Stunt Car Extreme Mod APK v1.009 (Unlimited Money/Mod) Download for Android


Game Name Stunt Car Extreme Mod APK
Latest Version v1.009
Publisher By Hyperkani
Download Size 105 MB
Platform Android
Game Style Racing
Mode Unlimited Money
Required Android Version Android 5.0 and Above
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Price Free
Table of Contents

Introduction of Stunt Car Extreme Mod APK

Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk is the ultimate stunt and trial car game with tracks which is very fun and interesting game. All tracks are made of wood. The main tracks are design for casual play. Each track has high risks. By playing the game you can face dangerous driving challenges. This game is set base on different obstacles, difficulty, and different driving challenges to stop the goal you set.

Car racing involves passing cars through broken and scattered roads. Stunt car extreme mod apk download provides easy controls with excellent realistic 3D graphics. Can drive cars on different locations and with amazing environment. When you start the car the timer will also start. The car has to reach the final destination before the time runs out.

stunt car extreme mod apk download

Stunt Car Extreme APK: What is it?

Stunt car extreme apk is a unique game for car racing. Various difficulties and challenges are face while racing the car. The car has to be driven through the wooden roads. Various famous cars are include in the game. You can choose any car to race on the track. Many things will be seen broken and scattered on the road. You can cross the level by performing various stunts on the car. As the graphics of the game are realistic, you can get the real car driving experience. You can customize the different parts of the car as per your preference.

stunt car extreme mod apk unlimited money

Stunt Car Extreme Mod APK: What is it?

Stunt car extreme mod apk download which is an exciting, powerful and fast car racing game. You can perform various stunts in the car to win the race. In the game, you will be able to drive the car in several different locations and amazing environments. To race the car you have to drive the car on the off-road and on top of the buildings. Stunt car extreme mod apk can use the stunt car to get unlimited money or avoid obstacles on the road. Control the car and face the challenges to reach the finish line You can use different modes to win the race.

How to Play Stunt Car Extreme Mod APK on Android?

Challenges and difficulties are set on each level of stunt car extreme unlimited money download which requires a lot of effort to overcome. Levels include trial levels, easy speed levels, and casual or fun jump levels. The game does not offer any easy or direct paths.

You can choose any vehicle from the vehicle collection and use it to conquer the challenging race tracks. The selection of cars within Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk (Unlimited Money & Gems) includes classic and modern car types, sports cars, off-road vehicles, and other legendary models. The cars within the game range from vehicles with high acceleration, speed, and durability. One is the player needs to collect more keys to unlock the collectible cars. Car keys are secretly hidden inside the game. You can also unlock many cars including monster trucks by collecting remote keys. Cars can be race on endless tracks. Can perform stunts on different sections of the track.

The player drives the car at top speed through twisty turns. The roads you will drive on are wooden roads. There are different terrains with different broken objects and roads on which the car has to drive. If the yearing wheel is weak when accelerating the vehicle to climb the road, you will wobble and fall down. The slope is too steep to freeze with every step of acceleration. If the throttle is increase too much, the brake breaks and cannot catch the drop. The game has various locations and tasks that change from time to time depending on your driving skills. The car can be move easily by using your skills.

A Thrilling Stunt Car Extreme Mod APK Play

If you don’t want to listen to car horns and loud sirens, you can listen to great music instead. The sound of the music depends on the speed of your vehicle. Can communicate with all the racing players around the world. To win the race you have to reach the destination before your opponents. As you race the timer will also start so drive the vehicle fast and face the obstacles to reach the final destination before the time runs out.

Stunt Car Extreme Mod apk download has a daily challenge mode in which the player can try to win the driving. The game offers many other different modes. In the time trial, the player needs to complete all the sections before the time runs out. Win the racing and get various rewards. can be Within the Cup mode, three race tracks can be race against three drivers. Challenges and difficulties are face at every level. Stunt Car Extreme Mod apk To earn unlimited money and succeed, you have to improve your pedaling, braking, and acceleration skills. The player has to navigate through moving traffic while performing stunts. In multiplayer mode, you can compete against each other to get the highest score possible.

The game offers high-quality 3D graphics and easy controls. Stunt car extreme mod apk download which gives you two buttons on the screen and acceleration button or brake button to move the car forward or backward. Which you can use to drive the car. Cars can be customize according to your wishes and preferences with the best paint jobs, engines, tires and more. The car can be customize base on your preferences. One can experience the beautiful environment while racing or driving a car on long roads.

stunt car extreme unlimited money download

Feature of Stunt Car Extreme Mod APK

Race in a New Type

Stunt car extreme mod apk download in you have to find a way to complete the race by racing on long winding roads. The final race will have to race against the remaining three opponents. To win the race one has to overcome all obstacles to reach the finish line first. While racing you will have to face all the obstacles like a train, sharp objects, road broken deadly chemical tank, and everything scattered on the road.

Practice Needs Skills

By playing the stunt car extreme mod apk (unlimited money and gems) game you can increase your car driving skills. Various challenges can be face by driving a car on off-road. You can overcome the obstacles and control the car by driving on different tracks.

Take the Car to a Height

In stunt car extreme unlimited money download, if the car is taken to a higher height, it falls down. Every road will be different while driving the car so you will have to face a lot of difficulty. You have to constantly focus on driving the car and increase and decrease its speed. In each level, you will have to face a lot of difficulty and challenges. It is essential to observe the terrain to jump left and right to enhance your driving skills.

Customize the Car

Cars can be customized using stunt car extreme mod apk unlimited money. Car color, engine, tires and much more can be customize according to your desire. The car can be upgrade in your favorite way.

A Wonderful Place to Race

Stunt car extreme mod apk (unlimited money and gems) provides exciting race tracks with cracking, breaking, and big obstacles. The car can be driven on steep slopes or uneven roads. You will pass through unfamiliar and unfamiliar roads every day to reach your ultimate goal. Music can also be play to make the racing more interesting.

Collect the Hidden Key

To unlock the car within the game it is necessary to collect all the hidden keys. Find the key and unlock any car or other vehicles to race. Hidden keys can be found while racing in each level.

Unlimited Money

Stunt car extreme unlimited money download which can be used to buy many new ones. Cars can be upgrade using unlimited money to make them faster and more powerful for racing. Get access to new vehicles in your collection.

Different Mission

Various missions are available within the game. Each mission and more challenges make the stunt car extreme mod apk download more valuable. The game can be enjoy by overcoming the difficult levels. Each mission has different challenges, difficulties, and obstacles to face. Missions can be complete easily by using your skills.

Casual Stunt Mode

The car has to face some difficulty to drive on the wooden road. Driving a car on wooden roads requires driving skills and controls. In casual stunt mode, you can learn driving very easily without any restrictions. You can learn different techniques to control the car. Can do stand up wheels, rear peg wheels, and many more stunts. All the stunts make the game more interesting for the players.

Face the Challenges

Various challenges are face while racing cars. Face every challenge with your driving skills and controls. You have to pass the car through different checkpoints and face different stunt challenges.

Online Race for the Cup

To win the cup with stunt car extreme mod apk unlimited money you have to race and win against real players. You can compete by driving your car against any three players. Win the race by facing all the obstacles and get the cup.

High-Quality 3D Graphics

The game offers you high-quality 3D graphics.  Amazing environment with realistic graphics can be enjoy while racing. High-quality 3D graphics make different locations look more realistic.

Simple Controls

Stunt car extreme mod apk download which provides easy controls. Can easily move the car around. The car can also be moved forward and backward with a button. The player can easily use the controls to perform various stunts and achieve fast speeds.

Perfect Design

Stunt car extreme mod apk is design in detail. The real experience of car driving can be enjoy. Different vehicles are available to drive on the tracks in different terrains. The detailed design makes the game look more interesting and exciting.


stunt car extreme mod apk download offers great graphics and easy controls. In the updated version of the game, the screen experience of the game has been improved. The game can be played on many different Android devices. Any car can be easily controll by clicking on the screen.

Unique Mode

Stunt car extreme mod apk (unlimited money and gems), various assets, abilities, or skills it takes a lot of time to collect. Modus makes the whole process easy. The player can easily concentrate and enjoy the game.

Increase the Level

Stunt car extreme mod apk download which provides many different levels. Each level is arrange from simple to complex. In the first level, the car can be easily driven so that the level will be pass quickly. As you advance in the level, the difficulty will increase. The speed of the vehicle is only 20 km per hour which can easily move on gentle slopes. Slow down the vehicle speed to cross steep gradients.

Conquer the Terrain

Players can face various challenges by driving vehicles on terrain tracks. A lot of effort is required to overcome the difficulty while driving the car. Use your driving skills to conquer the terrain.

Various Location

Various locations are include within the game. Each location is amazing and impressive. Any location can be chosen for car racing. The location provides a great experience.

Increase Racing Performance

Stunt car extreme unlimited money download. Players have to use their driving skills to progress within the game and complete various objectives to win each individual race. The skill of flying uphill, downhill, and through the abyss should be enhance to avoid attack by high-speed train. The player can display their driving skills by racing. You can navigate long winding roads that are full of difficulty. Grades are determine base on your performance after the race is over.

Build a Racing Car Collection

Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk (Unlimited Money & Gems) on every road to encourage car racing skills. Each car has a different look and feel to drive it. While racing the car you can collect coins. You can also use coins for new cars in your car collection. There are also secretly hidden car keys to gain access to new vehicles on the leaderboard. Boost your car to complete the race faster and win the race against the opponent.

How to Download Stunt Car Extreme Mod APK on Android?

  • Open the  website. 
  • Search “Stunt Car Extreme Mod APK” using the search box.
  • Click Article and scroll down. 
  • Get the download button and click.
  • The download process is complete in a few minutes.

How to Install Stunt Car Extreme Mod APK on Android?

  • Open the download file
  • Press the install button.
  • Wait for a few seconds and the installation process is complete.
  • Open your Mobile setting and allow unknown sources.
  • Finish the Installation and you can enjoy the play game.


Stunt car extreme mod apk is a racing game full of challenges and stunts. The game can be play in a series of multiple levels. Different car stunts can be learn. You can choose any vehicle and use it for racing. Car driving can be done on different locations with an amazing environment. Car driving skills can be enhance by racing cars on off-road. The car can be controll easily with realistic high-quality graphics and simple controls of the game. You can get various rewards by winning races. Something new can be learn in each level.

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