Lensa Mod APK v4.4.0+716 (Premium Unlocked) Download Free for Android


App Name Lensa Mod APK
Latest Version v4.4.0+716
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Publisher Prisma Labs
App Size 110 MB
Platform Android
Require Android Version 5.0 and Up
App Category Photography
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Price Free
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Introduction of Lensa Mod APK

Lensa mod apk is a portrait photo editing application. The application is develop by Prisma Labs. The application offers various filters and effects. Photos can be easily edit using it. A photo can be made more attractive by using different tools.

Lensa mod apk download in which one can easily edit portrait photos using every premium feature for free. A photo can be taken with the application’s camera. The photo can be edited like facial defects, background, temperature, brightness and much more. Photos can be easily remove, croppe, and filters select with built-in AI. Photo editing skills can be enhance by using the application.

lensa apk mod

Lensa APK: What is it?

Lensa apk is an impressive and interesting application for photo editing. The application can be use with many attractive features. Photos can be made attractive by using different filters and tools. The skin, background, and color of the face in the photo can all be edit. All photo defects can be edit. The application can be easily use on Android devices.

Lensa Mod APK: What is it?

Lensa mod apk is the best application for editing photos and making portrait photos. All premium features for editing photos can be use for free. All facial defects can be remove. Background and color can be change in a photo. Photo editing can be made favorite and attractive. The interface of the application is simple and friendly. All photos can be easily edit.

How Does Lensa Mod APK Work on Android?

Lensa mod apk download in which portrait photos can be edit. A photo editor tool for retouching portrait photos. The application offers many different filters and effects using which all types of photos can be easily edit. Numerous art tools, camera filters, and effects can be use to easily edit a photo or picture.

A photo editor tool for retouching portrait photos. Various tools can be use to edit facial skin and also retouch your face. Remove all blemishes, acne, and dead cells visible on face in photo. Resize neck in your photo. is Eye can be improve. Lens correction and dark circles can be adjust through the effects in the eyes. Eyebrows can be edit by giving the desired shape. Any color can be select from the hair color style to change the hair color. Flawless teeth can be white. Various beauty filters can be use to make the face attractive.

By using lensa pro mod apk all defects like premade photo, light mistakes and camera effects can be edit. You can edit the photo just by clicking. By completely customizing the colors in the photo, you can make your photo more attractive with different colors. The color of the photo border can also be edit. Backgrounds in photos can be change, customize, and blurred to focus on your special moment. The amount of exposure, brightness, and contrast in a photo can be increase and decrease. Blurred photos or dim photo cause by temperature and vibration can be edit with the sharpness tool. Objects in the photo can be resize. A contrast editor can be use to adjust photos. The beauty of the photo can be increase through filters.

How to Use Lensa Mod APK Work on Android?

Lensa app mod apk provides various premium unlock feature. If a problem occurs while editing a photo, one can easily revert back to the original photo. LA1, LA2, PTo1, PT02, PT12, PT17 and many others provide more than thousands of filters. Lensa apk mod provides temperature, color contrast, and many other editing tools. The color effect can be reset using the HSL feature. The application offers various filters, masking, a built-in camera, a frame, and many other attractive features. Application interface is simple and user-friendly. The application features automatic image lighting errors, effects, filters, and skin smoothing. Auto Adjust makes your photo editing easier. Photos can be edit to make them more attractive and clear. Many new tools and capabilities have been add to the app that you can use for photo editing.

Lensa pro mod apk can be used for professional photo editing. You can use different formats to save the edited photo to your gallery. JPG can be used to save small files. Internal Image or External Image option can be selected to save the image file in 3D format. PNG can be used to create transparent backgrounds and save high-quality images. Photo editing in the application looks more interesting and fun. Using the application you can improve your photo editing skills.


lensa pro mod apk

Feature of Lensa Mod APK

Easy to use

Lensa apk mod can easily be use for photo editing. Any of the editing options can be use by just clicking. Filters and effects can be edit in a photo with one tap. The photo can be straighten and rotate by clicking.

Improvement in Eyes

Lensa mod apk download in which your eyes can be made beautiful. Red eyes problem can be overcome. Your eyebrows can be shape to your liking. Dark circles around the eyes can be adjust. The color of the lens can be change. Complete control over position, color, and shape should be maintain while correcting the eyes.

Color Correction

You can do color correction in photo. Different colors can be add to the photo by customizing the color. Hair color can be change with different colors. Flawless teeth whitening can be done using lensa app mod apk. The color of the eye lens can be change. The border of the photo can also be change with different colors.

Adjustable Angle

The angle can be adjust to make the photo attractive. You can manually align the photo left or right and top to bottom. The photo can be croppe into a square or rectangle. The photo can be zoom and small as well. The brightness and contrast of the photo can also be adjust.

Lighting Improvements

Sometimes temperature and camera shake result in blurry photos. You can adjust the lighting of your photo as per your wish. Brightness can be increase and decrease in the photo. Certain parts of the photo can be darken more or less.

Remove Ads

Lensa pro mod apk can block all offline ads while allowing online ads. All ads can be remove while using the application.

Mod Feature of  Lensa Mod APK

Premium Unlocked

Lensa mod apk download which has all premium features unlocked. All premium features can be use for free. The application can be use without any ad intervention. Premium filters that are unlocked can be use to make photos more attractive.

How to Download Lensa Mod APK on Android?

  1. Open the website modapkpures.com.
  2. Search the “Lensa Mod APK” using the search box.
  3. Open the article and scroll down.
  4. Get the download button and click
  5. The download process is complete in a few minutes.

How to Install Lensa Mod APK on Android?

  1. Open the mobile setting.
  2. Go to Setting > Security Setting.
  3. Click the enable unknown resources.
  4. Open the download file from your file manager.
  5. Press the install button and wait for the complete.
  6. Click and open the app and use it.

FAQs of Lensa Mod APK

Q. Can lensa apk mod make a blurry photo a clear photo?

Yes, lensa apk mod can edit the blurry photo to make a clear photo.

Q. Can take photo with lensa app mod apk camera?

Yes, photo can be taken using the lensa app mod apk camera.

Q. Can manual controls or other settings of the application be access?

Yes, lensa pro mod apk download to access manual controls or other settings.

Q. Can the premium feature of lensa apk mod be use for free?

Yes, lensa mod apk download and use premium features for free.

Q. Can edited photos be save?

Yes, JPG or PNG can be use to save the edit photo.

Q. What are the features of lensa pro mod apk?

In lensa pro mod apk one can do all things for photo editing like natural face retouching, color correction, background blur or replacement, and many other things can be edit.

Q. Can lensa apk mod be use on android devices?

Yes, lensa mod apk download for android and use it easily.

Q. Is lensa app mod apk a professional application for photo editing?

Yes, lensa app mod apk is a professional application for photo editing.

Q. Is lensa pro mod apk safe to use?

Yes, lensa pro mod apk can be use completely safely.

Q. Can easily edit photo using lensa app mod apk?

Yes, lensa app mod apk can easily edit photos due to strong AI technology.

Q. Is lensa app mod apk camera app?

Yes, lensa app mod apk can be use as photo editor app and camera app.


Lensa mod apk is a photo editing application with amazing features. Various effects and filters can be use to edit photos. Using different tools one can remove face defects in photo, change the background, change color and brightness. Which makes your photo attractive. Every premium feature can be use for free. Various techniques of photo editing can be learn using the application. All kinds of photo editing can be done inside lensa apk mod.


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