War Robots Mod Apk v9.0.1 Free (Unlimited Money, Inactive Bots)


Game Name War Robots Mod Apk
Latest Version v9.0.1
Publisher By UPWAKE.ME
Download Size 76.6 MB
Platform Android
Game Style action
Mode Multiplayer Video Game
Required Android Version 5.0 and Above
Get it on Google Play Icon
Price Free
Table of Contents

Overview of War Robots Mod Apk

War robots mod apk is the new generation action game available for android devices. Where you can choose different types of robots to fight with the enemy and defeat them using different weapons. 

We always like to play action games, but get bored playing similar types of games. And we are looking for the most exciting and challenging action games. If you want to play an advanced action game that will satisfy your action game passion, then download war robots apk mod on your mobile device. Also you can easily play Tekken 7 APK Download and shadow fight 2 mod apk game.

There are so many interesting features and challenging game modes available in this game which are not available in regular action games. Great 3D graphics and high-quality sound effects make this game more realistic. The game provides simple control and a user-friendly interface so anyone can easily play this game effectively.  If you want to play another challenging war battle game in 3d then download sky fighters 3d mod apk.

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war robots mod apk unlimited money and gold

War Robots Apk: What is it?

War robots apk is the world’s best robot war game for android devices published by Upwake.me. This is the most popular game on the internet with more than 100 million people actively playing all over the world. 

Definitely, you have played many different types of war games. But have you ever played a robot war battle game? This a new era of war game. If you never played this action-packed war game then download it from our website which is completely free. Also you can download Mini Militia Mod APK game for free.

Basically, it is an advanced-time robot war game. Where you will be playing as a commander of all robots. You have to destroy your opponent’s robots with the help of shooting bullets and other weapons, and show them you are the smartest, fastest, toughest commander around the world. Your rival may be any person from all over the world. 

This is a very exciting game full of action and challenging wars. Prepare yourself for surprise attacks, complex planned operations, and the enemy’s secret moves. Destroy your rivals, capture their robots, and upgrade yourself to become a more powerful supreme commander in the robotics world. In the game Tekken 3 APK Download you have to defeat your rivals.

The game provides simple and easy control over the game that is convenient for smartphone device users. Amazing HD graphics and high-quality visual effects will give you a real experience of robots fighting.  

war robots mod apk unlimited gold and silver

War Robots Mod Apk: What is it?

War robots mod apk download on your smartphone devices for free. It is a modified version of the war robots apk. In this advanced version of the game you will get premium features free like unlimited money, gold, silver, inactive bots, and unlocked all weapons and bullets. So, you do not need to complete the mission to unlock these advanced features. Using these unlimited features you can easily complete any task and win every war. Tekken 6 APK Download You don’t have to spend anything to use the features in the game.

war robots apk mod

Gameplay of War Robots Mod Apk Download Android Video Game

War robots apk mod download provides immersive gameplay. It is a single-player robot war shooting game. Where you have to destroy enemy robots using different weapons given in this game. Another action game mech arena mod apk that you can play in multiplayer game mode. 

You can also play with your friends in multiplayer game mode. There are also many challenging game modes to play like arena and PVP battles. The gameplay of this game is easy but it is difficult to defeat your opponent. The difficulty of the levels increases as you go ahead. 

Exclusive Features of War Robots Mod Apk Free Download on Mobile 

This is one of the big-size games available with its interesting features on the internet. We have described all features in detail for a better understanding of this game.  

Select Best Fighter Robots

There are more than 50 types of different robots available with their unique design and different styles of battle skills. All robots have different characteristics and powerful ability that gives you a variety of sections of robots. So, you never get bored with playing war robots with a single robot. You have to play many different challenging battle games. So, select robots according to your mission with different weapons.      

Customize Your Robot

This is one of the interesting features, where you can make your own choice of robot. For better customization, there are massive weapons and modules given that are suitable for each robot. So, you can easily customize your robots according to fighting style. Make your own unique robot and destroy your opponent and show them what you got. 

Play Solo War Robots Game with Anyone in the World

You can play with any people around the world in a solo battle game. You have to fight with your rival’s robots and destroy them to win the battle. Prepare yourself for surprise attacks and upgrade your weapons to be powerful to destroy enemies. And show the world you are the fastest and smarter robot pilot in the globe. You can also play solo games in Arena or free-for-all game mode.

Battle Together in Multiplayer Game Mode

This game provides a facility to play battles in multiplayer gameplay. We always like to play action games in multiplayer mode with our friends and family members for more fun and entertainment. So, team up with your friends and other people and make a powerful clan. You can also join others’ groups where you find trust in your partners. Furthermore, Various game modes are available you just need to god of war 3 download for android.  

Massive Incredible Weapons

Not only robots, but you can also select weapons according to your choice. Hundreds of weapons are available including ballistic missiles, plasma cannons, and giant shotguns that are perfectly fitted with each robot. Every weapon has its unique use on the battlefield. So, make the perfect combination of weapons and robots according to battle. And new weapons are added in updates to this game.  

User-friendly Interface  

Easy to play war robots mod apk for smartphone users. You will not find any difficulty to operate your robots during gameplay. You can do every activity by simply touch on the device screen.   

Amazing HD Graphics

The first impression of the game is its dynamic 3D graphics and high-quality visual effects that will give a real experience of robotics battle. You can see every action scene and movement of robots clearly without any disturbance. And you can also adjust graphics quality from settings for better performance of gameplay. Enjoy playing this realistic robot war shooting game on every android device.   

Simple and Intuitive Control

War robots apk mod provides a simple and easy control system that is appropriate for smartphone users. Anybody can easily operate all the functions given in this game. Use all weapons and move your robot with simple touch symbols which are given on your device screen. Control is simple but it is not easy to defeat robot commanders over the world. You have to become a master of war skills to destroy them and win battles. 

Enjoy War Robots Gameplay Play as You Like

Select your robot as you like and customize it with suitable rich weapons and jump into battle to destroy your enemies. You can also protect and save your partner robots. And you can also play to annoy your enemies with weapons. Play how you want and enjoy this game with your friends.

New Features and Updates

The war robots apk game frequently gives updates and makes changes to engage its users more. In every update, you will see some surprises like new weapons or game mode. And explore the knowledge of war robots with its growing community that is always ready to help you. Bugs and issues are removed from previous versions of games in new updates.

Mod Features of War Robots Latest Version Mod Apk 

Unlocked All Robots

Most of the robots are locked in the standard version of game. You have been given a limited number of robots to choose from at the beginning of the game. Rest of the robots you have to unlock after completing the mission. The mod version of the game provides you with unlocked all robots with their various parts. So, you do not need to complete mission to unlock robots.

Unlimited Money and Gold

In the original version of the game, You have to defeat the enemy to earn money. As you know it’s a big game. So, it requires lots of money to play different game modes with weapons, bullets, and customization. War robots mod apk provides unlimited money, silver, and gold for free. You do not need to purchase anything. 

Unlocked All Weapons

You will get all weapons unlocked in the mod version of the game. You will also get unlimited ammo, missile, bullets, inactive bots, and rockets to win every battle. 

No Ads

Ads are quite disturbing while playing this game. So, ads are completely removed in this advanced version of war robot game.

How to Download War Robots Apk Mod on Android Devices?

Follow the given steps to download the latest version of robots war mod apk to play on your mobile device. 

  1. Open modapkpures.com website.
  2. Search the article using the search box “war robots mod apk”
  3. Open the article, Read and scroll
  4. Get the download link and click
  5. Wait for few a seconds to complete the download process

How to Install War Robots Mod Apk on smartphone?

Follow the given steps to install this video game.

  1. Open the downloaded file.
  2. Click on the install button
  3. Open settings and allow permission
  4. Let’s complete the installation process
  5. Enjoy playing this video game with your friends.
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