God of War 3 Download for Android v6.55 PPSSPP Free 2024


Game Name God of War 3
Latest Version v6.55
Publisher By Santa Monica Studio
Download Size 60.3MB
Platform Android
Game Style Action
Mode Single Player
Required Android Version Android 7.0 and Above
Get it on Google Play Icon
Price Free
Table of Contents

Overview of God of War 3 Download for Android

The god of war 3 download for android game is a new generation most playable action game. The game is developed by Santa Monica Studio. The file size of the game is    MB. Action-adventure based games are always better than other categories of games. Because the action game contains the most important elements in the game like characters, weapons, graphics, locations, and more. If you like that type of element shouldn’t miss downloading the god of war 3 apk. This game is now available for ios and tablet users. The gameplay requires the phone’s android 7.0 and up.

god of war 3 game for android free downloadPublishers always make a series of games only when its first part and chapter become very popular. So if the publisher has made part 3 as well, then you can measure the popularity of the game that how much fun the game will be. We are going to tell you everything about the God of War 3 game download for Android mobile and also provide the game download. Just you should see the complete article so that you can know about the game and then play easily. Tekken 7 APK Download game you can easily enjoy playing.

There are many peoples who find the best action-adventure games on the play store or websites then he or she should try the god of war 3 apk download for amazing actions. The number of game players has increased from the previous part of this game. Everyone wants to know what new thing would have come in the next part. The gameplay not required any hard skill or knowledge everyone can play to enjoy the best action game. if you want to play a different action-fighting video game then Tekken 4 apk download

God of War 3 APK: What Is It?

The god of war 3 game is best suitable for your devices. The game contains different levels like lowest, medium, hard, and extreme hardship. If you want to play the game with different locations player then the online mode is available for you. The game is only playable in single-player mode. The game is available for users online and offline. There are many things you can do manually such as fighting with weapons and shooting enemies. The game gives you many controls to handle enemies.

The Gameplay of The God of War 3 Game Download for Android Mobile

The game story developer takes from greek myth. The game starts from a delightful location with amazing characters such as Herman, Hercules, and Kratos. Kratos is the main player in The God of War 3 Game Download for Android Mobile. Basically, your player is Kratos in the game. The main goal of the Kratos is to fight enemies and kill them. Poseidon is the main opponent of the Kratos. The opponent caught Kratos near Crete island. Tekken 3 APK Download The main objective of the game is to defeat the opponents.

If you want to play mafia player character action game then install the gangstar vegas mod apk on your mobile.

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god of war 3 apk downloadWhen Karatos is in prison, all the prisoner’s eyes are on him. You should carefully play the god of war 3 download for android game because opponents come up with a great plan for the fight. In the enemies team, many monsters come together. When they come together then our players required good skill and weapons to kill or handle them. So, when you play the game in training mode you should try to carefully play the game. Tekken 6 APK Download The game consists of planning against your opponents and trying to defeat them.

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god of war 3 apkIn the offline mode, you get basic training in the game. We recommend you if you carefully finish the training then play the god of war 3 apk game in the online mode. In the training you learn all the fighting technic and skills then your player is able to fight with all opponents or enemies. During the game you won the match then the game will give you more resources and abilities so Kratos becomes a stronger player. As the story of revenge continues, Kratos, the main character, is tricked by the Olympian gods into killing his own family. GTA India download and shadow fight 2 mod apk to play the best action game.

Unique Features of God of War 3 Game Download for Android Mobile

Special Characters 

Kratos is the prime character in the game while Poseidon, Athena, Zeus, Hera, Helios, Hermes, Hades, and Aphrodite is other characters. Poseidon is the strongest opponent of the Kratos during the bloody fight. Zeus is another enemy of your player. The players have multiple various weapons for the fight. The player who has more weapons will be more powerful.Play another action game tekken 5 apk to meet amazing characters.

Easy to Hard Level

If you play the god of war 3 download for android then you know the game gives you the option to play different level games. Basically, in the game, you will get three to four types of different levels lowest levels, medium levels, hard levels, and extremely hard levels. If you are a new player then you should prefer the lowest to medium level for gameplay. When you are skillful then you should play a hard level or play the game online for better rewards. Cricket 19 android download to enjoy same types of levels in a sports game.

Playable on Different Devices

Amazing game god of war 3 download apk is free available on the internet. You can download it on devices like android, ios, and tablets. If you want to play this game on your windows then the game’s pc version is available on many websites. You can download it free from there.

HD Graphics

The best graphic is a necessary factor to the success of any game. God of war 3 android game contains almost poplar amazing graphics. The game improves its graphics more than the previous chapters. So, users enjoy every moment of the game. Sometimes you feel that you really enter the game’s world. Due to the graphics in the Mini Militia Mod APK game, the players can enjoy a lot.

Fantastic Action

God of war 3 game provides different action moves with special powers. You should use this superpower to defeat any enemies. Character improvement is also needed to upgrade players’ abilities. All your fighting skills are tested by tough opponents. So when you are playing the game in training mode, you should play carefully.

Totally Reliable, Secure & Free

If you fear about pay for the “god of war 3” download. Then don’t worry it is completely free available. God of war 3 download for android ppsspss is free from any viruses and malware. We scanned this game no harmful elements are found still. So, you can enjoy the game stressless. Fifa mobile mod apk download because it is also best sports game with full secure.

Weapons & Abilities

God of war 3 download for android now. You can use various weapons like the blades of Athena, blade of Olympus, gauntlet of Zeus, etc. These heavy weapons give you access to kill opponents. So, try to choose the best players and then improve players’ abilities to become champions in the game.

Playable Without Any Difficulty

First god of War 3 OBB file downloads for Android. Then the game gives you some basic training. You should carefully take basic fighting skills from training. So, you will able to fight hard enemies during various missions. All gaming elements give you the best experience. And no harmful things are available in the game which generally harmed mobile phones.

Impressive Storyline

This game’s story is interesting for all gamers. Prime character Kratos in this game. This game reveals a Greek story with a fighting game. Outstanding story-based game always attracts people. Greek gods are characters in this game and they always win in this game with best fight.

Beautiful Visuals

god of War 3 remastered download for Android now then check the beautiful visuals with amazing action moves. When fighting is hard that times you should check the glimpse of visuals.

Magnificient Power 

There are many gods in the game, and when there is a fight then their special abilities are astonishing. You can buy various items from the game store to increase the power of the deity. When we buy new weapons for the character, then our character’s ability also increases with them.

How to Download God of War 3 In Android Devices?

Follow the given steps to download the latest version of the god of war 3 apk to play on your mobile device. 

  1. Open modapkpures.com website.
  2. Search the article using the search box “god of war 3 download for android ”
  3. Open the article, Read and scroll
  4. Get the download link and click
  5. Wait for few a seconds to complete the download process

How to Install The God of War 3 Game Download for Android on A Smartphone?

Follow the given steps to install this video game.

  1. Open the downloaded file.
  2. Click on the install button
  3. Open settings and allow permission
  4. Let’s complete the installation process
  5. Enjoy playing this video game with your friends.

FAQs- God of War 3 Download for Android

Q.1 Is God of War 3 Download for Android available for PSP?

Yes, the god of war 3 is available for PSP. You can download it from bellow download button.

Q.2 Is God of War 3 available for Android Mobiles?

Yes, the god of war 3 apk is available for android and tablets.

Q.3 Has the power of Karatos increased in the God of 3 games?

Yes, the power of Kratos increased with level compilations.

Q.4 How many GB sizes is the God of War 3 full game?

The file size of the game god of war 3 is 60 MB. It takes up little space on your devices.

Q.5 How much RAM is required for God of War 3 download for android?

If your android mobile version is 7.0 and above 7.0 then perfectly works on it. Try to play this game on a 2 GB RAM’s phone. If your mobile has 3 GB RAM then it is more than enough for playing.

Q.6 Can you provide a god of war 3 apk+obb download for android?

Yes, You can get apk+obb file of the god of war 3 game from below download link. The Apk+obb file version is completely free available.

Q.7 Is a god of War 3 download for Android without verification playable on mobiles?

Yes, you don’t need to verify the game because we always first verified game and then provide download links to users. So, everyone can play games without any problems.

Q.8 Is god of War 3 game open world game?

Game god of War 3 is not open world game. you can easily select your player in the game and then play with friends as well as artificial intelligence.

Q.9 What is the truth about Kratos? Is he really a god?

Accordingly, in Greek mythology, Kratos also known as cratus or cratos is the husband of Lysandra. Kratos is a special avatar.

Q.10 Is God of War 3 available in the offline mode?

yes, the game is available in offline and offline modes. If you have no internet connection or wifi connection then you should prefer offline mode. otherwise online mode also gives you the best gameplay but internet connection is required.


If you are looking for top action and adventure games with epic stories then the god of war 3 game’s apk+obb file is free available. Every excellent feature such as visual effects, and interesting gameplay with a storyline makes game classic. God of war 3 download for android now to enjoy all features right now. You will get the latest version of this game from below download link. God of war 3 game play now and exhibit your distinct skill now with the best action game.

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