Cover Fire Mod APK v1.27.02 ( Menu / Unlimited Money) 2024


Game Name Cover Fire Mod APK 
Latest Version v1.27.02
Developed Genera Games
Platforms Android
Game Style Action
Download Size 320 MB
Get it on Google Play Icon
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Energy
Requirement Android 4.1+ and Up
Price Free
Table of Contents

Introduction About Cover Fire Mod APK

Nowadays many action and fighting games are available on Google Play Store and gaming websites. But today we are going to tell you about a game that provides you with top guns, attractive graphics with weapons, and engaging gameplay, which is called cover fire mod apk. This game has been downloaded by more than crores of people from the Google Play Store. Which shows the success of this game. Really this fantastic action game has been created by Genera Games.

cover fire mod apk download

For those who are fond of watching movies like fighting and action, cover fire mod provides different guns and missions. Killing the enemy from the helicopter as well as shooting at the enemy from the sky is very fun in this game. Download and play this game now and try to become a shooting expert.

Cover Fire APK: What Is It?

Cover fire apk game is available on the google play store. Which is the standard version game made by Genera Games. You can play this fighting game in different modes by downloading this game for free from Google Play Store. You will get to play different characters in different modes and you will also get valuable rewards for completing missions. All the high-quality graphics have been incorporated into the game to provide a high gaming experience. If you are still reading this post then download this thrilling action game now.

cover fire apk

Cover Fire Mod APK: What Is It? 

When you play this game on the Google Play Store version, you can enjoy the real fun of the games by purchasing premium features. If you want to get all premium features for free then you can download the cover fire mod apk for free. Unlimited Money, Menu, Unlimited Energy, etc features are available in this game. Apart from the unlimited features, you will be able to play the games without ads on the modified version. You can use any gun you like to kill the enemy. Choose your favorite mode from different modes and set foot in a strange action world.

Amazing Gameplay of Cover Fire Mod APK

The gameplay of the cover fire mod apk is very interesting. Using guns made of the latest technology, you can kill even the biggest enemy. Whenever you enter the field of battle, you must be aware of all the attacks of the enemy. Because the enemy can attack you from anywhere. To make the gaming realistic, the publisher has added all the real graphics to the game.

cover fire

In terms of weapons, here you will find sniper rifles, pistols, bazookas, automatic rifles, grenades, medical kits, jackets, etc. You can use all these things in the game according to your need. Heavy tanks and vehicles are also included in the game which provides very interesting gameplay for kids.

Awesome Features of Cover Fire Mod APK

HD Graphics

All high-quality graphics are well used by the developer in cover fire 3d shooting game mod apk. Which works well on all mobile and tablet devices. Along with the graphics, the sound quality is also amazing. Whenever the players will play the game, it will feel that they have actually entered the world of the game.

Defeat Hard Enemies With Weapons

Cover Fire mod apk provides players with the opportunity to play the game on multiple missions. You should complete them according to the requirement of the mission. For this, you should start hitting the enemy from the location where you have to play the game. With a sniper gun, you can kill the enemy by aiming from a distance. Apart from the sniper, buy more weapons from the game store.

Various Foes

You will have to face new enemies in different modes and missions. In campaign mode, you will get a chance to kill the enemy at the best location. Every player should try to fulfill the mission requirements in order to get the best rewards. Using the same rewards, one can unlock new missions as well as buy weapons.

Realistic Background Music

The background music used in the cover fire mod is really interesting. Whenever you play this game the background music will give you energy to kill the enemy. But if you really want to enjoy this action and fighting game, then you will be able to enjoy using headphones.

Offline Mode

Players who do not have internet connection in their mobile phones can play this game in offline mode also. A lot of missions have been included even on offline mode. If you have internet then you will be able to play this action game on online mode with players from different locations.

How to Download Cover Fire Mod APK on Android?

The download process of the cover fire mod is simple. Follow the below download step to simply download the game.

  1. Go to your device’s browser. 
  2. And search cover fire mod apk download keyword. 
  3. some results display on your device’s browser.
  4. From there you find the modapkpures website.
  5. In that post, you will see information about the game.
  6. you should scroll down the article of this game to find the download button.
  7. Click on the download button.

How to Install Cover Fire Mod APK on Mobile?

After downloading the completed game need to install it on your mobile. To play the game, follow the steps below.

  1. Open settings on your phones.
  2. Go on that app and find the unknown resources option.
  3. Enable that option, which is generally disabled on all devices.
  4. Then go to the downloaded game file and tap on it.
  5. Click on the install button.
  6. Installation process takes few seconds.
  7. After finishing the installation process play the game and enjoy it.

FAQs of Cover Fire Mod APK

Q.1- Is cover fire apk available on the google play store?

Yes, this action game is available for free on Google Play Store.

Q.2- Which company made this action game?

This game was created by Genera Games. This company always brings new games for the players.

Q.3- How much space does the cover fire mod game take up on the Android phone?

The game takes up very little space on Android and tablets. The file size of this game is 347 MB.

Q.4- Is the modified version of this game safe?

Yes, you can play the modified version of this game on your phone without any issues.

Q.5- How many people have downloaded this game from Google Play Store?

This shooting-action game has been downloaded by more than 10 million people from Google Play Store.

Q.6- Can this game be played in offline mode?

Yes, you can play this game even in offline mode. Various missions are available in offline mode.


Cover fire mod apk provides excellent gameplay for a long time. All the graphics and background music are well-used in the game. Games give you the opportunity to play the game in many locations, you can select your favorite mission and play the game on it. When you download this game from Google Play Store, there are many advertisements while playing, whereas in the modified version all advertisements have been removed. Players can play this game in a modified version with lots of premium features. Download the modified version of this game now for free and don’t forget to play the action-packed game on your mobile phone.

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