Boom Beach Mod APK Latest Version v52.91 for Android


App Name Boom Beach Mod APK
Latest Version v52.91
Publisher Supercell
Platform Android
Download Size 437.03 MB
Require Android Version 4.1 and up
App Category Strategy
Price Free
Table of Contents

Boom Beach Mod APK is a strategy game developed by Supercell, known for its blend of real-time strategy, and resource management. You have to collect resources like gold, stone, and iron to improve your building and defenses. This game involves attacking other players’ bases and NPC bases using different types of troops like riflemen and tanks. You can experience your journey on islands and seas. Players have to build their base with different kinds of buildings. You can join other online gamers in Boom Beach. Players have to protect their island from enemies and you can increase your army to save the island. This game combines strategic depth, tactical combat, and community interaction. Boom Beach Mod APK is a popular game because it’s easy to play but offers lots of strategic challenges.


Features of Boom Beach Mod APK

Build Your Headquarters and Protect By Army

You can build your headquarters on the island and conquer it with the army. You have to protect your HQ from enemies.

Improve Your Armies and Reinforce for Defence

The player can choose their tractors and armies who have unique abilities and make powerful teams to defend the enemies. 

Control Resources to Upgrade Your Armies

You can control your resources on the island and you can upgrade your armies so it will be easy for you to defend your enemies.

Amazing Rewards in Weekly Events

This game has weekly events in which players can win amazing rewards, and upgrade their headquarters.

Battle Gameplay

People can enjoy battleship gameplay in this game. You can choose powerful character of this game and fight with enemies and win the game.

Unlimited Money and Diamonds

You get unlimited money and diamonds in this game. It can help you out from different situations. You can purchase whatever you want bu using unlimited money and diamonds.

Stunning Graphics

Players can enjoy tower defence battles in this game. It has stunning 3D graphics, beautiful environment, towers, visual effects with high quality in this game.


Boom Beach Mod APK is popular and strategy game for Android. You can unlock any levels by using unlimited coins in this modified version. This game is totally free to play. It is an very exciting game. So who like this type of game play once.

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