Attack Hole Mod APK 1.16.1 (Unlimited Money/No Ads) Download


Game Name Attack Hole Mod Apk
Latest Version v1.16.1
Publisher Homa
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Game Size 147.17 MB
Platforms Android
Game Genre Arcade
Get it on Google Play Icon
Required Android Version Android 5.1 and Up
Price Free
Table of Contents

Introduction of Attack Hole Mod Apk

Attack Hole Mod Apk is an arcade mobile game that controls the Black Hole to swallow all the weapons in a short period of time. Are you excited to capture all weapons of worlds using a Black hole? Then you must play this Attack Hole mod apk once. A black hole is a specific area that absorbs items and weapons. Fill the Black hole with as many as possible weapons, bombs, and bullets, So in the end, you can beat the Big giant.

As a hoard master, you enter the hall where full of weapons and bullets are placed, collect and eat all the weapons like a food game within a limited time. Once time is over, Your black hole will retreat and you enter the next stage to fight against Giant. This game is now available for Android devices 5.0 up version so download it and starts to play this. You can also play this game with your friends to make a powerful black hole team and destroy the whole city. Read this article to explore more about this game, With our Attack Hole mod apk download link you can easily download it.

attack hole mod apk unlimited money

Attack Hole APK: What is it?

Attack Hole apk is developed by Homa company, with the aim to provide a unique arcade-puzzle gameplay experience to users. Its highly realistic graphics, different colours, and sound effects move you deep into this game and provide the perfect relaxation experience. 

As a player, you can play this game as long as hold and control Black Hole movement. Black hole helps you to collect big weapons and useful items to fight against the big boss. By giving challenges to yourself, You can change the difficulty from easy to hard. Your fighting power will be decided based on how many weapons you swallow. Collecting more weapons helps you to increase Black hole size. In Attack Hole apk, you can also buy some premium weapons, and coins from the Store.

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Attack Hole Mod APK: What is it?

Attack Hole mod apk is a premium version of the Attack Hole apk that helps you to unlock all diamonds and gold coins to fight with the big boss enemy. Giant has powerful weapons and capabilities and If your player misses the attack in a limited time then Giant will destroy you. Using the premium version, Users can build Black Hole more powerful. Now you get free consumables to unlock characters, skins, bigger weapons, and advanced features.

Attack Hole – Black Hole Games Mod APK is completely free to use and ads free so you don’t need to pay for premium features. So start to play this game and download it using our Attack Hole mode apk download link. If you want to play an arcade horror game then Granny 4 download on your mobile.

attack hole mod apk download

Gameplay of Attack Hole – Black Hole Games Mod Apk

Attack Hole mod apk is a popular arcade game, As a player your task is to control the black hole across the screen, and collect as many as possible weapons and some items. For collecting this item you get a specific amount of time. Before time goes over you must try to collect your weapons. Once the timer goes off, your black hall collects whole items and now you can move to the fighting area with collected weapons. Similar in Tank Stars Mod APK, you can play with modern weapons to destroy the enemy’s tank.

The enemy or Big Boss is very powerful, and with your efforts, you must try to unleash arms collection to destroy the enemy. After completing the levels, you earn some coins that help you to purchase power-ups and premium items. These premium items help you to increase your black hole size and buy powerful weapons. Another arcade game cooking fever mod apk, where you have to serve food items to customers.  

Attack Hole - Black Hole Games Mod

Features Of Attack Hole Apk

High Realistic Graphics

Attack Hole apk comes up with realistic graphics, maps, and characters that help game users engage for a long time. From weapons to collectibles, all are covered with 3d effects that give you calming experience. In the latest version, the game developer focused on the user experience and game speed so that it smoothly works on mobile devices.

Verity Of Weapons Available

Attack hole app offers you a variety of weapons to fight against your enemy. Weapons are bombs, guns, and bullets. This weapon helps you to succeed in this Attack Hole game. Collect more weapons, and make yourself powerful against your enemy.

Unlock Attractive Black hole skin

To customize your black hole, You can unlock a variety of Skins from the store which makes your black hole more interactive. An attractive Black hole gives you fun while playing.

Different Location Area With Challenges

There are different locations available in Attack Hole apk, If you feel bored while playing in the same location for a long time. Locations are the Blue Sea, Whispering Waves, White Sand, Green coconut tree, etc. All items are arranged in different shapes, like circles, squares, etc. The inner part is covered with small items while the outer part is with Big weapons. Your black hole gets bigger with every minute, And follow the line direction to move quickly in one direction. Attack Hole game starts from conquer a level, then as per your progress, your difficulty will increase. 

Collect All Combat Weapons

In Attack Hole apk, you are placed in between full of weapons. As a game player, Task is to collect weapons from different places within the time range. If you want to buy some premium weapons, Then visit the game store where you find all premium weapons.

Provides Support Skill 

Sometimes many peoples get stuck in between the fight and lose the game due to low fighting skills. To help users Attack hole mod apk provides a Support skill feature that can be accessed from the top left corner of the screen. This feature helps users to enhance their fighting skills during the game.

Earn Rewards

After completing every level in the Attack hole game, you will earn money that help you to upgrade the black hole, such as its movement speed and absorption speed etc.

Features Of Attack Hole Mod Apk

Unlock All Premium Feature 

There are lots of iteams available in the Attack Hole game, These items are important to move next levels which takes too much time. Now With Attack Hole mod apk unlimited money, you get all premium items and features for free. Without using the money you can use diamonds and gold coins to unlock new skins, weapons, characters, etc.

Without Spending Money Remove All Ads  

In the base version of Attack Hole, You see there are lots of ads and videos that are interrupting you while playing this game. Using the Attack Hole Mod apk, These unwanted ads are removed. So Enjoy the game and get an amazing gameplay experience!

How to Download Attack Hole Mod APK on Mobile?

  1. To Attack Hole Mod Apk Download on Mobile, Follow the steps:
  2. Using your Mobile, Open the website from your Browser.
  3. Into this Website find a search box, Type “attack hole mod apk” and press enter.
  4. Open the first article of it, and Read carefully about This App.
  5. Scroll down, At the end of the article, find the green download button.
  6. Click the download button and wait for 6-7 seconds.
  7. Again, Click On the download button, and the download will be started.

How to Install Attack Hole Mod APK?

To install the Attack Hole Mod Apk on your Android device, Here are the steps to follow.

  1. In your Mobile, Open the Settings app and find Security Option.
  2. Search and Enable the “Unknown Resources” option in the Security option.
  3. Then find and open Attack Mod Apk download file from Mobile’s File Manager.
  4. Allow the App permission and installation to start.
  5. The last step, Open the app and enjoy this game on mobile.

FAQs of Attack Hole Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Q. How Much Storage Is Required To Download Attack Hole Apk On Mobile?

A total of 147.77 MB is required to download Attack Hole Apk on Mobile.

Q. Is It Safe To Attack Hole Mod Apk Download on Mobile? 

Yes, Download Attack Hole Mod Apk on Mobile Is 100% Safe. It is totally virus free and also tested by our developers.

 Q. Can I Play Attack Hole – Black Hole Games Mod game On Offline Mode?

Yes, You can play this Game Offline without any internet connection.

Q. How Can I Download Attack Hole Mod Apk On My Mobile?

To download this premium mod apk game on your mobile, Click on the download button below to Attack hole mod apk download for free.

Conclusion Of Attack Hole – Black Hole Games Mod APK

Attack Hole mod apk is an arcade game that offers users a seamless game experience with simple control. In this game, within a limited time, you can collect your targeted weapons which helps you to increase your decision-making skills. So you can find the link below, click on it and attack hole mod apk download on your mobile today!!

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