Karnataka KSRTC Bus Mod Download Bussid For Android


Game Name KSRTC Bus Mod Download
Latest Version v1.23.52
Publisher By Litysu Devia
Download Size 12 MB
Platform Android
Game Style Simulation
Required Android Version Android 4.4 and Above
Get it on Google Play Icon
Price Free
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About KSRTC Bus Mod Download

The ​KSRTC Bus Mod download refers to a modification for the ​Bus Simulator Indonesia game. This mod specifically adds the ​Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus into the game, allowing players to experience driving a KSRTC bus in the virtual world. This Bus Mod Karnataka KSRTC Bussid was developed by getting experience of bus driving on Karnataka state road. In online platforms in also bus mod Karnataka KSRTC bussid PC game available. If you can play this game on PC you can play this freely. Also, it works smoothly. 

Karnataka Bus Mod is available in the Google Play Store and its latest version is available on Modapkpures.com. This Bus Mod Karnataka KSRTC Bussid is a popular game for this reason this game-related new wallpaper apps starting to create names like bus mod Karnataka KSRTC wallpaper or HD wallpaper. In Mod Karnataka KSRTC Bus livery in many modes available and those modes increase user gaming experience. Also this game includes High graphic quality and smooth performance. KSRTC mod games have many challenges available and each Challenge is unique and exciting. If you are getting the feeling or experience of real truck driving or bus driving you should download KSRTC Bus Mod for Bus Simulator Indonesia, it will be a good experience and Also get the best enjoyment and fun. you should use modapkpures.com for the direct KSRTC Bus Mod Download link.

What is Karnataka Bus Mod | KSRTC Bus Mod Download?

Karnataka bus mod KSRTC is an android application that gets bus driving experience in Karnataka state. KSRTC Bus Mod Download APK is most popular in India and most people love it. In this Bus Mod KSRTC offers all information about routes and schedules and buses operated by the ​Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC). 

KSRTC Bus Mod in five different and challenging modes available. And also each mode is unique and enjoyable. This mod includes various KSRTC bus models, unique designs, colors, and features. It aims to provide a realistic and immersive experience of driving KSRTC buses, allowing players to go to different routes and experience the challenges and face difficulties of driving a bus. The KSRTC Bus Mod download may also include additional features such as real KSRTC liveries, realistic engine sounds, custom interiors, and dashboard controls, enhancing the overall simulation experience.

However, it’s important to note that the KSRTC Bus Mod downloads from a trusted site like modapkpures.com because it is popular for its reliability and security.

Features of KSRTC Karnataka Mod Download

3D Graphics

This Karnataka KSRTC Bus Mod Download and explore and enjoy 3D realistic graphics. This game has high 3D graphics available and gets smooth performance on all kinds of devices. This 3D graphics user experience is increasing.

​KSRTC Buses

The Karnataka Bus Mod Download introduces various KSRTC bus models, allowing players to drive and experience the iconic KSRTC buses in the game.

Realistic Design

The mod provides an accurate design of KSRTC buses, including their unique color, logos, and other visual elements.

Realistic Experience

Karnataka KSRTC Bus Mod Download to Players can enjoy a realistic driving experience with features such as functional dashboard controls, realistic engine sounds, and a virtual weather experience.

Routes and Destinations

The Karnataka bus mod may include various routes and destinations that increase the driving experience and the chance to explore Karnataka roads.


Players may have the option to customise the bus with various accessories, logos and modifications to personalize their KSRTC bus.

Real-time Information

This provides features that display real-time information about bus schedules, arrival times and other relevant details, offering a more dynamic and realistic gameplay experience.

Problem-free experience

To KSRTC Mod Download that can get problems-free and error-free gaming and driving experience.

How to Download KSRTC Bus Mod APK?

Below are steps for KSRTC Bus Mod Download APK:

  1. You open your mobile browser
  2. Search “Modapkpures.com”.
  3. Open modapkpures website.
  4. Find the search button on the Modapkpures website (see top right corner).
  5. Type “KSRTC Bus Mod Download” and search.
  6. Click on the KSRTC bus mod.
  7. Scroll down the Article and find the Download button.
  8. Click on the download button and wait a few seconds to start downloading.
  9. Download speed depends on your mobile internet connection.
  10. If any problem in the installation process read the below part of the article for the complete installation process of Karnataka bus mod APK.

How to Install KSRTC Bus Mod Download APK?

Below are steps to is installation process for the KSRTC mod Bus:

  1. After the download is complete, open your mobile settings app
  2. Find an unknown source option
  3. Enable this Unknown source option
  4. Go to your download location and click on your download file.
  5. Wait some time until the installation is complete
  6. After installation is complete, now you can use it.

FAQ – Karnataka Bus Mod 

What is a KSRTC Bus Mod?

Karnataka Bus Mod is a driving simulator game that provides a realistic bus driving experience and entertainment. Also in this KSRTC apk many different and challenging modes are available.

What is the device requirement of KSRTC Bus Mod for Bussid Download?

The system requirement of KSRTC mod APK is:

Android Version: 4.4 or above

Size of download: 12 MB

Is a KSRTC Bus Mod Download safe or not?

Yes, It is safe to use and it does not harm your device and does not access your personal data. I recommend downloading it from modapkpures.com. Because it is a trusted and reliable source to download any apps and games.

How many modes are available in the KSRTC bus mod?

In this bus mod, five different and challenging modes are available and each mode is unique and challenging so you enjoy this bus mod APK.

Where to download?

You can download it from trusted sites like modapkpures.com. Because it is safe and does not allow any kind of malware’s content and it is a reliable source to download any kind of games and apps.

Can I use KSRTC Bus Mod without ads?

Yes, if you want to use KSRTC Bus Mod without ads then you need to install a mod version of the Karnataka bus.


This article is all about KSRTC Bus Mod Download. KSRTC mod bus is a modified version of ​Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation and it allows one to get an experience of bus driving in different challenging modes and also gets wonderful entertainment. Also is a popular game and many features like 3D graphics, No Ads, Realistic Experience,​ KSRTC Buses, Customizations and provides Real-time Information make Karnataka Bus Mod superb and exciting. This game gives the real experience of driving a bus on Karnataka state roads. This game gives the best experience and enjoyment to its user and this game is safe to use.

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