Doraemon 3 - Nobi Dai No Machi SOS! ROM Download


Name Doraemon 3 APK
Price Free
Category Adventure
Last version v3.0
Size 12 MB
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Updated Jan 10, 2024
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Introduction Doraemon 3 APK – Nobi Dai No Machi SOS! ROM

Doraemon 3 APK Nobi Dai No Machi SOS! Download is now available For Nintendo 64 and Android. This game version is available for Android Devices to get Android mobile users the best gaming experience. Doraemon 3 – Nobi Dai No Machi SOS is the best action-adventure game for the Nintendo 64 platform. In this game explore the World of Nobita and enjoy incredible adventures. Also, you can explore the whole nobita’s wonderful world. If you enjoy Action-adventure games, So Doraemon 3 game Download free and it will be good for you!

This game is a US English version and it is based on a Japanese manga series. The Doraemon 3 game offers many advantages to make gameplay exciting. The main advantage is its Beautiful and colorful graphics, and it is very animated. The game is designed with extremely beautiful and pretty characters with superb color combinations and also gets beautiful nature’s landscapes. The sound of the game is very relevant and interesting. it raises the feeling in players.

doraemon 3 apk game download

Doraemon is a very famous TV cartoon series and it is liked by both children and also its parents. The best part of the game is that Doraemon has a lot of gadgets to solve Nobota’s problem. A wide variety of gadgets are at Doraemon’s disposal, all of which are unique and powerful. you can play this game on Nintendo 64 and Android also enrich its experience.

What is Doraemon 3 Nobita no machi sos?

Doraemon game is an action and awesome adventure game for N64 and Android, also available in US English and is based on the popular Japanese manga series Doraemon. The game follows the story of Doraemon and its friend. They save the town from a mysterious dark force and it is filled with various levels and puzzles for players to explore. This game is the adventure of the real Doraemon and Nobita’s world. The game is released in the Japanese market that’s all instructions and guidance are written in the Japanese language. Having fun with this game is great and you get a wide variety of gameplay experiences. You can Play this Doraemon 3 APK with the use of the Nintendo 64 (N64) Platform on different devices with the n64 emulator. you can play an emulator game in English for the USA region.

The Key advantage of Download Doraemon 3 Apk for N64, you can play it on Android, Windows PC, iOS, and Mac. Free Download Doraemon 3 – Nobi Dai No Machi SOS! ROM Now and explore Nobita’s world and enjoy amazing graphics and beautiful virtual effects on your Android Phone.

Fun With New Friends

This game allows the opportunity to meet and make new friends. Since the game is based on the Doraemon series, Nobita’s friends are Suneo, Shizuka and Gian. It is possible to play the game with your friends and do many things together. Doraemon game download and installation is very easy. The Doraemon 3 game has added many new features that improve the experience. This game has an interesting storyline and offers relaxing gameplay. It is considered to be one of the best games in this category.

doraemon 3 game

Features of Doraemon 3 game – Nintendo 64

Colorful & cel-shaded Art Style

The Doraemon 3 game provides a colorful art style, making it the best visually appealing and suitable for all Ages players.

Intuitive controls

This game provides easy control to get the best understanding to players and uses easy-to-learn game mechanics for obtaining an enjoyable experience.

Advanced graphics

It offers the best and highest quality graphics to its users and it feels amazing. The best feature of the game is its graphics because it enhances the overall gaming experience.

Enjoyable Soundtrack

Doraemon 3 Apk includes the in-game best and most enjoyable soundtrack. That players don’t get bored. Additionally, the game offers a great challenge that is well-balanced and gameplay that has aged well.

Multiplayer Mode

Doraemon 3 game Download in multiplayer mode is available, where multiple players can play the game together.

Various New Gameplay Elements

Doraemon 3 also introduces various new gameplay elements, such as status characteristics and personalities for the characters, a larger number of lives for different characters, and over 50 types of secret tools.

Realistic Characters

In Game creates the best and most realistic-looking characters. It looks very cute and beautiful, and we feel like engaging with it.

User-friendly interface

This game offers an interactive and easy-to-use interface. so players can understand the game and easily play it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Doraemon 3 APK Game


  • Beautiful graphics and Very anime-like
  • The characters look extremely cute and lively
  • Uses of vibrant colors and beautiful landscapes
  • vary appropriate Music
  • User-friendly interface


  • Sometimes the Game is Quite Monotonous and lacks creativity
  • Players just destroy enemies and level up
  • The game doesn’t State save features
  • underwater manoeuvrability being a little difficult
  • some disparity between characters

How to Download Doraemon 3 game for Android APK?

Follow the steps to download Doraemon 3 game for Nintendo 64 From the Modapkpures website.

  1. First of all open your mobile browser and search ” Doraemon 3 APK”
  2. You can see a list of websites for download
  3. Find in the searched list and open it
  4. Scroll through the article and read important information related to the game
  5. Find the download button at the end of the article and click on it.
  6. Wait some time to download the complete
  7. After downloading, read the installation process for better understanding.

How to Install Doraemon 3 APK | Doraemon 3 game?

Step of the installation process of the Doraemon game:

  1. Before installing apk, you need to enable Unknown Source on your device.
  2. To Do This Settings > Security > Unknown Sources,
  3. Enable the unknown source installation feature.
  4. Once the download is complete, go to the Download file location and click on it
  5. Follow The on-screen instructions and grant the necessary permission for installation.
  6. After installation is complete, you can open the Doraemon Game and start playing the game on your Android device.

FAQs For Doraemon 3 APK download for Android

Is Doraemon 3 Game supported on Android phones?

Yes, Download Doraemon 3 Nobita no machi sos from It gets the apk of this game, that you can easily download and install on your Android mobile.

Is Doraemon 3 Download APK Free?

Yes, this game apk is downloading for free. You can download this app to this site.

Which is the best platform to Download Doraemon 3 game for Android APK?

The best platform to download this game is the website. On this website, you will find most of the apps or games free of cost. Also, you can download it from N64.

Is there any risk to the Doraemon Game Download?

No, there is no risk in downloading Doraemon 3 Apk. This game is free of cost and provides security and privacy.

How to set up Doraemon 3 – Nobi Dai No Machi SOS! ROM?

To set up Doraemon 3 – Nobi Dai No Machi SOS!, you need to download the ROM and use it with an emulator. You can play the game online on your desktop PC, mobile, or tablet in maximum quality. The ROM for Doraemon 3 – Nobi Dai No Machi SOS! can be obtained for free from emulator game websites like Once you have the ROM, you can play it on your computer using an N64 emulator.

Conclusion of Doraemon 3 game free download

In conclusion, Doraemon 3 APK – Nobi Dai NO Machi SOS download and you can play on Android and PC with the use of Nintendo 64. This game is all about Nobita’s stunning world, you can explore and complete levels and challenges, also fight with dark forces and save towns. This game offers extreme graphics and very cute and realistic game characters. So don’t be late, download Doraemon 3 game for Android APK.

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