Stardew Valley Apk v1.5.6.52 Download for Android


Game Name Stardew Valley Apk
Latest Version v1.5.6.52
Publisher By Chucklefish Limited
Download Size 370 MB
Platform Android
Game Style Simulation
Get it on Google Play Icon
Required Android Version Android 4.4 and Up
Price Free
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Introduction of Stardew Valley Apk

How would you feel when you have your own farm in a colourful world? Stardew Valley Apk is pixel pixel-based farming simulation game where you come to a beautiful village and start to build your own farm. In this game, you can inherit an old farm, plant vegetables and fruits, harvest and sell them in the market to make good profits. In this game, Your goal is to transform barren land into a thriving farm and build deep relationships with the villagers. This game is a 2D RPG concept game that is built with the retro pixel which is interesting to play. To prepare your land for the upcoming season, you can take the help of advanced farming machines and equipment that are easy to use.

stardew valley apk feature

Stardew Valley APK is a single as well as multiplayer game where you can invite your friends to grow your business or sell your goods with each other. Use the profit to acquire new croplands and use the old lands for small farms or poultry farming. Grow your business and collect land to get the benefits of irrigation techniques. So if you love to play farming games then click on the button below and Stardew Valley download on your Android device.

Stardew Valley Apk: What Is It?

Stardew Valley apk is a simulation based farming game, Developed by Chucklefish Limited. In this game, you are running a farm in a village town with full freedom. You are starting your farming career from scratch with a messy field, and turning it into a high-selling farm. As a farmer, You will have a variety of farming tasks, So complete the task and make a good amount of profit. You can grow and sell a variety of vegetables or fruits to the market. It is a multiplayer game which means you can invite friends to work with each other in the farm business. So If you are interested in playing farm games then install and download Stardew Valley apk on Android.

Gameplay of Stardew Valley RPG Game

Stardew Valley apk is a farming game in which you will play the role of a farmer who plants vegetables, fruits or trees on his farm and earns money by selling them in the market. As per your choice, you can customize the farmer’s character. At the start of the game, You can get some gold and seeds with a messy field. To develop the farm, You need money and coins that you can earn through different tasks and missions such as planting and growing vegetables or fruits, breeding livestock, fishing and mining caves. To prepare for upcoming seasons, You can get the help of advanced farming machines and equipment which takes some coins. After Growing your plants, You can sell them to other sellers or friends at high profits. By utilizing the money, You can buy new land or upgrade the resources to grow your business. After completing each level in this Stardew Valley download, You will earn money.

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stardew valley download gameplay

Features Of Stardew Valley Apk

Smooth Gameplay

To give you the experience of farmers and village life, Stardew Valley APK provides you with a virtual colorful village in which you can work with vegetables, and different plants, harvesting products and much more. Using easy touch controls, you can easily perform various tasks such as planting, picking and selling plants, etc. If you are using an Android device with version 4.4 then it works very smoothly. It is a lightweight game with 2D elements which look awesome while playing the game.

Built Your Farm Awesome

Stardew Valley download allows users to make their own farms in such a way that they can easily cultivate their farms and grow their farm businesses. Choose the place for crops, barns and decoration as per strategies. After playing this game, You will get the experience of how the whole farming works.

Customize Your Character

In Stardew Valley apk, You can customize the look of your character to make it look attractive in the village. In order to customize your appearance, You can change hairstyles, skin tone, clothes and accessories.

Find Your Love and Friends

From the many people in the village, Stardew Valley apk allows you to make good friends or even choose a Love partner. Choose your favourite girl or boy from 6 people, build your relationship and marry with them. In order to impress your partner, give them a gift and help them in difficult tasks.

Verities of Crops

In this Stardew Valley free download, You can plant a variety of crops such as tomatoes, carrots, oranges, mangoes and more. When they are ripe to high levels then start to harvest them and earn high profits by selling them.

Enjoy the Festivals and Celebration

To get familiar with village people, Participate in festivals celebrated throughout the year. Sometimes, they will give you tricky tasks that you need to complete to make good relations. In order to celebrate festivals, You can perform cooking, dancing, some games and many more.

Explore the Mysteries caves

If you feel bored in the game, Then explore the mysterious and dark caves. Defend the enemies and collect the premium items from inside the caves. Overall Stardew Valley APK game has lots of features and different tasks that can engage you with this game for a long time.

Pixel based Graphics and Amazing sounds

The graphics of this game is unique, that You have seen in long time ago. The Stardew Valley apk offers Pixel based graphics that give you the experience of childhood days. The sound quality is simple and user can listen to it their every moment.

No Ads

Many times, Users may face difficulty due to lots of unwanted ads and pop-ups. So here we provide you Ads-free Stardew Valley apk that you can download using our link.

stardew valley free download features

How to Download Stardew Valley Apk on Android?

If you are looking to Stardew Valley download on an Android device, then follow.

  1. On your mobile, use any browser and open the site
  2. After opening the site, type “Stardew Valley apk” in the search box.
  3. Find and open the first article from related searches, and explore it.
  4. Scroll it down and you see the download button at the end of the article, click on it.
  5. It opens a new webpage, again click on the download button and your downloading starts.

How To Install Stardew Valley Apk Latest Version On Mobile?

To install Stardew Valley Apk Download, Here are some steps to follow.

  1. On your Mobile, Open the settings and go to the Security option.
  2. Next, Enable the “Unknown Resources” option.
  3. Then go to the file manager and find Stardew Valley apk download the file, Open and extract it. 
  4. Allows the permission and click on the install button to start the installation.
  5. completed, again open this game from the menus and start to play this game.

FAQs of Stardew Valley Apk Download

Q. Is it free to play Stardew Valley APK on Smartphones?

If you are downloading this app from the Play Store then you need to pay around 430 Rs, But don’t worry here we provide you Stardew Valley free download. Click on the download button below.

Q. Is Stardew Valley apk is Multiplayer Game?

Yes, Startdew Valley apk is a single as well as multiplayer game that you can enjoy farming with yourself or with friends.

Q. Which crop will help you to make a high profit in Stardew Valley?

In the Stardew Valley game, Starfruit is the most valuable crop that you will have to plant on the farm.

Q. In this Stardew valley game, Who is my spouse? 

Stardew Valley is a fun game where you can choose the spouse from candidates such as Harvey, Haley, Elliott, Penny, Maru and many more.

Q. Can I Play Stardew Valley APK on my Android device?

Yes, Definitely! You can play the Stardew Valley APK game on your Android device with version 4.4+ and up. So Click on the download button below and start to build Dream Farm.

Q. How Much Storage is required to Stardew Valley download on an Android device?

A minimum of 370 Mb of space is required for Stardew Valley download on mobile.


Stardew Valley apk is a simulation game where you come to a beautiful village and build a dream farm, develop a family, make friends and experience the amazing life of the village. With tons of features and smooth gameplay, this Stardew Valley is the populer choice of many farming lovers. So click on the download button below and Stardew Valley download on an Android device.

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