Tekken 7 APK + OBB Download for Android Latest version 2023 (35 MB)


Game Name Tekken 7 APK Download
Latest Version v7.0
Platforms Android
Game Style Action
Download Size 35MB
Mode Multiplayer Mode
Requirement Android 5.0+ and Up
Price Free
Table of Contents

Introduction of Tekken 7 APK Download

If you are looking for the best fighting game for android device then install this Tekken 7 apk download game right now. Tekken 7 game was first released by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc for PC but now Android version is also available. There are multiple players playing this game in the world who enjoy all the features of the game. If you want another action game like Tekken 7 APK then you can play Tekken 6 APK Download game.

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What is Tekken 7 APK?

Tekken 7 APK is a fighting game similar to GTA 4 Download for Android game that you can easily play on your Android mobile. For some time you will be able to use all the features of the game. But then you have to pass certain levels to use the features. You can play this game in both single and multiplayer modes. Apart from this, If you want to play another fighting game then shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk download and shadow fight 2 mod apk titan on a mobile device.

Try the best action game uncharted 4 game download for Android to enjoy excellent action games.

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Gameplay of Tekken 7 APK Download for Android Device

Tekken 7 Download for Android game is an easy-to-play exciting game similar to Castle Crush Apk Mod. In this game, you have to fight. When playing any of these battles, planning is required first. Also, plan at the beginning of this game. In Tekken 7 game the player can take the help of certain technologies and tools. You have to play the game by following some rules in the game. Just like this game in Tekken 3 apk download game also you have to follow the rules to play the game.

Tekken 7 APK download game and tekken 5 apk game both can be played in single and multiplayer modes. This village has many characters as many great fighters. At the start of the game, the participant can select his favorite character. In the beginning, you will be able to select a single character only after that the second player will be unlocked. You have to pay coins to buy a new player. You can customize your characters only with the help of money in both Tekken 7 and Garena free fire mod apk games.

Players have to play through multiple moves while fighting in the game. Like, flying, jumping, kicking and punching, etc. This game is not on the play store so you download it from the link given in this article and enjoy. Similar fighting game Dead target mod apk download to fight with zombies.

Popular action video game if you want then BGMI mod apk download and get access to premium features for free.

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What’s new in Tekken 7 APK Download?

  • Considering the graphics this game is quite easy to work
  • Free use of all premium features after updating to a new version
  • New characters are added and all those characters are unlocked.
  • Added 2 popular players Panda and Kuma to the game.
  • Rage Drives, Power Crush and Rage Arts mechanics are newly added.
  • Play with characters without unlocking
  • play this game in online and offline
  • New missions and Levels can be changed

Tekken 7 APK Player Characters List

Alisa Bosconovitch Asuka Kazama Bob
Bryan Fury Devil Jin Dragunov
Eddy Gordo Eliza  Feng Wei
Heihachi Mishima Hwoarang Jack 7
Jin Kazama Kazuya Mishima King
Kuma Lars Lee Chaolan
Leo Lili Ling Xiaoyu
Marshall Law Miguel Nina Williams
Panda Paul Phoenix Steve Fox

Tekken 7 Game Download for Android Mobile

Features of Tekken 7 Game Download for Android Mobile


Since tekken 7 apk download game for Android is a modded version of Pc, can’t expect graphics. The graphics provided in this game are perfect as per the game. You can easily play on your device as the game size is small.

Different Characters

Tekken 7 Download for Android or WWE 2k download for android offers you various types of characters. All players already have additional types of controls, moves and abilities. There are more than 35 powerful characters in the Tekken 7 game. Which helps you to fight in the war. At the beginning of this game only you can choose one character. As you progress further in the game you can unlock other characters.

Easy Controls

Controls and rules are very important for fighting any game. Because you have to play excellent moves to beat your opponent, for that, advanced features are provided very well in this game. Tekken 7 allows you to control buttons on the game screen to easily control the game like Stickman Warriors Apk Mod.

Offline and Online Mode

You can play Tekken 7 APK Download game in both online and offline modes. This mode has many advantages. If you don’t have an internet connection you can play the game in offline mode. The good thing about it is that it doesn’t come with any ads. So you can play easily. Apart from this you can connect your friends in the game with the help of the internet and play with them. Besides, want to play ninja games then Rope Frog Ninja Hero Mod Apk Download, and you will have amazing powers in this game.

New Mechanics and Moves

Tekken 7 was nothing like the moves and mechanics in the game’s flagship series. If you properly use “Rage Drives”, “Power Crush” and “Rage Arts” as moves and mechanics, you will find the gameplay of this game very interesting.


More than 30 characters are available in tekken 7 apk game. From those characters, you can select and play the character as per your choice. Because you can unlock all the characters in the game. Characters that will be unlocked once you complete certain levels.

Amazing Gameplay

If the players do not get a good experience playing any game, that game loses popularity. That’s why Tekken 7 apk download game provides higher graphics and better characters. Also it is fine to use different moves. So that the players can get a better experience. Also, you can use this game experience at the GTA India download and GTA 6 download apk game.

Upgrade in New Version

The graphics and features in this version of the game have undergone some changes from the original series. You can easily control this version.

Different Modes of Tekken 7 Download for Android

Multiplayer Mode

Tekken 7 Download can play the game both online and offline. You can play in any mode you like to play. In online mode, you can play with your buddies or household. And can challenge them to fight a war. Mini Militia Mod APK and GTA 5 apk mod Similar games to this game is available for you.

Practice Mode

The game first of all provides you with a practice mode. So you can try out the techniques and moves in the game. So you can check how it works. And those techniques and moves you can use well in the game. As you practice the game you can play better. God of War 3 Download for Android and mortal kombat apk mod now to enjoy another action game’s training mode.

Training Mode

Playing the game in this mode is an entertainment. In which this mode provides you to practice professionally. Also it helps you to learn your skills in this mode. As you practice more you will have more chance to win the game.

Exercise Mode

This mod helps you become a pro player in Tekken 7 apk download game. Also you can try out all the moves in the game by playing this mode. By playing this mode you can compete in the game.

Story Mode

In this mod you can experience using different characters. As you progress through the game you will fight against a series of opponents. In Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK game you will be able to progress in the game by facing challenges.

Arcade Mode

In Arcade Mode, you can fight a series of opponents as you progress through the levels.

Versus Mode

In this mode you can easily play with other players and with the computer.

Tekken 7 Download for Android

How to Download Tekken 7 Download for Android Devices?

You can easily download Tekken 7 apk on mobile. Download by observing the procedure given below:

  • First of all, you visit the games website which is modapkpures.com.
  • After clicking on that website, click on search.
  • Type Tekken 7 apk download there.
  • Tekken 7 game post will appear on your screen.
  • Scroll through that post.
  • There you are given the download button for this game.
  • Click on that download button.
  • So the process will start. Wait for a while and it will download.

How to Install Tekken 7 Download for Mobile?

The installation will be required after the download process is successful. Below is the complete installation process for you:

  • It will ask for some permission to install, allow it.
  • First, allow unknown sources from settings to install on your phone.
  • Wait for the installation to take a few minutes relying on your internet connection.
  • Once it is installed you can run the game on your device.

FAQs – Tekken 7 APK Download

Q. How do I download tekken 7 game to my device?

To download tekken 7 game we provide you the download link in this article. You can easily download it.

Q. What is the game size of Tekken 7 apk?

Tekken 7 APK is 35 MB of the game.

Q. How many characters are available in this game?

More than 30 characters are available in this game. You can choose any of them and play the character.

Q. Tekken 7 apk download Does it cost to use the premium features in the game?

No, you can use premium features in Tekken 7 APK Download game for free.

Q. Is it safe to download Tekken 7 APK game from this website?

Yes, it is safe to download Tekken 7 APK game from this website of ours.


Tekken 7 apk Download is an action android game. The game provides two new unique and special modes for the players. The first is related to Rage Art and the second to Power Crush. Both of these methods deal more damage to your enemies. In addition to this, Power Crush is a method that continuously hits enemies.

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