Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK Latest Version v7.3 for Android


App Name Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK
Latest Version v7.3
Publisher Z & K Games
Platform Android
Download Size 1071.73 MB
Require Android Version 4.4 and Up
App Category Simulation
Price Free
Table of Contents

Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK

Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK is a simulation game. The worst teacher in this game is very rude to the students and punishes them physically. The teacher moved to the large house next to you. In her house, there are 15 different rooms and every room has mysteries. So you decide to take revenge on Miss T but you have to be careful about Miss T otherwise you fail in the mission. In this game, there are many options to take revenge on Miss T. For example, you can add something to her breakfast and ruin her breakfast, you can put a needle in her sofa, build some traps, set fire to papers, and move a mousetrap so she’s the target but be careful she’s not watching. This game is free and easy to use. In this modified version all levels are unlocked and you get unlimited coins and money.


Features of Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK

Easy Gameplay

The gameplay is very easy. Players can easily play this game without any difficulty. The user interface is straightforward and interactive.

15 Rooms of Mysterious

In Scary Teacher 3d, there are a total of 15 rooms for Miss T. Every room has some mysteries to take revenge on Miss T.

Colorish Graphics

Scary Teacher 3d download has colorful and cartoonish graphics with high quality.

Explore The House

Players can explore 15 rooms of Miss T’s house and prank their worst teacher.

Different Games Modes

Scary Teacher 3d mod apk has different types of game modes such as career mode, teaser mode, and multiplayer modes. Each mode has unique challenges. It also allows online and offline game modes.

Pranked Filled Mission

This game is a mission-based game that is filled with pranks. These missions often involve completing tasks and solving puzzles.

Unlimited Money

Players can get unlimited money in this mod version and unlock all premium features.

ADs- Free Experience

Scary Teacher 3d download apk gives you an ADs-free experience. It removes all advertisements so players can play without any disturbance.


Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK is a light-hearted and entertaining mobile game that is filled with pranks. Players take on the role of mischievous students seeking revenge on their scary students. The game’s interactive environment, creative pranks, colorful graphics, etc. This game is very funny so younger age can enjoy this game. So those people who like simulation games have to play this game.

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