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Game Name Human Fall Flat APK
Latest Version v1.13
Developers 505 Games Srl
Download Size 1.9 GB
Platform Android
Game Style Puzzle
Mode Single / Multiplayer
Required Android Version Android 5.0 and Up
Get it on Google Play Icon
Price Free
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Introduction Of Human Fall Flat Apk

Today there are many mobile games available, but puzzle game is the popular choice of many peoples from their childhood. Human fall flat apk is a puzzle-type game in which Bob is your main character, who solves the various puzzles to progress in the game. Users can also customize the character’s outfits as per their choice to make it either funny or professional.

Human: fall flat game is known for its physics-based concepts that allow users to use their skills and solve the puzzles to move forward in the next mission. With amazing sound effects, Graphics, and different locations, You can have fun and enjoy this game for a long time on mobile. You can play this game in solo or multiplayer mode (up to 8 players). This game is now available for Android devices, just visit our direct link and download human fall flat apk on your mobile devices.

Human Fall Flat Apk download

Human Fall Flat Apk: What is it?

Human fall flat apk is a wonderful puzzle-type simulation game in which you can solve different puzzles and complete levels to progress in the game. You can play as Bob’s character and customize it as per your wish. All the characters are covered with jelly, so doesn’t have a grip on their feet. Different locations are likes snow, urban, beach, industrial, snow and many more. City and golf levels are added in in the latest Human: fall flat game. If are you looking to play this game on your Android device, Then click on the download button and Human Fall flat apk download on your device. 

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How to Play Human Fall Flat Game on Android?

Human Fall Flat game offer users to explore, create and solve different puzzles to move forward to explore new levels. At the beginning of the game, You get tutorials to be aware of its gameplay. You are playing Bob, who has the ability to push, climb, and jump in the game to solve different puzzles. Be careful to move your character to prevent it from Obstacles. If any obstacle hit your character then the game will be over. You explore here 12 different levels, After completing each level difficulty will be increased. Always try to grab more items that help you to open some Useful rewards. After Solving each puzzle, You can get “Keys” which help you to open the “Door” of the next level.

I am Fish Download APK is another similar type of puzzle-solving game for Android devices.

download human fall flat apk

Features of Human Fall Flat APK

Customize Your Character

Human Fall Flat apk allows you to customize your character’s overall look As you like most. In this game, you can choose different outfits to impress your friends, for example, a Pirate, snowman, dog, wizard, or princess look. Apart from Outfit, You can also select the default character or customize it in your own way. You can choose shirts, paints, and headgear from the outfit library of the game. This Innovative gameplay experience attracts users to play this game.

Using Intuitive Controls

Apart from the Customize the character, Human Fall flat apk download has a flexible and Easy to use control system that allows users to fully enjoy the maps. Just Tap on Buttons and Your characters can move, climb, grab, and walk. You can also change the position of your controls on the Screen. This easy-to-use game control makes games very easier and more fun for gameplay users.

Play with Your Friends

Are you feel board to play this game alone? Dont worry! Human Fall Flat apk allows you to play in Single-player or multiplayer mode. Using Multiplayer mode you can play with your friends, family member, or with random players online. You can play with a group of 8 people to find the doors and their keys together to complete missions. Make new friends challenge them or join them to play this amazing fun puzzle game on Android Devices. More peoples add more fun and challenges to the game.

Solve Different Puzzles in Adventure

In Human Fall Flat Apk download You are playing around with different puzzles. Every Puzzles are created basis on Physics concepts, So if you have knowledge then It is easier for you to solve it. There are a total of 12 challenging levels, each level has unique strategies and difficulty. After completing each level You got a “Key” that helps you to Open the “door” to the next level.

Awsome 3D Graphics

Human fall flat apk has awesome 3D graphics and this is the main reason why people love to play this game. It has highly realistic 3d graphics. Your character has a jelly-type body which you can also customize as per your wish. It has a different location with beautiful scenes which makes this game more enjoyable.

Free To Play On Mobile Devices

You don’t need money to download and play this game on your Android device. Human Fall Flat game is a full game and available on the Play Store. But for easier you, In this article at the bottom you see the download button click on it and Human Fall flat download on your Android device.

Different Locations

While playing this Human flat feet game, users can pass through different locations and maps. All of the locations provide different gameplay experiences. In this game, you can visit locations like snow, urban, beach, industrial, snow, and many more.  There are different maps also available. To play this game You can use default maps or make your own customized maps. You can also create your maps. Each map has different puzzles, obstacles, and mini-games that you can play with your friends.

How to Download Human Fall Flat Apk on Mobile?

For the Human Fall Flat apk download for Android, Follow the steps shown below:

  1. Search site on your mobile device.
  2. Open the website, In the search box type “human fall flat apk” and press enter.
  3. Then You see your main article will be open, Explore it.
  4. At the bottom, You see the Green Download button, click on it and wait for 5-6 sec.
  5. On the new screen, Again click on the Download button and the download will be started.

How to Install Human Fall Flat APK?

Here are some steps to Install Human Fall Flat Apk on your Android mobile

  1. Open Settings App on your mobile.
  2. Scroll down and open the security option, that enables the “Unknown resources” Option.
  3. Open Human Fall Flat Download file and extract it from the File Manager.
  4. Click on the Install button and then allow the required permission.
  5. Wait for a few seconds to Install it and After opening it Enjoy playing the Amazing Puzzle game.

FAQs of Human Fall Flat Apk Download

Q. Should I Play Human Fall Flat Apk On My Mobile?

Yes, Definitely You can play this Game on your Android as well as Ios Devices.

Q. Should I Play Human: Fall Flat Game Offline?

Yes, You can play the Human: fall flat game offline or without the internet. The Internet is online and requires playing with an online random player.

Q. Is Human Fall Flat Download Safe For Kids? 

Yes, All Ages people can play Human Fall Flat download Because it has PEGI 3 certificate.

Q. How Many Levels are in Human Fall Flat Apk Download? 

There are a total of 12 Levels in the Human Fall Flat Apk download. In the latest Version, Two new levels: City and Golf Added.

Q. Should I Play Human Fall Flat Game With 4 Friends? 

Yes, You can play this game solo, locally with  2 players, or In Online With up to 8 People. A maximum of 8 people are alow to play this game.

Conclusion Of Human: Fall Flat  Apk Download

Human: fall flat apk is a fantastic physics-based puzzle game. In this game, you can get more fun while solving the different puzzles. With 12 levels, realistic graphics, a character customization option, different locations, and playing with up to 8 friends features help you to engage for a long time with this game. So are you looking to solve puzzles or download this game on your Android device, then click the button below to download Human Fall Flat Apk today!

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