Euro Truck Evolution Mod APK Latest Version v4.2 for Android


App Name Euro Truck Evolution Mod APK
Latest Version v4.2
Publisher Ovidiu Pop
Platform Android
Download Size 325.2 MB
Require Android Version 5.0 and up
App Category Simulation
Price Free
Table of Contents

Euro Truck Evolution Mod APK is an amazing game for Android. It gives you an engaging driving experience with different European trucks. This game has beautiful and realistic graphics. The player can customize their vehicles with various parts. You can drive through detailed maps of European cities, countryside, and highways, encountering dynamic weather conditions. This modified version includes a multiplayer mode, where players can drive together or compete in challenges. Players can earn money from deliveries, and upgrade their trucks. You can buy more trucks by using unlimited money.


Features of Euro Truck Evolution Mod APK

Travel In 20 Cities

In Euro Truck Evolution Mod APK, you must travel to twenty real European cities such as Berlin, Paris, etc. Players can travel and explore new places in Europe. You can choose any city in Europe and explore the city. Each city has unique features and attractions.

Multiplayer Modes

This game provides a multiplayer mode for playing with family and friends. You can play as a team and have lots of fun while traveling. This mode enables players to drive on the same road, form convoys, and complete delivery tasks together.

Earn money and Buy Trucks, Cars

Players can earn money by completing various delivery contracts and transporting goods across diverse European locations. When players complete tasks without damaging the cargo players can get rewards and earn money. This money can be used to purchase new trucks, and cars, and customize them.

Easy Interface

The interface of Euro Truck Evolution is designed to be intuitive and immersive, providing players with all the necessary tools and information for a seamless trucking experience. 

Dynamic Weather

The game simulates realistic weather conditions and changes in time of day, which impact driving visibility and road conditions.

Unlimited Money

You get unlimited money in Euro Truck Evolution Mod APK to buy any trucks and upgrade them.


Euro Truck Evolution Mod APK offers an engaging and realistic truck-driving simulation experience. With its detailed graphics, diverse European locations, and a variety of authentic trucks. Features such as dynamic weather conditions, a day/night cycle, and amazing gameplay. Overall, Euro Truck Evolution provides a rich, immersive, and satisfying simulation experience.

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