GTA 5 v2.00 Download Free For Android [Mod + Unlimited Money]


Game Name GTA 5 Mod Apk
Latest Version v2.00
Publisher By Rockstar Game
Download Size 2.63 GB
Platform Android
Game Style Action
Mode Multiplayer Video Game
Required Android Version Android 5.0 and Above
Get it on Google Play Icon
Price Free
Table of Contents

Introduction of GTA 5 Mod APK 

GTA 5 mod apk is the most famous and exciting adventure action game. The game is also a popular action-adventure game develop in 2013 by RockStar games. The basic theme of the game is built on him working as a criminal with various partners in a virtual state.

The virtual state is an imitation of Southern California. Three different criminals complete the mission together. The game includes many types of different missions and adventures, you have to play the game and complete the task within the stipulated time. Similarly in GTA 4 Download for Android game also you have to play the game within the time limit.

GTA 5 Mod Download For Android

GTA 5 APK: What is it?

GTA 5 apk download in it you will have fights with the mafia, gangsters, and other strong reputed people. Inside the game, you are remind of your adventure or fight against the Polish. The latest version is available with a collection of different cars, and vehicles you can drive and go to other locations. You can play the game on smartphones, tablets, and other Android devices. Besides, if you want to become a real mafia in your city then Vegas Crime Mod Apk Download this game is similar to this one.

GTA V Download For Android

GTA 5 Mod APK: What is it?

The modified version of GTA 5 mod apk is available on the internet. GTA 5 mod download for android, which provides completely free for paid items. You can also use the premium features for free because the latest version of gta 5 apk mod is completely free.  Various missions are provided in the game. During the mission, one has to explore the locations in the open world. You can use vehicles and maps to explore locations. Can complete missions and earn money by doing various activities in the game. You can enjoy playing the game with your friends in multiplayer mode. Also, you can earn money by playing Mini Militia Mod APK game.

How To Play GTA 5 Mod APK on Android?

GTA 5 mod apk is the most popular action game. Not all criminal activities can happen in real life. You can do all criminal activities without any restriction in open world inside gta v mod apk. Within the game, you have to decide whether you want to be a good guy or a gangster and destroy the city. Influencers like Franklin, Michael, and Trevor will help you in the action inside gta v download mod apk.

Different missions will be given in gta 5 mod apk download. During the mission you will face many goons and encounters. To complete the mission you have to explore the locations of the world. You can use the map to explore the locations. During each mission, you have to explore the city streets, drive, kill people, and collect various weapons. You should be careful with the police because you will always be control by the police. GTA v download mod apk also has many mini missions that you have to complete while completing the mission, such as performing stunts, completely destroying the enemy, jumping from planes, and collecting military-grade weapons. There are also many rewards while completing missions in the game, which can be in the form of gold coins or money. Play action games and complete tasks easily.

All kinds of materials have to be bought to progress in the mission. GTA v mod apk download, which provides various tools and content for people to fight. The game provides various cars, vehicles, and planes to easily move from one place to another. The driving mechanism has become more interesting due to the transformation of many vehicles within the game. The player has to buy a lot of assets. To get the quick cash you have to buy various assets and participate in the trading market. The execution plan changes after each task is complete and then completing that task becomes interesting.

GTA v mod apk download also includes many other activities like yoga, water moto, parachute etc. GTA 5 mod apk download for android main objective is fun, so you can play the game easily. The difficulty increases as you complete each level, making the game more fun and exciting. If you want to play another action-fighting game then download the God of war 3 APK.

GTA 5 Apk Free Download

Features of GTA 5 Mod APK

The Explorer City

To complete the mission of GTA 5 mod apk, different cities of the world have to be explored. Explore the city streets and kill people, collect various weapons, and drive. Since the game has an open world environment, one can easily move from one place to another. Vehicles or maps can be use to explore the city.

The Changing of Characters

A character-switching feature is also provided within the game. Switching between characters is one of the most important aspects of gta 5 apk mod. The game allows the owner of three main characters, one of which can be control and the other two characters will spend their lives normally. Each character is completely different from each other.

Many Missions

GTA 5 mod apk download has different missions just like Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds. You have to explore different cities of the world to complete the mission. During the mission you will have to fight against various gangsters, kill people and collect various weapons, drive vehicles and perform various other activities. During the mission you will have to face many difficulties and challenges. In gta v download mod apk many mini missions are also provided, which you have to complete by performing various actions.

Realistic Graphics 

GTA 5 mod download for android because it has high-quality graphics. Every area from streets to villages, monumental buildings, and malls are design for imagination. The graphics give a realistic experience from the start to the completion of the mission. This level also extends the game’s vehicles from city to city using various cars, bicycles, and aircraft. The graphics are use in an open world environment with green and fantastic trees. The graphics are immense in all weapons and artillery shells. Dynamic weather is accompanied by a graphical feature, which gives you a realistic experience of different weather conditions while exploring cities around the world. This game is incredibly design for fun and excitement.

Friendly Control

GTA v mod apk download in one can have amazing fun with direct controls. Their controls are designed in a friendly, so that the user can enjoy the game without any difficulty. If you want to play the game with all fingers at once, you can change the on-screen controls in the game. Playing gta 5 mod apk download for android becomes easy.

Various Weapons

GTA 5 mod download for android has a huge collection of various weapons. You can’t do any attack without guns, grenades, smoke bombs, and other weapons in the game. Expensive weapons and cheap weapons are provided within the game thus around 45 weapons are provided. Which is actually more than any shooting game. You can win only 30 of the 45 weapons with your skills and the other 15 have to be purchased. Initially, 5 weapons will be available, you can buy new weapons by progressing in the game or by earning more money. Weapons you can find in houses or other places and take away from people. You can attack your enemies by using the highest type of weapons or the weapons that suit your needs. GTA India apk download to use the same weapons against opponents and kill them.

Interesting Online Sessions

The online server of gta 5 apk mod is monitoring the performance of all the players who are beating each other. Custom content is brought along to give the player a lot of exciting performance and entertainment. Exciting online sessions use open world locations to have fun and do crazy things with friends.

Leaving the Mission Incomplete

While playing gta 5 apk mod if you feel the mission is difficult to complete then you can skip it and exit. When you fail two or three times while trying to complete a mission, you will see an option to quit the mission.

Customize Clothes

Money can be earn by completing missions in gta 5 mod apk download. That money can be spent on customizing clothes. Clothing shops can be visited in the game. You can buy new clothes for your characters. Sportswear ranges from casual streetwear to high-end suits, through which you can give a different look to your character.

Deeply Developed Scenarios

Apart from an interesting or interactive environment and different characters, gta v download mod apk surprises with a real mission system. Combines many interesting and unique elements to introduce all the features and other mechanics of the game. Makes every action or scenario of the player potentially impactful. Each scenario is developed in detail.

High-Quality Screen

GTA v mod apk download has high quality and impressive screen. The high quality screen makes the players linger to give the player a realistic experience of various sports.

Customize the Car

The money you earn after completing missions can be spent on various things like car customization. The player is given various options on customizing the car. Options are provided to customize the color, brake, engine, and many other parts. The car customizes feature does not allow individual styling. Cars can be customize anywhere on the road.

Interesting Gameplay

The illegal activity of many gangsters in gta v mod apk brings dangerous and intense adventures. The game allows the player to join the ranks of many famous mafia or gangsters, which always puts the player in danger. Within the game the player can enjoy the game with complete freedom. Charismatic people like Franklin, Michael and Trevor have different fates, but their mission system is complex to advance their experience. It affects each player’s lifestyle, but it also has depth in each character’s interactions.

Multiplayer Mode

You can play gta v mod apk in Multiplayer mode. You can play by making a team of friends or playing with strangers. Your own custom lobby can be created. Tim makes it easy to explore streets of different cities.

Use the Map

You can use maps to explore the cities of the world. All buildings, forests and mountains can be seen using maps. Various weapons, other new items and city cans can be explore with the help of map.

Interesting Environment and Animation

It can interact with the environment to give the player a realistic experience, which makes the game more interesting and easier. Players can discover impressive effects by interacting with the environment and touching many objects. The player can drive all the vehicles within the gta 5 mod apk download and get the real experience.

GTA 5 Specialty

The specialty of gta 5 mod apk is that, you can run fast in the game, jump, jump out of the aircraft, swim in the water, and climb the walls during the mission. The player can interact with the atmosphere of the open world with all the activities, so he can have a real experience.

Driving Experience

GTA 5 mod apk download for android because it offers places in the open world environment. Each vehicle can be use to explore a city such as cars, bikes, boats and planes. You can experience different vehicles by driving each vehicle. Your driving skills will also improve.


Many awards are received during the completion of the mission within the gta 5 mod apk. The awards are in the form of gold coins and money, which helps to buy different things in the game. You can buy any kind of weapon and equipment. Enjoy the purchase game as you need.

Bounty Hunting

Bounty hunting helps earn money. Bounties can be found by going to the yellow blip on the map. The Internet can be use to search for bounties or collect them at any time of the day.

Mod Features of GTA 5 Mod APK

Multiple Locations

There are many places in the open world in the game. Different places are open based on the selected mode of player when playing the game. The map provided by the game helps you find the way around you. You can use a vehicle to go to different places. You can also tekken 5 apk Download to play games in different locations.

Unlimited Cash

In the GTA 5 Mode APK download you can make money by completing the mission. You can buy anything you want, including numerous things like clothing, weapons, vehicles, extra gold, and money. Completing the mission will help you buy money, guns, and many other items. Money helps to buy the item as needed to proceed in the mission.

Unlocked Features

As you progress further in the mission, the feature will be unlocked. The stimulation level will increase as the facility is unlocked helps to complete the mission. There are also many features that have been unlocked, so that the fun of playing the game can be fully enjoy.

How To Download GTA 5 Mod APK on Android?

  1. The first step is to open the website.
  2. Using the search box search ” GTA 5 Mod APK” and Find a Game name.
  3. Open the game-related article and find the download button.
  4. Click the Download button, which may take a few minutes to complete the download.
  5. After the download process is complete, follow the installation process below.

How to Install GTA 5 Mod APK on Android?

  1. Open the download file and get the install button.
  2. Click the install button and wait for a few seconds. 
  3. Open your mobile setting and allow unknown sources.
  4. Finish the installation and play the game.

FAQs GTA 5 Mod APK Game Related

Q. Can gta 5 mod apk download for free?

Yes, gta 5 mod apk download free for android devices.

Q. The gta 5 apk mod file is safe for my devices?

Yes, gta 5 apk mod file is completely virus free, so the device is not harm in any way.

Q. Are there ads while playing GTA 5 Mod APK?

No, there are no ads while playing the game, so you can enjoy the game.

Q. Can gta 5 apk mod be played online on android devices?

Yes, gta 5 mod download for android and enjoy playing the game.

Q. Is gta 5 apk mod available for iPhone?

No, gta 5 apk mod is not available for iPhone.

Q. Is gta v download mod apk easy to play on android devices?

Yes, gta v download mod apk is easy to play on android devices because its controls are friendly and all levels are full unlocked.

Final Thought

GTA 5 mod apk is the most popular open world action game. Offers an open world experience to play on Android devices. GTA v mod apk offers a realistic experience with high-quality graphics, different missions, vehicles, and weapons, so the game becomes more fun and attractive for GTA fans.

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