Race The Sun Mod APk v1.29.2 (Unlimited Life, Money) Download


Game Name Race The Sun Mod Apk
Latest Version v1.29.2
Publisher By Flippfly LLC
Download Size 64 MB
Platform Android
MOD Features Unlimited Money/ Life
Game Style Action
Get it on Google Play Icon
Required Android Version Android 5.0 and Up
Price Free
Table of Contents

Introduction of Race The Sun Mod Apk

Are you feeling bored and looking to play high graphics racing games on your mobile device? Enjoy simple controls and awesome animations? Then download Race the Sun Mod Apk on your Android device. It is an action game where you can get solar powered aircraft and chasing the sun while avoiding various obstacles. Try to collect more coins and symbols before the sun is going to dip down.

Race The Sun Mod APK game

This game is developed by Flippfly LLC company, downloaded by more than 5 million gaming players. In this game, You can get simple controls to manage your spaceship with its unique features and designs. As a user, You will be passing through beautiful scenarios and exploring the huge maps with your crafts. Take the different moves to take away aircraft from various barriers and obstacles and reach your goal. In the latest version, there are many premium features that are unlocked. To play this game, Click on the download button and get Race the Sun mod apk unlimited life on your device.

Race The Sun Apk: What is it?

Race the Sun apk is an official game, in which you ride solar-powered craft to chase the sun through various barriers. Your craft acquires the energy from the sun, so You will have a limited time to reach your goal before the sun is going dips down as it cycles. The controls are simple, even using your one finger you can complete this game. While travelling towards the sun, you will see lots of obstacles, and hurdles, so keep your craft away from them.

Play race the sun mod apk unlimited life

Race The Sun Mod Apk: What is it?

Race the Sun mod apk is a modded version of Race the Sun Challenge that provides you with all premium features without spending money. In this game, you will get ads-free UI, unlimited life-money, and unlock all levels without any effort. Unlocks the craft’s boosters and power-ups to enjoy the ride towards the sun. With this modded version, you don’t need to worry about the levels, because all of the levels are already unlocked. So if you are looking to have fun and enjoy the racing arcade games, then download Race the sun challenge edition mod apk on your device.

Gameplay of Race The Sun Challange Edition

With simple controls and intuitive gameplay in Race the Sun Mod apk, it is very easy to control the spacecraft as you can complete the entire mission with only one finger. In this game, you see your craft automatically fly, only you need to manage it and prevent from various barriers. Your craft works on solar energy so sunlight is necessary to work. The sun is your timer, so try to chase the sun as fast as possible before it goes down. Chasing the sun is not easy, because on the path your plane will face various obstacles and barriers that you need to avoid by clicking on slides left and right. As per increasing levels, your difficulty also increased. Focus on capturing high points in a short amount of time.

race the sun challenge edition mod apk

Features Of Race The Sun Mod Apk

Explore & Use Different Aircrafts

To enjoy this game, Race the Sun Mod apk offers different Aircrafts, each of them having unique features and designs. Explore and unlock the better crafts that can help you go fast with the maximum boosting time option.

Collects Symbols and Coins

During the race, Your task is to collect the light symbols as much as possible. Basically, There are three types of symbols available: Green, Yellow and sky blue. Each of these coins and symbols has its own benefits. Further in Race the Sun challenge edition mod apk, It helps you to unlock speed-ups, crafts and more.

Go Fast With Cool Boosters

In this game, you will get some boosters attached to your craft to go faster in the race. Your craft comes with basic boosters, If you want to upgrade it or replace it with a powerful booster then You have to pay some amount. If you are using Race the Sun mod apk, Then you will find all premium boosters are already unlocked and anytime you can use them.

Avoid The Shadows

In this game, Your craft works on solar energy so sunlight is essential. In your journey, You will find dark shadows where it is difficult to fly the craft. If your craft is caught in a dark shadow for a long time, it loses its energy and your game will be over.

Race The Settings Sun

In this Race The Sun Challenge Edition Mod Apk, you will get a spaceship to complete various missions before the Sunset. No one can stop the Sun, it works in its own cycle. As a player, you have to complete all the missions and reach your destination in a limited time period.

Avoid Various Barriers And Obstacles

The dark shadow and Sunset are not only two things to worry about, But you also need to take away your craft from obstacles. If your spaceship collides with big and small size obstacles then it slows down speed or even destroys your spacecraft. By using the right and left buttons, you can protect your craft from being destroyed by obstacles.

Customize Ships trails

In Race The Sun Mod APK unlimited life, gamers can easily customize their flying trails giving a completely new look to their plane and enhancing their gameplay experience.

Unlock Premium features

Race the Sun mod apk is the premium version of this game that offers unlimited life, Unlimited money and removing Ads for free. There is no need to start and complete each mission to earn coins, Now you have unlimited money to unlock boosters, ships or lifelines.

How to Download Race The Sun Mod APK on Mobile?

To Race The Sun Mod Apk Download on Mobile, Follow these steps.

  1. Open the popular modapkpures.com site on the browser of your Mobile. 
  2. Next in the search box, Type the keyword “race the sun mod apk”. 
  3. Open the first article, scroll it down and at the bottom, You see the download button.
  4. Click on the Download button to start the download.

How to Install Race the Sun Mod Apk on Mobile?

To install the Race the Sun mod apk on an Android device, Follow a few steps.

  1. On your Android device, Open Settings and Goto Security Settings.
  2. Enable the “Unknown Resources” option. Next, open the file manager.
  3. Find the Race the sun mod apk download file, extract and download it.
  4. Allow all required permissions and click on Install to start the installation.
  5. Completed, Now launch it and start to play this game.

FAQs Of Race The Sun Challenge Edition Mod Apk

Q. Is It Safe To Download Race The Sun Mod Apk On Android?

Yes, if you Race The Sun Mod APK download from our trusted site then it is 100% safe because it is tested by our experts.

Q. Can I Play Race The Sun Challenge Edition Mod APK in Offile Mode?

Yes, You can play this Race the Sun challenge edition mod apk game in offline mode and enjoy this game.

Q. How Can I Get Unlimited Life in Race the Sun Mod Apk?

Race The Sun Mod Apk unlimited life offers you unlimited life by which you can fearlessly play this game. You can download it by clicking on the link below.


To Enjoy your free time, Race the Sun mod apk provide you with aircraft by using it you can complete various mission and levels. The sun is a timer So before the sunset you will need to reach your destination. It is a premium apk, So Users can unlock and use all premium features and items for free.

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