Township Mod APK v18.0.1 (Unlimited Money) Download Free for Android


Game Name Township Mod APK
Latest Version v18.0.1
Publisher By Playrix
Download Size 146 MB
Platform Android
Game Style Simulation
Mode Unlimited Money
Required Android Version Android 5.0 and Above
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Price Free
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Introduction of Township Mod APK

Township mod apk is a simulation game with a unique blend of town building and farming. The town can be design as per your preference by managing the farm. Earn money by doing various tasks and use it to decorate the town. You can use many different options to design the town. Build and manage your own dream town in the game.

Township mod apk download which offers a realistic experience with 3D dynamic visuals and easy controls. Various items can be made in the town. Money can be earn by trading with other people. The city can be customize using various items.

township apk mod

Township APK: What is it?

Township apk is a city building simulation game. Buildings, restaurants, parks, shopping malls, cinemas, and many other things for entertainment can be built in the city. The town can be manage with various farm techniques. A favorite town can be create by doing many tasks. Players can play the game online. The town can be customize to your liking and the city can be developing by upgrading. The game can be easily play on Android devices.

township mod apk download

Township Mod APK: What is it?

Township mod download in which you can use all the premium features for free. You can buy various items and upgrade using unlimited money. Unlimited money, unlocked commercial buildings, free shopping, instant upgrades, and many more can be use to customize the town. Money can be use to unlock all kinds of items. The game can be enjoy without any ad intervention.

How to Play Township Mod APK on Android?

Township mod apk download in which you can develop the town by playing the role of the mayor of the town. Farms can be manage and expand into imaginary town buildings. Many farms are available to build a town. Can take care of various farms. Necessary machinery can be use to expand the farm. The beginning can be done with small pieces of land. A town can be built by doing daily work of agriculture and modern system and many things. You can build different buildings by creating architectural structures.

The main objective of the township apk mod is to build and manage a town by growing and harvesting crops, raising animals to get various products, and trading goods with others. In the game, you can build buildings, grow crops, raise animals, plant trees, build new structures, deliver goods, and many other tasks.

In township mod download the player is invited to play the role of the mayor, take responsibility for building the town, developing the trade. A small town can be turn into a big town with various attractions and amenities. An endless variety of content can be explore to discover. Can connect with other players from around the world. The game offers many different missions. There are many different challenges and difficulties to face while completing the mission. Many different options are available to play with your known friends or ask random players to join your community as a city mayor.

A Thirriling Township Mod APK Play

You can collect various resources in the township mod. Can trade with other foreign countries to earn money. Farms can be expand by managing them using imported goods. Earn money and manage the entire town and perform various farm activities. Restaurants, theaters, new factories, various houses, various buildings, entertainment facilities, parks, shopping malls, decoration shops, factories, community buildings, farm equipment, laboratories, foundries, and much more can be built to increase money.

The township apk mod has many different options to decorate the town. Country flags and famous landmarks can be use to decorate the town. The game offers many mini-games and puzzles. You can learn many hidden secrets and get treasures while doing each task. Various rewards can be obtain by managing the farm. Money can be use to buy and upgrade various items. The game offers excellent graphics and easy controls. The town can be customize as per your wish.

township mod apk latest version

Feature of Township Mod APK

Farm Management

Township mod apk download in which you can manage the farm. There are many different seeds and plants available to grow in the field. You can plant wheat, corn, and many other different crops in the field. As the levels are complete, the farm will expand further and can add different materials. You can expand the farm by increasing the number of crops. Various basic processing facilities can be create by expanding the farm. The farm can be manage by doing regular upgrades, farm machinery, unlocking new crops, and various things.

Build and Manage a Town

You can build and manage your own town in the game. Starting from building a small town can be develop into a big town. In the city, you can build things that citizens need, such as restaurants, theaters, hospitals, large buildings, banks, offices, companies, supermarkets, shops, police stations, and other buildings. Can build factories to produce different materials. More money can be earn by managing each item.

Build your Dream Town

You can build your dream town in the township mod apk latest version. Your dream town can be design by yourself. You can build restaurants, theaters, hospitals, large buildings, banks, offices, companies, supermarkets, shops, police stations, various buildings, parks, and factories in your town. Make your town attractive by building various museums, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and other more iconic buildings. You can decorate different buildings as per your wish. You can also customize the town as per your preference.

Import and Export of Products

You can earn money by selling the products you get from different crops and animals in the market. Goods can be trad with others. Produce can be trad with other towns. Goods can be import and export with foreign countries. By earning money, the town can be develop economically.

Animal Husbandry

You can raise sheep, cows, chickens, and other types of animals in the game. Can take care of animals. You can give him food to eat and water to drink regularly. Every animal has a different diet. Your zoo can be create by collecting different animals.

Different Crops

You can grow wheat, carrots, corn, cotton, and many other types of crops. After harvesting the crops, raw materials are available for products like bread, cheese, and pasta. Different crops can be use to create new dishes.

Exciting Tasks

Township mod download in which you can perform many different functions. There are many mini-games and puzzles available in the game. It seems interesting to do all the tasks according to one desire. Making different things, farming, and rearing animals seems exciting.

Perform Technical Repairs

Many times one has to face unexpected circumstances in the city. Bridges often break while driving vehicles. The collapse of the bridge creates traffic and delays various works. It is necessary to repair the bridge to complete your work quickly. Many times, half of the train track is broken. A quick repair system should be use to avoid delay to passengers.

Excellent 3D Graphics

The game offers excellent 3D graphics. The graphics give a realistic feel to everything. All items can be view in detail. Farm management, crafting products, and building buildings through graphics makes everything interesting. Experience different environments with graphics that look realistic.

Amazing Sound System

The township mod offers an amazing sound system. The sound system has background music and upbeat voices. All the sounds excite the players.

Play With Friends

You can build your town together with your friends. Your friends can be invited to complete the task. It can be made friends by connecting with other people. One can interact with other friends by joining the club. You can also visit your friend town.

Start a Business

You can start restaurants, theaters, shopping malls, supermarkets, factories, and many other businesses in town. You can earn income from all kinds of business and expand branches to other places.

Complete the Task

Various tasks and challenges are available in the township mod apk latest version. You can earn different rewards and points on completing different tasks. Treasures can be found while building a town. Various rewards can be use in town buildings.

Supply the Goods

You can easily harvest crops and inventory for livestock in the game. You can sell products with fixed prices right from the start. Be the leader in supplying products in the region using your hard work and expertise.


You can use freight trains, helicopters, and other vehicles to transport goods. You can also use different vehicles to deliver products to other people.

Various People in the Township

Various people live in the township. You can interact with townspeople. Everyone is different from each other and will be doing their own thing. Every business needs different people.

Decoration of the Town

The town can be decorate to make it attractive. You can decorate the town using fountains, statues, streetlights, and many other things. The town can also be decorate using ancient artifacts.

Enhance Management Skills

You can increase your management skills by building a town. A town can be manage by installing all the necessities of the citizens in the town. You can solve each problem by facing various challenges. Various challenges can be face by upgrading the town. You can run the town by making the right decisions.

Quests and Rewards

Township mod download which has many quests available. You can get various rewards by completing several quests.

Mini-Games and Puzzles

Township mod download which provides various mini-games and puzzles. Various content is available in the game. A lot of different content can be obtained through mini-games. Various rewards can be earned by completing mini-games and puzzles.

Township Apk Mod Anti Ban

The game uses anti-ban technology to protect your account. Township mod apk download in which you can use the mod version without any restrictions.

Explore the Huge World

You can explore a huge world in the game. The game offers a huge map with numerous secrets to explore different locations. Energy points are earned when you interact with objects in the environment. Mini-games, hidden puzzles and various rewards are exciting while exploring different cities. You can explore different cities and expand lands to get more rewards.

Social Interaction

You can connect with others for social interaction. You can join co-ops to work together with others and achieve common goals.

Upgrade the Warehouse

Warehouses are essential for storing agricultural produce. You get a small warehouse in the beginning. Upgrading the warehouse is essential when expanding your farm. The warehouse can be upgraded by collecting various materials.

Online and Offline

Township mod apk latest version can be play in online and offline mode. You can play with your friends in both modes.


You can use dollars and gold as currency in the game. The currency can be use in various ways. Gold coins can be used to earn from production, trade and quests. Gold coins can be used to buy crops, buy livestock and build new buildings. Dollars can be used to speed up production and buy special equipment.

Mod Feature of Township Mod APK

Unlimited Coins

Township mod provides unlimited coins. Coins are a currency in the game. You can use coins to build buildings, design towns, build factories, raise animals, and many other things.

Unlimited Money

Unlimited Money is the premium currency in the game. Town decoration, animal rearing, farm management, factory, buildings, and many other things can be done using money. Money can also be use to upgrade items.

Unlimited Resources

Unlimited resources can be used to buy land, upgrade property and get new outlets.

Unlocked Premium Items

City Town, Laboratories, Central Museum, Fountains, and many other premium items are unlocked. You can easily use all the premium items.

Maximum Level

You can explore all the levels without any difficulty and reach the max level. If you want to skip the initial level, the game can be start at a higher level using the max level.

Unlock Buildings

Township mod apk download in which you have all types of buildings unlocked. Any number of buildings can be chosen to build a town.

How to Download Township Mod APK on Android?

  1. Open the
  2. Search the “Township Mod APK” using the search box.
  3. Open the article and scroll down.
  4. Get the download button and click
  5. The download process is complete in a few minutes.

How to Install Township Mod APK on Android?

  1. Open the download file.
  2. Press the install button.
  3. The installation process is complete in a few seconds.
  4. Open your mobile setting and allow unknown sources.
  5. Finish the installation and enjoy the play game.

FAQs of Township Mod APK

Q. Is it safe to play township mod apk latest version?

Yes, it is safe to play township mod apk latest version.

Q. Can township apk mod be download on android devices?

Yes, township mod apk download on android devices.

Q. Can township apk mod be play online on android devices?

Yes, township apk mod can be play online on android devices.

Q. How to get money fast in township mod?

By using the customer custom booster, money can be earn by filling orders via helicopter, raising animals, harvesting crops, and completing various tasks.

Q. How to unlock new buildings in township apk mod?

Buildings can be unlocked by earning various points and coins.

Q. How to connect with other players in township mod apk latest version?

Township mod apk latest version can use co-ops or social media platforms like Facebook to connect with other players.

Q. How to get resources in township apk mod?

You can get more resources by trading with other countries or other towns or by producing through your business.


Township mod apk download is an exciting and interesting simulation game. Manage the farm and build your dream town or decorate it as you like. A town can be built by doing various types of activities and tasks. Excellent 3D graphics and easy controls make the game more attractive. The real experience of town building can be taken.


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