Lost in Blue Mod APK Latest Version V1.185.0 for Android


App Name Lost in Blue Mod APK
Latest Version v1.185.0
Publisher Volcano Force.
Platform Android
Download Size 1.1 GB
Require Android Version 5.1 and Up
App Category Adventure
Table of Contents

Lost in Blue Mod APK is a survival game developed by Konami for Nintendo DS and Wii platforms. The game typically involves players surviving because the plane crashed into the sea. You must collect resources such as weapons and tools, build shelter, and explore the island while uncovering mysteries. Players can use the control button to pick up things from the ground, cut trees, attack enemies, connect with survivors, and perform other tasks. You can use your inventory button to find food, and weapons, or throw away waste items. To survive, you must have a stock of food, water, a boat to escape, build a shelter, and weapons. This game has stunning graphics. In this game, every day has a new challenge to survive. To survive, you have to deal with monsters, wild enemies, hunters, zombies, etc. In this modified version, players can unlock all the premium features that improve gameplay. It removes all advertisements from the game. This mod version provides unlimited money so players can unlock all levels.


Features of Lost in Blue Mod APK 

Provide Multiplayer Mode

You can play Lost in Blue Mod APK with your friends. You have to create a waiting room and add your friends. You and your teammates can choose any character and enjoy gameplay.


Players can collect resources and use them for weapons, wood, stone, shelter, food, water, etc. Crafting is used for survival in Lost in Blue Mod APK


The game is typically an open-world environment for players to explore. This includes various geographic areas such as beaches, forests, caves, mountains, etc.

Character Relationship

Building strong relationships between characters can unlock new abilities, improve survival skills, and even affect the game’s storyline.

Make a Shelter for Survival

players have to make a shelter for the night to survive. You have to build walls and floors then you can add furniture according to your want. Shelter protects you from monsters.

Survival Gameplay

Players must manage their character’s hunger, thirst, and fatigue levels by finding food, water, and shelter.

PVF and PVP mode

In PVF players contend with wildlife, and PVP suggests multiplayer competitions of cooperation.

Exciting Adventure

Lost in Blue Mod APK is an exciting adventure game where players can get a realistic and survival experience.

Collect Resources for Survival

In Lost in Blue Mod APK, players must collect items like fruits, nuts, wood, water, etc. These gathered materials are then used in crafting tools, weapons, and shelter for survival.


Lost in Blue Mod APK is a survival game for those who like this type of game. You have to survive on an abandoned island with some activities and must gather resources like food and materials to craft tools and shelter. The game challenges you to explore, solve puzzles, and connect with other survivors. It’s an adventure that tests your skills and resilience in a beautiful environment.

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