Tekken Tag Tournament APK Download v3.908 Free for Android Devices 2024


Game Name Tekken Tag APK Download
Publisher Bandai Namco
Latest Version v3.908
Download File Size 101 MB
Platform Android
Required Android  Android 4.1 and Up
Mode Multiplayer Mode
Category Action
Price  Free
Table of Contents

Tekken Tag APK Download Game is a different game from all Tekken series for your Android device. Tekken tag game is published by a developer named Bandai Namco Entertainment. Out of all the Tekken game series, this series is the best and most fun to play.

About Tekken Tag APK Download

Tekken Tag Tournament APK Download The game is a fighting game. Which you can play on any of your devices. Many fighting games like GTA 4 download for android game are available on google play store. But Tekken has no competition for any series. Not all of these Tekken games are available on Google Play Store or App Store. So you can easily download the game on your devices from the file we provide you to download. Apart from this you can also check Tekken 7 apk download game.

In Tekken Tag APK game you are provided with several characters at the beginning of the game. Such as Kunimitsu, Kazuya Mishima, Jack-2, Bruce, Kuma / Panda, Lee, Jun, Julia, Ganryu, and much more. All those characters have different variations and skills. Like styles, moves, abilities, skills, and more. Before playing the game you have to make moves to defeat the opponents. Apart from this, the 2D graphics make the game feel very interesting. In Tekken 3 APK Download game you can perform moves to defeat your opponents.

Tekken Tag Download APK game allows you to play in multiplayer with your friends and players from around the world. In which you can choose your opponents by creating a separate match. Also you can customize your character. You have to focus on the moves you make against the opponents and defeat the opponents. You can also customize your character in Mini Militia Mod APK and Worm zone mod apk game.

Tekken Tag APK

Tekken Tag APK: What is it?

Tekken Tag APK was released by Bandai Namco. This game can be easily played by kids and adults. You can download this game in any of your devices. Like Android and iOS. The game has many favorite characters. All characters have different skills. Which makes people very attracted to the game. In it you can perform moves to fight against opponents. Players have to concentrate on those moves to succeed.

Gameplay of Tekken Tag Tournament APK for Android Devices

Tekken Tag APK Download Game is the best action and fighting game. Which you can easily play on any of your devices just like Tekken 6 APK Download game. The game looks very attractive due to the 2D graphics provided in the game. In this game you can choose your own character. You will fight against powerful opponents. Also, the game includes multiple players. Like Kunimitsu, Kazuya Mishima, Kuma / Panda, Jack-2, Bruce, Lee, Jun, Julia, Ganryu, Heihachi Mishima, Bryan Fury, Anna Williams, Gun Jack, ArmorKing, Michelle and much more. In this game you have all the moves, abilities, and skills to fight against the opponents.

Tekken Tag Tournament game you can enjoy playing with your friends and other people in multiplayer mode. In Tekken Tag game you can choose your character. You can also create matches in the game and you can also choose opponents to fight against you. The option to customize your characters is available in the game. By using it you can improve the skills of the characters. Don’t miss out Dude Theft Wars Mod APK mobile game.

How Does Tekken Tag APK Work on Android?

  • First, open the tekken tag apk download game and click on the PLAY option on the page
  • No need to allow permission. So click on Allow to proceed further
  • Get a message related to creating a folder on your device storage to save game data so click on OK
  • See different options such as Exit, Coin, Start, and Other Option so you can use the Coin option to increase credits, start to game start, Exit for game exit, and option to get other options 
  • Select 2 player characters one by one to start the fight
  • Game is ready to play

What’s the New Characters of Tekken Tag APK Download

Kunimitsu Kazuya Mishima Kuma
Panda Jack-2 Bruce
Lee Jun Julia
Ganryu Heihachi Mishima Bryan fury
Anna Williams Gun Jack ArmorKing
Michelle Baek Ling Xiaoyu
Yoshimitsu Nina Williams Forest Law
Hwoarang Eddy Gordo Paul Pheonix
King Lei Roger
Ogre True Ogre Tetsujin / Mokujin
Devil Kazuya /Angel P.Jack Wang.

Tekken Tag Download APK

Different Game Mod in Tekken Tag Tournament APK

Tekken tag apk download game offers a variety of game modes. From which you can choose any mode to play. All these modes you can play on Android devices:

Practice Mode  

In this game you can practice and improve your skills by using Practice Mode same as aim carrom mod apk game. Also in this mode you can learn combos and moves. This mod can increase the dummy ability of the players. Not only that but you can play the mod and test the skills of all the characters.

Gallery Mode

The game also features a gallery mode where you can unlock artwork, movies and other additional content.

Arcade Mode

In this arcade mode, as you progress through the levels, the fight will become very difficult. The boss fight after 10 fights will be very difficult.

Time Attack Mode

In time Attack mode you have to defeat the opponents within the time limit.

Survival Mode

In this mode you will not be able to fight all opponents at once. One of the rules of tekken tag apk download game is that you have to fight against all opponents in 1 life. So you can battle against a random opponent. In Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK game you will also try to fight against enemies.

Team Battle Mode  

In Team Battle Mode you can create your team and compete against other teams. Also you can play this mod on all devices.

Play as a Team

You may be tempted to fight. Like 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4 and more. Thus you can play by creating different matches.

1 ON 1

In this mode you can choose this option if you want to fight against 1 opponent. 

Get another Tekken game Tekken 4 APK Download to play different modes in gameplay.

Tekken Tag Tournament APK

Features of Tekken Tag Tournament APK

Real Experience

This Tekken Tag game is different from all the games in the Tekken series. In it you can choose 2 characters in one match. In the game you can get a chance to play with both characters simultaneously. You can customize your characters and give them a new look. This game must be played once to get the real feel of the game.


Tekken Tag Download All characters in the game attack 10 times, the last attack is very devastating. All these combos are very difficult for your characters to learn. Such as Jin Kazama, Paul Phoenix and Brian’s Wrath.


Tekken Tag APK Download The game has several types of controls just like fifa mobile mod apk unlimited money and gems. You can enable and disable those controls from the settings menu. You can use Bluetooth on your device. The controls in the game are very simple so that you can easily enjoy playing the game.

HD Graphics

Tekken Tag Download APK Game provides HD graphics for all devices. We provide you the files to play the game easily on your device without losing the graphics. This game works on any kind of device. Such as, Android, iOS, tablets and more. You can adjust the graphics as per your requirement.


All the characters in the game make the game very interesting. All those players bring their moves and ability. Apart from this, you can choose your character as per your choice due to the features provided in the game. If you want to customize those characters, you are also provided with an option so that you can easily customize your character.

100% Safe and Secure

You can get this game from different websites with the help of internet but not all websites are safe. So you should download the game from a reputable website. We allow you to download the game at no cost. These files are 100% safe and secure.

Tekken Tag Game


You can also play offline with your friends or others. You don’t need internet to play this offline game. So you don’t need to connect to the internet.


You can play a game online with your friends. If you want to play online with your friends then you need to use internet connection.


A total of 32 characters are provided in tekken tag apk download game. In which Dr.B and Gon are other new guest characters. All these characters have different skills. You can defeat the opponents with the help of those characters. Another fighting game stickman warriors mod apk considered 100+ fighters. 

Special Moves

Tekken Tag Download APK Players can use combos and moves with the help of characters in the game. He has at least 15 moves that he can use. You have to click the button to use that move. Thus you can win the game by fighting against the opponents.


You can play this game with your friends in multiplayer mode. In which you can experience the real fight. With the help of internet you can join peer game and enjoy this game with your friends.

Character Evolution

It is important to understand the moves of all the characters given in the game because all those characters bring attacks with them. Each of his moves teaches a combo hit. In this game you can choose your characters and play with them as long as you want. You can play the story mode to improve your game. As you progress in the Tekken Tag APK game, you will be able to acquire more powerful characters.

Special Attacks

Each of the 32 different characters you use in the game have different moves. All of them help you become a winner in the game. Those characters are even more effective than a 10-hit combo. It takes a few seconds to perform the move.

Free Access

Tekken Tag APK Download game can be played on all platforms. You can easily download this game on your Android device. But this game we allow you to download completely safe and free. So you can download the game safely without any cost.

Easy to Play

Any new players do not face any difficulties in the tekken tag download game as this game is designed in a very simple way.


Each character has a different move and it takes one second to execute that move. This move also comes with some complications that drain your opponent’s health.


In this game we provide you unlockable gallery for you to complete certain tasks. So you can explore things like movies and artwork.

Intense Fight Battle

Tekken tag apk is a team fight game and in the normal version of the game you have to select 2 different player characters and control them during fighting. Use differnet moves against opponent players to beat them. Also, fighters can switch their position in the middle of the game if a player loses their energy. 

Tekken Tag Download

How to Download Tekken Tag APK Download on Mobile?

If you want to play the game on your Android device then you must download the game from this article:

  • You search for “Tekken Tag APK Download” on your mobile browser.
  • Find the modapkpures.com result from the given result and click on it.
  • Scroll the article to get the download button.
  • Then click on download button.
  • Click on the download link and wait for 10 seconds.

How to Install Tekken Tag Tournament APK Download for Android Devices?

If the game has been successfully downloaded on your device, you will now need to install the game. The installation process is as follows:

  • To install the game you need to allow unknown sources in Android settings before the installation process.
  • Open the downloaded file.
  • Click on Install button.
  • In 10 seconds, your installation process will be complete.

FAQs – Tekken Tag Tournament APK Download

Q. How do you unlock characters in tekken tag apk?

If you play on your Android devices, the characters in the game will be unlocked.

Q. How to download this game?

You can easily download from our website.

Q. Is Tekken tag tournament game available for Android device?

Yes, this game Tekken Tag Tournament game is available for Android devices. It will unlock all the characters for you.

Q. Can Tekken tag apk download game be used for free?

Yes, you can use it for free on Android devices. You don’t need to pay anything for it.


Tekken Tag Tournament APK provides all the features in the new version of the game. So people always think about downloading this version. Tekken tag apk download game provides several modes by playing which you can improve your skills in the game. To download the game we have provided you the download link in this article. If you face any problem in downloading the game you can ask in the comment section.

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