises. Various frightening situations will increase your fear.

Mod Feature of Silent Castle Mod APK

Unlimited Money

Silent castle mod apk download which provides unlimited money. You can buy new props and characters using money. Various weapons and equipment can be acquired and upgraded using unlimited money.

Unlimited Diamonds

The game provides unlimited diamonds. Unlimited diamonds make the game easy to play. Tools can be made using diamonds.

No Ads

Silent castle apk mod can be played without any ads intervention. You can enjoy the game completely without ads.

How to Download Silent Castle Mod APK on Android?

  1. Open the
  2. Search the “Silent Castle Mod APK” using the search box.
  3. Open the article and scroll down.
  4. Get the download button and click
  5. The download process is complete in a few minutes.

How to Install Silent Castle Mod APK on Android?

  1. Open the download file.
  2. Press the install button.
  3. The installation process is complete in a few seconds.
  4. Open your mobile setting and allow unknown sources.
  5. Finish the installation and enjoy the play game.

FAQs of Silent Castle Mod APK

Q. Silent castle mod apk can be download on android devices?

Yes, silent castle mod apk can be easily download on android devices.

Q. Is silent castle apk mod safe to play?

Yes, silent castle apk mod is completely safe to play.


Silent Castle Mod Apk is a horror and exciting game. This game is full of mystery and danger. Every part of the fort can be explore. Different types of ghosts have to be fought against. The game offers challenging puzzles and an impressive environment. Graphics and sound are provided in high quality. The game can be easily play on Android devices.

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