PDF Editor Mod APK v6.9.8 Download (Premium Unlocked) for Android


App Name PDF Edit Mod APK
Latest Version v6.9.8
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Publisher MobiSystems
Platform Android
File Size 63 MB
Require Android Version 4.4 and Up
App Category Productivity
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Price Free
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In today’s digital world, PDF Edit MOD APK comes out as a handy tool. It is your go-to software for working with PDFs on your mobile. With PDF Editor MOD APK, you can easily add notes, sign documents, and add fonts or colors. Plus, it’s easy to convert your PDF to another format like JPG or PNG.

One of its coolest features is bookmarks. If you’re reading a long e-book or document, you can set bookmarks to remember where you left off. So using this app is very easy.

And if you need to digitize paper documents? No problem. Use your phone’s camera with the editor to scan papers in great detail. Once scanned, you can organize them neatly.

In short, PDF Editor APK Mod is a user-friendly tool that helps you manage, edit, and organize your PDFs easily.

What is PDF Edit APK?

PDF Edit APK is a special application designed to modify and manage PDF documents directly from your mobile device. It offers a range of features designed to meet various document editing needs on the go.

This is a basic tool for handling PDF files. With it, you can view, organize, and change your PDF documents. You can also convert files from one format to another, such as converting a Word file to a PDF. Also, if you want to reduce the file size, this tool lets you adjust the quality to make it smaller.

What is PDF Editor Mod APK?

PDF Edit Pro Mod APK is a modified version of PDF Editor APK. These modded versions usually provide additional functions or remove certain limitations present in PDF Editor Pro APK that provide users with enhanced capabilities for PDF manipulation.

This is the upgraded version of the tool. It is like a premium or VIP version. With PDF Editor APK Mod, you won’t see any ads, which means no interruptions. Plus, you get all the best features without paying extra. You can easily convert files between different formats and use advanced tools to edit your documents the way you want. This is the perfect package for anyone serious about editing PDFs.

PDF Extra Mod APK

Features of PDF Edit APK

Edit With Ease

Make changes to PDFs effortlessly. Update text, images, and more using our user-friendly mobile editor.

Edit PDF Text

Easily edit the text in your PDF documents, allowing corrections, additions, or deletions as needed.

Reading Comfort

Switch to Dark mode for a pleasant eBook experience. You can also use Text-to-speech to listen to your content.

Access Anywhere

Find your PDFs easily in “My Documents” or sync them to the cloud for on-the-go access.

Edit PDF Images

Adjust, replace, or enhance images embedded in your PDF, ensuring your documents look polished and professional.

PDF Scanner

Convert physical documents to digital PDFs using the built-in scanning feature, making it convenient to digitize paper files. Use your phone’s camera to scan papers. Convert them into digital PDFs quickly and easily.

Private and Secure

Ensure the privacy of your documents with the protection of sensitive information with secure encryption and privacy settings. Use passwords to protect and encrypt your important documents. Also, verify advanced PDF certificates for authenticity.

Add Effects & Brightness

Add effects and adjust brightness levels to optimize the visual appeal of your PDF, ensuring clarity and readability.

Printing of Documents

Seamlessly print your edited PDF directly from the app, simplifying the document sharing and distribution process. Printing is straightforward. Decide if you want to print entire documents or just select pages.

View and Create Comments in Your PDF

View, create, and manage comments in your PDF, facilitating collaboration and feedback between users.

pdf text editor mod apk

Export Images to PDF and Vice Versa

Effortlessly convert images to PDF format or vice versa, accommodating different document types and requirements.

Convert Your PDF into Other Digital Formats

Convert your PDF files to various digital formats like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, ensuring compatibility and flexibility. Change PDFs to Word, Excel, or ePub without changing how they look. Need it back as a PDF? Convert it back anytime.

Merge and Cut Your PDF

Combine multiple PDF files into a single document or split large PDFs into smaller sections, streamlining document organization and management. Keep all your travel tickets, cinema passes, or any documents together.

MOD Features of PDF Edit Mod APK

Ad Free Usage

Enjoy a seamless PDF editing experience without the interruptions of ads.

Unlimited Conversion of Formats

Convert your PDF to various formats without any limitations.

Unlimited Sharing

Share your edited PDF files as often as you want, without any restrictions.

pdf editor pro mod apk

Free Alternatives of PDF Extra Mod APK
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Foxit Mod APK Download

How to Use PDF Text Editor Mod APK on Android Free?

When you have a PDF file, think of it as a digital book. Before doing anything else, it’s a good idea to scan through it. Why? Because once you scan it, everything becomes easier to manage and understand.

Once you’re familiar with your PDF, you’ll want to make some changes. PDF Extra Mod APK makes this easy. You can edit the form, add notes, and even sign directly on your device. And once you’ve made your edits? No worries. Just press Print, and you can either print the entire document or select specific parts. Whatever you choose, PDF Extra APK Mod has you covered.

But PDF Extra Premium Mod APK is not just for work. Think of it as a tool for fun too! Ever heard of e-books? With PDF Editor Pro Mod APK, you can dive into these digital books. And the best part? You don’t always have to read. Select listening mode and let someone else tell you the story. It’s perfect for those quiet moments before sleep. And if you’re into pictures, PDF Maker Mod APK can turn your favorite photos into PDFs, adding a unique touch to your memories.

How to Download and Install PDF Editor Premium Mod APK for free?

To Install and Download PDF Editor Mod APK on Mobile:

  1. Open modapkpures.com on your mobile browser.
  2. Search for “PDF Edit Premium Mod APK” and click on the first article.
  3. Find the green download button and start the download.
  4. Once downloaded, access your mobile’s security settings.
  5. Enable the “Unknown Resources” option.
  6. Navigate to your file manager and find the downloaded PDF Edit Mod APK file.
  7. Tap on the file, grant the required permissions, and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.
  8. After installation, launch the app and start making prank calls to your friends.

FAQs for PDF Edit Mod APK

Q1. Does the PDF Edit Mod APK keep crashing?

If any software runs out of memory, it might crash. But with cloud storage nowadays, this issue is less common. If it does happen, try clearing the app’s cache to fix it.

Q2. Does a PDF Editor Pro APK share files online?

Yes, once you’re done editing, you can easily share your PDF files online. Just save them or send them through email or social media.

Q3. How to edit the text in PDF Text Editor MOD APK?

Simply click on the edit button, select the text you want to change, make your edits, and then save your document.


PDF Editor Mod APK provides a comprehensive solution for Android users looking for a robust, ad-free, and versatile PDF editing experience. By following the above steps and understanding its features and functionalities, users can effortlessly navigate and utilize its capabilities to meet their document editing needs.

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