I am Fish Download APK v1.9 Download for Android Device (Unlimited Money)


Game Name I am Fish APK
Version v1.9
Developers DECX PRO 
Publisher  Curve Games
Platforms Android
Category Adventure
Size 20.6MB
Mode Single-player
Required Android Version Android 4.4+ and Up
Price Free
Table of Contents

Information of I am Fish Download APK

I am Fish Download game is an easy to play video game on android device. I am Fish APK game is published by Curve Games. In this game there are 3 fishes in a bowl. The player has to get the fish out of the bowl and reach the sea. As this is a simulation game, the player will also experience the real life of fish and marine life while playing the game. Hay Day Mod Apk Game gives you the experience of how to plow real land.

The player takes the responsibility of returning the fish from the sea to the sea. So the fish is reunited with its family. When a fish moves away from its family, it starts life from scratch in a new location. There those fish get a new environment. I am Fish Game Download Android has to fulfill the goal. So all the fish have to be taken out of the cage.

I am Fish Download APK is a logic game among other simulation games. The player has to solve more and more puzzles to reach the end of the game. Only then we can go to the end of the game. The road will be closed at many places on the way. So you should have such strength that you can deliver the fish to its place. The player playing I am fish apk is very important to get the fish to his friends in the game. If you want to play another simulation game then download Farming Simulator 16 Mod APK game.

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About I am Fish Game Download Android

In I am Fish Download APK the fish follow four brave men who leave home to live in the IMF. These fish make their way by themselves by swimming and flying. Barnardshire is the smallest country in England where fish make their way from the sea. If you want to experience other fish game then hungry shark mod apk install on your mobile phone.

Learn amazing things about these 3 fish in I am Fish for Android game. One of the first known natural swimmers is the goldfish. He lives a very happy life and is also adventurous. Pufferfish are very slow moving fish. But those fish are very friendly. Which can fly as well as land. Last is the piranha fish which is an unpredictable animal. He bites everyone a lot because he loves to bite.

The fish in I am Fish APK can sometimes get away, but they have soft hearts and can even fly through the air. This brave player will leave no stone unturned to get those fish to mate. Swimming, flying, cutting and flip-flopping are all very exciting in this game. Also, check out the overdrive II mod apk game which gives you fun moments.

While playing I am Fish Download APK, the player will be sent back to where they started the game when they fall from the air or get caught. Before you reach the end of the game you reach an ocean filled with waterfalls and dirty aliens. Goldfish has to be brought out. It faces many difficulties in the sea.

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Gameplay of I am Fish Game Download Android

In the I am Fish Download APK for Android the player has to face some difficulties while progressing in the levels. Out of the 3 fishes, in I am fish, the golden fish faces this problem. That fish tries to remove all these difficulties but this difficulty is not so easy to remove that it is removed immediately. Overcoming that difficulty is also very difficult. If the player wants his fish to stay on the walls, all this difficulty is immediately removed. But for that, the fish needs to be provoked. If you want to play another such simulation game then Farming Simulator 19 Mod APK is best for you.

I am Fish APK Download game is a fun game as you can think of bringing the fish back home while playing the game. There are many difficulties to face in this game. So keep listening to those fish. Avoid trouble so it stays safe. The hearts of these 3 fishes are very soft and they can even fly in the air. Ask to bring these fishes together; Adi will leave no stone unturned. If you want to play this kind of action game then download Free Fire Mod apk right now.

Play sports game score match apk to enjoy real football on your android with unlimited money features. And cricket 19 android download to play the best cricket game.

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Features of I am Fish Download APK For Android

3D Graphics 

3D graphics is an attractive design. The graphics experience is very authentic. Enjoy all the levels in the game. You will face a lot of trouble in it. Some difficulties can even scare the player. The realism experience in the game is very fun. It also has an immersive sound system. This system is very attractive. In it, the player will feel as if he is at the bottom of the sea, listening to the bubbles of the fishes. Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK game gives players a realistic feel due to the 3D graphics.


I am Fish APK game has multi-language supported just like FIFA mobile mod apk. So that all the players of the country can enjoy the game.

Play as Fish

I am Fish Game Download Android In the game, fish play the role of sea life. From the beginning to the end of the game there are many difficulties to face. You have to overcome difficulties to come to the sea. Which will test your patience. The game has many more difficulties and it is necessary to overcome them. If you want to play a different type of simulation game on your android device then spaceflight simulator mod apk download. Where you will experience real space travel.

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Simple Controls

I am Fish Download APK is a simulation game similar to the Minecraft apk download. which allows you to return to your home. You can control the fish in your bowl. So it makes it easy for the players to play this game. By controlling the fish you can return to the sea water.

A Fish Simulator

You can choose from a wide range of different games. Designed to keep players on mobile longer. If you love to play simulation games then I am fish apk game is best for you. You will face some difficulties in the game. On the way, there will be more and more difficulties to reach the end of the game which is very important to overcome. You have to return to your target. From where you start the game, you make your own way to the sea. Another simulator game is called World of Airports Mod Apk, In this game, you can take off and land your planes as per passengers’ requirements.

No Ads

You can play without ads while playing I am Fish Download APK. I Am Fish APK for Android can be played for free. There are no third-party ads. Hill Climb Racing 2 Mod APK game also does not contain any kind of third-party ads.

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How to Download I am Fish APK on Mobile?

  • Search modapkpures.com website for “I am Fish APK” on the browser.
  • Click and open I am Fish APK.
  • Scroll through the article to find the download button.
  • Get the green download button.
  • Press the download button.
  • Game download complete.

How to Install I am Fish Download APK for Android Device?

  • First, open the download file.
  • Click on the download file.
  • Click on Install button.
  •  Wait for the installation process to complete.
  •  After installing you can start playing.

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FAQs – I am Fish Download APK

Q. Can I am fish apk play on an Android device?

Yes, I am fish apk can be played on android devices.

Q. Can we download the I am Fish download apk for free?

Yes, you can download the I am Fish Download APK for free.

Q. How can I download I am Fish apk on my mobile phone?

To download I Am Fish APK game check the download section we mentioned in this article and follow the given steps to download the game.

Q. Is I am fish apk free download game a multiplayer game?

No, you can play I am fish apk free download game in single-player game mode only.

Q. How long can I play this game?

The gameplay of this game is around 10 hours but it becomes more interesting when you start playing the game.

Q. How many levels are there in I am Fish download apk game?

I am fish download apk game has 13 levels all the levels are very long.

Conclusion – I am Fish Download

I Am Fish apk game is an interesting game for players. It offers multiple levels, attractive graphics and interesting gameplay. The game includes various achievements and leaderboards so you can compare scores with players from around the world. Players can enjoy due to the controls in the game and the features provided.

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