Used Car Tycoon Mod APK v23.6.7 (Unlimited Money, VIP)


Game Name Used Car Tycoon Mod APK
Latest Version v23.6.7
Publisher Supermt
Platforms Android
Game Category Simulation
Download File Size 224MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Requirement Android 4.4 and Up
Get it on Google Play Icon
Price Free
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Used Car Tycoon Mod APK is an amazing simulator game where players can play the role of a used car dealership owner. You will progress in the game as the player will attract his new customers to buy the car and be able to create a good situation for the customers in time. Buy old and used cars and refurbish them like replacing worn-out parts with new ones, giving old cars a new look. In the next levels in car tycoon game you will get many different opportunities.

Used Car Tycoon Game

Introduction of Used Car Tycoon Mod APK

Used Car Tycoon Game Mod APK game presents old car dealership gameplay. The game incorporates many different ideas and different elements. In the Used Car Tycoon Game you depend on strategy and ability to create something according to your wish. For a successful business in the game you have to use your ability to complete the target. You will have access to any vehicle of your choice in the game. You just need to act properly.

In Used Cars Tycoon Mod APK game you have to attract customers to buy old and used cars. You have to replace broken and worn parts with new parts to give that old used vehicle a new look. So that the customers are attracted towards buying the car. So you have to be skilled in the art of repairing damaged vehicles. You can choose a vehicle from a selection of different vehicles like taxis, mini trucks, sedans, minivans, SUVs, minis and more. In addition, you can use quality waste, items and scraps from automobiles.

Used Cars Tycoon Mod APK

Used Car Tycoon APK: What is it?

Used Car Tycoon APK game is one of the best simulation games. In this game you have to make old and used cars and sell them to customers. You have to repair the old car and make it new. Then you have to attract customers to buy the vehicle. By expanding your business you can open a big showroom and become a businessman.

Used Car Tycoon Mod APK: What is it?

Used Car Tycoon Mod APK is an improved version of the original version. In which you can use all the premium features for free. In addition you can enjoy an ad-free interface in the game. Unlock all the missions in the game you can play any mission you want. You can also get upgrade tools to make your old purchased car a new one for which you can get an unlimited amount.

Used Car Tycoon

Gameplay of Used Car Tycoon Game Mod APK

In the Used Cars Tycoon Mod APK game you can do business. Like buying old cars, repairing them and reselling them to customers. To repair the car you have to paint, repair the parts, wash the tires and do the interior of the car. You can convert old cars into new car. After that the price of the car became much higher than the original which you can sell in the market and get a good income.

Once you find a way to handle old cars you can open automated production to work with machines. In Used Car Tycoon game you will be a manager, salesman or repairman. Cover all your work with the ultra-wide camera angle. You can face your difficulties by using the helpline machine.

Used Car Tycoon APK Mod

Features of Used Car Tycoon Game Mod APK

Variety of Vehicles

In the Used Car Tycoon game you can design old cars and make new ones to attract customers. In the game you just have to bring the old car and make it new and sell it again. For that you have to diversify the car. You can use money to import vehicles into your garage to unlock different companies. Like cars, buses, trucks, supercars and sports cars.

Upgrade Everything

The important thing in this game is to upgrade the car. You can upgrade the car to give it a more attractive look. After this upgradation the interface of the car becomes more attractive so that the players get better profit. The machine needs to be repaired regularly to keep the car in good condition. The player has to pay a huge price for this type of upgrade. The more you upgrade, the more money you have to spend. It returns more money as compensation.

Car Models

You can find brands and models like cars, trucks, compact cars, small cars, sports cars and Lego cars. Besides, you can buy and sell everything from classic cars to machines. It is possible to collect parts from classic cars. There are many ways to buy a used car. You have to buy car parts and accessories from different stores. Thus you can assemble the car by assembling different parts.

Make a Lot of Money

Old used cars will be repaired. The car is displayed in front of the store. You have to talk to the customer and negotiate the price in a way that suits the customer. Customers pay an amount as compensation when you sell the vehicle. Thus you can collect more money in the game. You can use that money to expand your business and repair old cars. Apart from this you can also hire staff to get the job done.

Renovate Used Cars and Invest in Them

In the Used Car Tycoon Game you have to handle everything yourself. You should not think about hiring employees until the company is successful. You have to go all over to buy old used cars and use cranes to lift the cars. From that you have to repair and sell those cars to earn money. You can refurbish and refurbish a used car and turn it into a new vehicle. This type of car is sold at the price of a new car.

Amazing Storyline

The used Car Tycoon game is full of twists and turns. You have to help the villagers to repair roads and schools. Also to win the trophy you have to sponsor cars to the companies for the race. It has to help companies make cheap and useful cars. You have to deal with several car dealers to repair an old car.

Build Your Business

You can open a showroom to build your business in the game. It allows you to do everything from buying a used car to selling it. This is an easy way to make your business successful and increase the profit by expanding the factory area.

Used Car Tycoon APK

How to Download Used Car Tycoon APK Mod for Android?

  • Type the name Used Car Tycoon Mod APK on your device.
  • Then you find websites name.
  • Click on that website and open that post.
  • Scroll through the article to get the download button in the game.
  • There you will see a green color button click on it.
  • Wait for some time to complete the download process.

How to Install Used Car Tycoon Game on Mobile Devices?

  • Open the Settings app on mobile.
  • Then find the Unknown Resources option.
  • Enable that option is disabled in almost all devices.
  • Go to the downloaded file and click on it and click on install button.
  • Wait a few seconds and enjoy the game after the installation.

Conclusion – Used Car Tycoon Mod APK

In Used Car Tycoon Mod APK game you have to buy old used cars to make them new and sell them in the market. Thus you can progress in the game and open a car company. You will only need to repair the car and modify it. Also you are provided access to use all the premium features in the game Used Car Tycoon Game Mod APK for free. Convert vehicles and automobiles into new models in the game, sell them and start earning money.

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