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Game Name World Trip Apk
Latest Version v1.1.8
Publisher By PlaySimple Games
Download Size 20 MB
Platform Android
Game Style Casual
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Required Android Version Android 6.0 and Up
Price Free
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Do you like to explore the world and go on exciting adventures with your pet? Then download World Trip Apk on your Android and start a fantastic journey. This game allows you to explore various locations around the globe to interact with their culture. Admire that place’s beauty, landmarks, history and many more. The World Trip adventure game was created by the well-known Playsimple Games. With simple gameplay and impressive graphics, This game is a popular choice for many gaming enthusiasts. So get ready journey and Download World Trip apk Click on the link given below.

World Trip Apk download

What is World Trip Apk?

World Trip APK is a casual offline game where you can explore the world with your lovely pet. This game provides you with a lovely dog which is your travelling partner, so take care of it. In a World trip, Your main goal is to explore as many different locations. With this game, you can explore over 140 countries and get experiences that you never had before. Explore their beauty, and interact with the local people who can guide you on your journey. In this article, We will get the complete details, features and more about this game.

World Trip Apk latest version

Best Features Of World Trip Apk

Travel to Different Locations

In the World Trip apk, You can go on an adventure to explore different countries and places. In each location, you’ll find beautiful places, landmarks and cities and connect with people. Apart from this, during the journey you will discover many secrets. It’s like travelling the whole world sitting on a chair and without a travel ticket.

Unlocks The Dogs 

In this game, a dog will always travel with you. In the beginning, you have a few dogs. As you progress in the game, you will unlock different breeds. The dog is a travelling partner, so take care of it. To give it an impressive look, You can customize the dog’s outfits. 

Unlock Places By Solving Puzzles

World Trip apk provides you with lots of easy and challenging puzzles by completing them you will get some rewards like unlocking different locations. With shot-time puzzles, You can enjoy playing this game on the device.

Learn About Cultures

In World Trip APK, you will see that each place has its own culture and traditions that make it unique in the world. Playing the game on Android devices will give you some interesting facts and hidden secrets of each location.

Collects Souvenirs from places

As you explore each place in the game, you’ll be rewarded with souvenirs that you can collect. With souvenirs, you will be able to collect and remember the memories of all those wonderful places.

Simple to Controls to Play

This adventure game has simple controls so that from children to old everyone can enjoy playing this game. 

Safe for children

If you are a parent then no need to worry about this game, The World Trip APK game is designed according to kids to young players. It is the safest game without watching any unwanted ads you can play this game.

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Latest Features Added in World Trip Game 

Explore famous landmarks

In the latest version, you can get a chance to visit some of the famous sites of the world like the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower and many more.

Amazing Time Travel 

With the Time Travel feature, World Trip APK new version takes you back several years and gives you the actual footage the place you see.

Explore Underwater creatures and Mysterious

In World Trip latest version, You dive into deep oceans, exploring amazing sea creatures and the mysteries of some events. 

Q. Why Is Worth To Downloading World Trip Apk?

World Trip Apk is worth downloading because it gives you a chance to explore the world, different countries’ cultures, landmarks and more. Additionally, you have a small dog with beautiful outfits, which helps you understand the animal’s life. So if you love to go on adventures, don’t wait download this game and enjoy it.

How To Download World Trip APK for Android Mobile?

Are you looking to download World Trip apk for Android devices for free, follow some steps: 

  1. First visit the website from your device.
  2. After opening the site, type “world trip apk” in the search box.
  3. You will see many results, Chose the first article and explore it.
  4. Scroll it down and you will see the download button at the end of the article, click on it.
  5. On a new page, again click on the download button and your downloading starts.

How To Install World Trip Apk Latest Version On Mobile?

To install World Trip APK latest version, Here are some steps to follow.

  1. On your Mobile, Open the settings and go to the Security option.
  2. Next, Enable the “Unknown Resources” option.
  3. Then go to your mobile’s download manager and find World Trip apk download file, Open and extract it. 
  4. Allows the required permission and click on the install button to start the installation.
  5. After installation is completed, open this game from the menus and start to play this game.

FAQs of World Trip Apk Download

Q. Is There An In-app Purchase Store Available In World Trip Apk?

No, There is no purchase store available in World Trip Apk, It is entirely offline and a free game.

Q. Is World Trip Game Is Safe For Children?

Yes, It is a safe game that anyone can play on Android from child to elder.

Q. How many languages does World Trip Game support?

World Trip Apk supports 5+ languages including Spanish, French, African, English and many more.

Q. How Much Storage Is Required For Download World Trip Apk?

A minimum of 20 Mb of space is required for World Trip apk download on mobile.

Q. Can I Play World Trip Game on my Android device?

Yes, Definitely! You can play the World Trip APK game on your Android device with version over 6.0. So Click on the download button below and start to play this adventure game.


If you like to visit different places then World Trip APK is the right choice for you. With its simple gameplay, easy controls and impressive graphics you get the chance to explore the world. It has received a lot of positive reviews from users which indicates that World Trip game is a popular choice for gaming lovers. So if you want to download this game, then click on the below button and World Trip Apk download on the device.

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