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Game Name Pokemon X Download
Latest Version v1.0.0
Publisher By 3DS Nintendo
Platform Android
Game Style Role-Playing
Mode Multi-player Video Game
Required Android Version Android 5.0 and Above
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Price Free
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About Pokemon X Download 

Pokemon X Download you can get the best enjoyment and increase your gameplay experience. Pokémon X is the sixth generation Pokémon game and role-playing video game that was developed by ​Game Freak and published by ​The Pokémon Company and Nintendo for the ​Nintendo 3DS. In our childhood, we watched Pokemon cartoons and enjoyed that cartoon series. Pokemon X and Y Download and experience the fun and thrill of yesteryear. It was released in 2013. The game is set in the Kalos land, which is inspired by France, and introduces a new generation of Pokémon X. In this Game, Players can travel the Whole city and explore the Kalos city experience.

In Pokemon X ROM, players assume the role of a Pokémon Trainer and start on an adventure to become the Champion of the Pokemon League. They can choose to play as a male or female character and customize their look. Pokemon X and Y Download and in gets features is a 3D world with various cities and towns to explore. The Pokemon X in a new generation of Pokemon was born in Kalos region. Also new generation Pokemon fight against other Pokemon.

Overall, Pokemon X downloads and its offer an immersive and enjoyable Pokémon experience with its new features, satisfying storyline, and a huge world to explore. It continues the tradition of the Pokemon series. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the series or new to Pokemon games, Pokémon X provides a fantastic gaming experience for Pokemon Trainers.

pokemon x and y download

What is Pokemon X ROM?

As we discuss the information about Pokemon X download. Let’s discuss more details about Pokemon X ROM, Pokemon X and Y ROM and Pokemon ROM 3DS. First of all, we know that Pokémon X is a sixth generation Pokémon game, for the ​Nintendo 3DS. This is the best game for cartoon lovers or role-playing video game lovers. Pokemon X APK Download and explore new features that make engaging and exciting gameplay. Also in new fields are available like lush forests, snow-capped mountains and crystal or diamond-clear water.

One of the major features introduced in Pokemon X is Mega Evolution. This is a special form of evolution that allows certain Pokemon to temporarily transform into a more powerful state in battle. Mega Evolution not only changes a Pokémon’s looks but also enhances its stats, abilities, and sometimes even its type. Also, Pokemon X and Y ROM improve graphics for reasons that look more realistic.

Players can catch a variety of Pokémon throughout the game, including the new Fairy type Pokémon. They can level up their Pokémon, learn new skills, and even evolve in Mega Evolution. The game features various locations to explore and legendary Pokémon to battle and also adds a unique challenge to the game.

if you are using a 3DS emulator so this Pokemon ROM 3DS available and you can download it to help from our site. You can Download Pokemon X ROM files on websites like modapkpure.com.

Features of Pokemon X Download 

Catch the Pokemon you desire

The player can catch According to his desired Pokemon and also Training and increase the power of Pokemon also level up.

Rich Pokemon variant available

In Pokemon X APK Download in various rich Pokemon are available. There are more types of Pokemon available within Pokemon X than Pokemon.

New Generation Pokemon was Born

Pokemon X and Y Download in born new generation Pokemon that is more powerful and has more ability available. Also, special power and level-up Pokemon are available.

Mega Evolution

One of the most significant additions in Pokemon X is the introduction of Mega Evolution. Mega Evolution during battle, resulting in enhanced abilities, stats, and sometimes even changes to their type. 

Sky Battles

Pokemon X APK Download introduces a new type of battle called Sky Battles. In Sky Battles, you can only participate with Flying-type Pokemon or those with the ability to fly.

Riding Pokemon

In certain areas of the game, you can ride specific Pokemon for faster travel. In Pokemon X, you can ride within Lumiose City, Skiddo in various fields and explore the game world.

New Pokemons Available

The Pokemon X and Y Download offers 72 new Pokemon and the total number of available Pokemon is 721 or more.


Pokemon X ROM offers enhanced character customization options. When selecting your character’s gender, various clothing items, hairstyles and skin tones.

New city or region

This Pokemon APK is in many new cities, it includes and improves graphics and makes it beautiful. Also, many regions include France and the Kalos region.

More features of Pokemon X ROM 

  • New Journey in Kalos region.
  • The new form of evolution is called mega-evolution.
  • Pokemon Training 
  • Sky battle
  • Language Selection option.
  • Get Role Playing gaming experience
  • 3D Graphics
  • Beautiful environment

How to Play Pokemon X ROM

For playing Pokemon X and Y ROM on Citra emulator :

  1. First of all, You Need to download the Pokemon X Citra emulator.
  2. After the Pokemon X File download from the Modapkpures website.
  3. If your downloaded file is ZIP then ROM file extract to use of any ZIP extractor.
  4. Open your downloaded Pokemon X Citra emulator and open the file.
  5. Select the folder to locate the extracted file.
  6. Automatically emulator loads the game and you can start playing Pokemon X.

Gameplay of Pokemon X ROM Download

Pokemon X is a role-playing video game and the role of a Pokemon trainer. One of the main gameplay features of Pokemon X is the ability to train a wide range of Pokemon species. Players can fight with their Pokemon in various areas, such as grassy fields, caves, and mountains, and engage in battles. Once captured, players can add these Pokemon to their team and train them to become stronger through battles and levelling up.

In Pokemon X Download, there are 18 different types of Pokemon, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. This creates a dynamic battle system where players need to create strategize to their moves to gain an advantage over their opponents. Battles follow a turn-based format, where players take turns selecting moves for their Pokemon to perform. Moves can be offensive, defensive, or supportive in nature.

Throughout the game, players will fight various Pokemon and leaders who act as challenging opponents. These battles are important for progressing through the game and gaining experience points to level up your Pokemon. Winning battles can also earn players rewards such as money and items that can benefit in their journey.

Additionally, Pokemon X offers fights against friends or other players worldwide and participates in global events. The game offers a rich and immersive experience for fans of the Pokemon series.

How to Download Pokemon X ROM?  

To download Pokemon X and Y ROM follow the below steps:

  1. Open the browser on your mobile.
  2. Perform search “Modapkpures.com“.
  3. Open the Modapkpures website and find the search button on the website.
  4. Search ” Pokemon X Download “.
  5. Click on the given result for your best preference.
  6. Scroll and find the download button.
  7. Click on the download button.
  8. Wait a few seconds to start the download.
  9. Read the below part for the installation process of Pokemon X and Y ROM.

How to install Pokemon X ROM?  

  1. Open your mobile settings app.
  2. Search the unknown source option on your settings app.
  3. Enable the unknown source option.
  4. Go to the download location and click on download file.
  5. Wait a few seconds for the complete installation process.
  6. After installation is complete open the app.
  7. Now you can enjoy this app.

FAQS – Pokemon X Download for Android 

What is Pokemon X?

Pokemon X is the sixth generation Pokémon game and the best game for Role Playing gaming lovers. In this game, you can fight with other Pokemon and train your Pokemon.

Where can I download Pokemon ROM 3DS?

you can visit Modapkpures website and find your best game and download your favourite game for free.

How much space is required for Pokemon X Download?

Almost 1.32 GB is a 3DS file download 1.68 GB is a Cia file to download to play Pokemon games.

What do I do to reset the Pokemon X Game?

Simply you can press the L+R+SELECT button.

Can I play and Pokemon X Download for Android?

Pokemon X and Y game is not Played without an emulator. So If you can play a Pokemon game on your phone so first you need to download Nintendo 3DS console and then you can play.

Is Pokemon X getting enjoyment?

Yes, Pokemon X Download and it gets a lot of enjoyment and entertainment. Also, you can explore the Kalos region.

Is Pokemon X ROM download safe or not?

Yes, Pokemon X ROM download is safe and this game does not access your data and does not harm your devices.

Conclusion About Pokemon X Download 

This article is about Pokemon X Download and Pokemon X ROM. Pokemon X is a sixth-generation role-playing video game. Also features 3D functions and can be played using a Nintendo 3DS emulator. The game allows players to control a trainer on a search to capture and train Pokemon for turn-based battles. Also, many features are available like a Beautiful environment, Sky battle, mega evolution, Role Playing gaming experience and Catching the Pokemon you desire. The game has 721 Pokemon including the all-new fairy type. Players can also explore the world. This Pokemon X and Y get the best enjoyment and entertaining gaming experience.

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