Hide Online Mod APK v4.9.11 Download (Unlimited Money/Menu)


Game Name Hide Online Mod APK
Latest Version v4.9.11
APK Size 106 MB
Developers HitRock Games.
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Platforms Android
Game Style Action
Get it on Google Play Icon
Mode Multiplayer
Required Android Version Android 5.0 and Up
Price Free
Table of Contents

About Hide Online Mod APK

Hide online mod apk is an action game that was published by HitRock Games. Hide and seek is a popular childhood game that we all played in our childhood but now we do not have time to play this kind of game. So we brought hide online mod apk for mobile devices to refresh our childhood memories by playing this game. 

It’s also known as Hunter vs. Props game where you have to find hidden props and shoot them with your gun. Every person can play this hide online apk mod game without age restriction on their Android devices.  This is an exciting game that worldwide millions of users already play because of its game features, gameplay, and user-friendly interface. 

Hide Online APK Mod

Hide Online APK: What is it?

Hide online apk is a competitive multiplayer video game that is available on Google Play Store. This game was popular and trending on the internet because users get to refresh their childhood memories by playing this hide-and-seek game. 

Hunters vs. Props game timely updates and provides the latest version of the game to their users. Some premium features are also available and you have to pay money to unlock them. There are two different player character roles hunter and prop so you can select any role you want. 

In the hunter role, you have to find hidden props and kill them using guns, and in the hider role, you have to avoid the hunter. Almost 100M+ worldwide users of this hide online mobile game. You can select costumes for your player character in the game. 

Hide Online Mod APK: What is it?

Hide online mod apk is a premium version of the Play Store Hide Online Apk game. In this mod version, you get access to VIP features without spending a single money. All items you can unlock to play the game. 

Play Hide online mod apk unlimited money game without any restriction on your mobile devices. Also, you are not distracted by annoying ads because, in the mod version, you do not get any single ads. Buy a costume for your player character for free in this mod version game. 

Hide Online Mod APK Unlimited Money

How to Play Hide Online Mod APK on Mobile Phone?

Hide online mod apk is an attractive game where you can turn any object without any restriction so enjoy the game a lot. You have an option to choose any player character role but you have to stay active otherwise you will killed by other players in the game. 

Game has 3D graphics so you can view every screen of the game. Select role hunter where you have to look for hiders and you can select the role of hider to hide from hunters. Game is challenging in hunter mode where you have to kill the props who hiding and you can use weapons to kill hiders. 

There are four props so if you select wrong then you lose a unit of your life. As a hider, you can turn into props so Hunter never finds you in hide online mod apk game. This game is played between two teams and each team consists of 4 players and has 2 different roles. 

You get 3 minutes in the game to complete a level. As a hunter team if you can’t shoot all hider players then you will lose the game and vice versa. After completing every level you earn rewards that you can use to unlock new skins, guns, and many other items. 

Hide Online Unlimited Money

Features of Hide Online Mod APK Download 

Multiple Locations to Hide

Hide online game provides multiple locations where you can hide with your team. In every game level, you get different locations such as house, school, basement, mall, playing ground, and many others where you can hide safely from hunters. You get complete fun and enjoyment during hide online mod apk gameplay on different hiding locations. In the mod version game, you can unlock all locations. 

Decent Graphics

Hide online provides realistic graphics so you can view every angle in the game with its 3D graphics design that attracts users. Everyone can enjoy the game because of its great visuals. Top reviews and ratings in this game as they provide high-quality graphics as well as sound quality. 

Hide and Seek Gameplay

Refresh your childhood memories by playing hide online apk mod game on your mobile phone. Game has rules and regulations that every player must have to follow. Hide in a safe place otherwise next your turn to find a player in a huge location.  

Turn Yourself into Different Objects

A most useful feature in this game is turning into an object. There are many different objects available in every location such as bottles, food, chairs, boxes, cups, and others so you can become that object so no one can find you. If you move then the hunter can catch you so with your hiding skill you can play a game without any time restrictions.

Shoot People with Toy Guns

Hunter team can use toy guns to shoot people. If the player hiding from you then you can shoot easily with your favorite toys. Collect guns from the game store available in the game. 

Play with Friends

Hide online mod apk is a competitive multiplayer game so you can play this awesome game with your friends and family. You can challenge your friends to play game with strategies and skills. 

Easy to Play

To play game is easy because of its simple controls and attractive features. Any age people can play this hide online mod game on their mobile to enjoy childhood game with the latest features.  

Mod Features of Hide Online APK Game

Unlimited Money

In the normal version game, you have limited money and more money you can earn by completing a game level. But in a mod version of hide online you get an unlimited money option using this you can unlock all game levels as well as guns and many more items. You can use money anytime because free money never runs out. 

No Ads

Hide online apk game contains popups and video ads that ruin your experience while playing the game but the mod version of hide online mod apk game restricts ads so you can enjoy the game without getting annoying ads. 

VIP Features Unlocked

All VIP features are unlocked for free in the moded version game. Without paying money you can unlock everything in the game if you play the game in mod version. 

How to Download Hide Online Mod APK Free for Android?

Hide online unlimited money game easy to download and for that, you must follow the given step-by-step process.

  1. Find “Hide Online Mod APK” game on the internet
  2. Get many results so find out modapkpures.com website and open it
  3. In the article post you get a download button so click on it
  4. Appear new page where you get the latest version game download link
  5. Click on the download link to start the game download process
  6. Process will completed in a few seconds so wait for it 

How to Install Hide Online APK Mod Game?

  1. Open hide online apk mod game downloaded file from file manager
  2. Open the setting app and go to Settings >> Security >> Unknown Resources option
  3. Enable it by clicking to install a third-party app
  4. Allow permission before clicking on the install button
  5. Then click on the install button to start the installation process
  6. Installation process completed in few seconds then you enjoy the game

FAQs of Hide Online Mod APK

Q. How to get premium features of Hide online game?

You have to download hide online mod APK version game on your smartphone to get VIP or premium features without paying a single penny. 

Q. How can I get unlimited money in hide online?

If you want to get unlimited money then install a modded version of this hide online game and get the limitless money option. 

Q. Is hide online mod apk played with friends?

Yes, a multiplayer game option is available in the hide online mod apk so you can play this game with friends for more enjoyment. 

Q. Can I play hide online mod game for free?

Yes, without paying a single penny you can play hide online apk mod game for free on your mobile. 

Q. Is there an option to play hide online game on a laptop?

To play hide online mod game on your laptop device first you have to install an emulator app and connect the game to emulator with pc devices. 

Q. What is download size of hide online mod apk game?

Hide online mod apk game size is around 106 MB so you need at least 100MB of storage space to download the game on your android. 

Q. Can I play hide online game on Android?

Yes, you can easily play this hide online mod apk game on android devices. 

Q. How to update latest version game?

If you want to hide online apk mod game with an updated version then visit this website again and click on the latest version download link without uninstalling the old version game to get the updated version game. 

Q. It is safe to play hide online game?

This game is 100% safe and secure to play without malware in the game download file. 


Hide online mod apk is the best game to get your childhood memories back. This online multiplayer game you can play with your friends. There is Hunter and props are two different player character roles. Also, you can unlock everything for free in this mod version game. 

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