Lonely Survivor Mod APK v1.32.0 (Unlimited Money/God Mode) Download Free for Android


Game Name Lonely Survivor Mod APK
Latest Version v1.32.0
Publisher By Cobby Labs
Download Size 700 MB
Platform Android
Game Style Arcade
Mode Unlimited Money
Required Android Version Android 5.0 and Above
Get it on Google Play Icon
Price Free
Table of Contents

Introduction of Lonely Survivor Mod APK 

Lonely survivor mod apk is an exciting arcade game. The game is develop by Cobby Labs. You can choose a character with different skills and fight against different enemies. Collect items from other enemies and use those items in battle. You can fight against other enemies using your skills and weapons.

Lonely survivor mod apk download which has different characters, weapons, different skills, cloud saving, multiplayer, customize, and many other options. Different strategies can be devised to fight enemies and face different challenges. Different challenges give a more realistic survival experience.

lonely survivor mod apk download

Lonely Survivor APK: What is it?

Lonely survivor apk in you have to fight against different enemies using different weapons and skills. You can choose any character to fight. You have to explore different places to kill the enemies. The game offers numerous map system to explore different locations. Excellent graphics and easy controls make the game more interesting. Rewards can be earned by completing various missions.

lonely survivor mod

Lonely Survivor Mod APK: What is it? 

Lonely survivor mod in you can use all the features for free. You get unlimited money, diamonds, gems, free shopping, a mod menu, and many more in the game. You can buy anything using lonely survivor mod apk unlimited money and gems. All characters can be easily unlocked to fight. Various weapons and accessories can also be unlocked. You can easily upgrade your skills. Play the best football game fifa mobile mod apk unlimited money and gems with real football players.

How to Play Lonely Survivor Mod APK on Android?

Lonely survivor mod apk download in which you have to fight against various enemies and bosses. Characters with different skills can be select to fight. You can collect all the gold, weapons, and equipment from someone who died during the battle. It all helps to save you. You can achieve different things as your courage reaches new limits. It modifies the included tools in an uncontrolled manner. Each level has to fight with a huge and strong rival group. You need to protect yourself from various enemies as they constantly try to attack and kill you.

You can use different skills and weapons to fight against waves of enemies and bosses. Possessed weapons undergo a terrifying transformation. You can increase your fighting performance by using weapons. You have to face thousands of enemies from everywhere. One has to fight against various enemies of the world. Various skills and tools can be used in the escapade that will help you create powerful combos to defeat your enemies. New ways must be found to defeat various enemies. Use your attributes, skills, brainpower, and calculation in non-stop combat.

Lonely survivor mod offers great graphics and easy controls. You can use EXP and gold collected from enemies to upgrade your abilities. The game offers different modes like survival, challenge, and endless. Survive the difficult challenges ahead by upgrading your skills and equipment. Lonely survivor apk mod tests your abilities. You have to play firepower mode, god mode, and many other modes alone. Rewards can be earned by completing a variety of missions, quests, and challenges. You can use the map to explore different places and collect different materials. You can shield yourself by upgrading all weapons.

lonely survivor apk mod

Feature of Lonely Survivor Mod APK 

Face the Boss

At the basic level the boss becomes a big obstacle. Each boss guards a portion of their territory and rules with authority. Surviving till the end is necessary to fight the boss. Use various powerful weapons and equipment to fight against the boss. It is necessary to be careful with the tactics of the boss. Bosses can improve their skills, combos, and slots to defeat them. Fight the boss and win the battle and get the best items.

Skill Upgrade

Lonely survivor mod apk download in which you can upgrade skills to survive the fight. Each character includes attack effects, protection or increased damage. Upgrade skills to increase the power of each character. Fight against various enemies by upgrading regular skills. Can upgrade skills with deadly combos and other attacks.

Monitor the HP Bar

You can know how much health you have through the HP bar during the fight. The HP bar decreases when hit by an enemy. Enemies become more powerful as the HP bar decreases. The game has to be restarted when the HP bar reaches 0.

Simple Controls

Lonely survivor apk mod provides simple controls. You can easily control the character. You can move and stand the character as per your wish.

Equip the Character With Various Equipment

Lonely survivor mod apk download in which you have to fight hundreds of soldiers alone and eliminate them fast. It is necessary to equip the character with the power to fight against hundreds of soldiers. You can use armor, helmet, weapons, shoes, arm armor, and rings to equip the character. Various types of equipment increase the power of characters. White equipment has the least protection and red equipment is the most powerful. A character’s performance can be enhanced by using tools in each area.

Simple One-Handed Combat

Characters can be controlled using one hand. Controlling characters with one hand makes combat easier. The main character eliminates enemies by automatically attacking nearby enemies.

Multiplayer Mode

You can play the game with your friends in multiplayer mode. You can team up with friends and survive the battle together in the game.

Face Thousands of Zombies at Once

Zombie hordes are harming the people of the city. Save people and make plans to deal with it together. Use powerful weapons and equipment to face thousands of zombies at once. Collect the necessary supplies or various weapons to survive, upgrade skills and face zombies.

Equipment Upgrade

You can upgrade various tools as per your requirement. Various powerful and strong enemies can be fought by upgrading the equipment.

Numerous Maps to Explore Different Locations

Lonely survivor apk mod provides numerous maps. You can use the map to explore different locations in the open world. Each map is full of different challenges and enemies. You can unlock new maps to explore exciting locations. Each map keeps increasing in difficulty so upgrade the character’s power regularly.

Various Modes

Lonely survivor mod provides various other modes like survival, challenge and endless. The mod has unlimited resources, invincibility, one hit kills, god mode, firepower mode and many other modes available. Enjoy the game in all kinds of modes.

Participated in the Fight

You can participate in various battles and face enemies. Compete with others to get different rewards. Equip the characters with various items to attack your enemies and win the battle.

Various Weapons

Use different weapons to fight the enemies. Unlock new and powerful weapons to defeat enemies. Fight enemies by upgrading different weapons. You can collect weapons by killing enemies. You can buy weapons with different properties like fire, ice or poison and use them in battle.

Improve Abilities

You can fight by improving abilities in lonely survivor mod. It takes a lot of skill and ability to advance in the fight and face the enemy. You can make the right decisions for the fight which will help you to advance in the fight. A character can be brought to its full potential by taking the right decision.

Crafting and Building

Lonely survivor mod apk download which provides crafting and building system. Craft various tools, weapons, and structures through the crafting and building system.

Use Accessories

It is necessary to use different items to fight in lonely survivor apk mod. You can craft various accessory items in treasure chests. Potions can be used to increase a certain amount of HP for the main character. A character’s stats can be increased for a certain duration of a fight by using power-up potions. Accessory items help a lot in combat.

Hunger and Thirst System

You can find food and water to sustain your life and stay alive till the end. You can find fruits for food and rivers for water.

Increase Damage

If you don’t choose the right character to fight, the damage can increase. Sometimes dizzy when enemies appear dense. Choose the character with the best strength to minimize damage. Equipment can be upgraded to damage enemies.

Day and Night Cycle

Lonely survivor mod apk download in which operating at night seems more dangerous during the cycle of day and night. You can find refuge or danger through different characters.

Avoid Large Attacks

You go with all preparation to fight. Enemies can attack you anytime. An enemy can also be a whole group. You go with different weapons and equipment to face the enemies.

Random Events

Random events can happen at any time in lonely survivor apk mod. In random events hordes of zombies attack the player shelter.

Fight Against Waves of Monsters

The appearance of waves of monsters poses many different challenges for you. You can control the main character to face waves of monsters. You have to fight against waves of monsters alone. Use different tools and weapons to face waves of monsters.

High-Quality Graphics

The game offers high-quality graphics. The characters, beautiful scenery, bright colors, and maps look realistic. Graphics make the game more interesting.

Amazing Sound System

Lonely survivor apk mod provides amazing sound system. The sound gives a realistic feel while fighting against various enemies and bosses.

Missions and Challenges

Lonely survivor apk mod offers different missions and challenges. You can earn resources, ability parts, various rewards by completing missions in quests. By completing various missions and challenges, you can advance in the battle and move up the leaderboards.

Mod Feature of Lonely Survivor Mod APK 

Unlimited Money

Lonely survivor mod apk provides unlimited money. You can use unlimited money to buy various items. You can unlock the character by using money.

Unlimited Diamonds

Lonely survivor mod has unlimited diamonds available. You can use unlimited diamonds to buy different weapons, tools and resources.

Unlimited Gems

Lonely survivor apk mod provides unlimited gems. Gems can be used to buy anything. You can use gems to upgrade your skills.

Unlock Characters

Lonely survivor mod in you can unlock all characters. Choose any character to fight and unlock easily.

Unlimited Everything

Lonely survivor mod has unlimited money, gems, and diamonds. It can be used as currency in the game to buy various items.

How to Download Lonely Survivor Mod APK on Android?

  1. Open your internet browser. 
  2. Search the modapkpures.com website.
  3. Open the website using the search box and search “Lonely Survivor Mod APK”.
  4. Click the article and scroll down to get the download button.
  5. Click the download button and start the download process.
  6. The download process is complete in a few minutes.

How to Install Lonely Survivor Mod APK on Android?

  1. Open the download file and click on install the button.
  2. The installation process is complete.
  3. Open your mobile setting and allow unknown resources.
  4. Finish the installation and enjoy the play game.

FAQs of Lonely Survivor Mod APK 

Q. How to craft weapons and equipment in lonely survivor apk mod?

In lonely survivor apk mod you can collect resources like wood, stone and metal to make weapons and tools. You can open the crafting menu by collecting the required resources. You can choose the weapons and equipment you want to craft from the crafting menu.

Q. How to find food and water in lonely survivor mod?

In lonely survivor mod you can find fruits for food and lakes or rivers for water.

Q. Is lonely survivor mod safe to play on android devices?

Yes, lonely survivor mod is safe to play on android devices.

Q. Can lonely survivor apk mod be play in multiplayer mode?

Yes, lonely survivor apk mod can be play in multiplayer mode.

Q. Can the game be download on Android devices?

Yes, lonely survivor mod apk download for android devices.


Lonely survivor mod apk download which is an impressive survival game. The game challenges you to survive in a world full of dangers and challenges. You can fight enemies using all kinds of weapons and skills. Excellent graphics, amazing sound system, and easy controls make the game more attractive. Can easily play the game on Android devices.

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